Angel POV

I was sitting on a tree branch, enjoying the summer breeze and running my fingers through Total's fur, when the most brilliant idea I have ever had in my now seven year of life popped in my head.

Lately, although I've been trying to respect everyone's privacy … I swear, I've been picking up these, umm, strange, yeah, strange thoughts from Max's head, and I've sort of looked into it while she thought I was asleep ( Don't look at me like that. It's my job to periodically check the sanity of all the members of my family. Honestly. )

Anyway, in my subtle search I came across a word I liked very much. Valium. Val-i-um. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Unfortunately, even subconsciously, Max wasn't forthcoming about the memories related to that word. ( Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, I did say memories. I can see those too, now. But I haven't even told Nudge yet so shhhhh. )

So, like any normal Avian American, I decided to investigate. With Nudge's help, I managed to separate Fang and his laptop long and far enough to look up the definition of Valium without someone breathing down my back.

Imagine my surprise when I found out it was a narcotic sedative commonly used to treat muscle spasm and anxiety. ( What a mouthful! )What was that doing in Max's head? Naturally, more snooping ensued, as well as the recruitment of another trusted member of the Flock: Iggy.

With a bit of encouragement form me ( Bambi eyes ) and my powers ( moral adjustment ) he admitted that he didn't know anything. But, that he had heard Max and Fang arguing about it after the operation she had at Dr. Martinez's.

Putting two and two together, I dove into Fang's mind, and boy, let me tell you, it's like a steel trap. He makes Max's head look like it belongs to a sweet, innocent, girly-girl that had absolutely nothing to hide. ( And that is saying something, because Max is anything but. )

However, I found out that if I put a word, let' s say 'Valium', in his head, small flashes or forgotten thoughts surfaced without setting off the lovely booby traps he had fashioned for himself … smart, huh?

The one(s) that intrigued me the most were a memory of what looked like a hospital room and a shocking confession: 'I love you sooo much.' Even more fascinating was the fact that I could have sworn it was Max's voice those words were spoken in.

Unfortunately Fang, somehow, figured out that I was poking around his mind and everything turned blank before I could learn anything else. Thankfully, the same tactic worked even better for Max, and over the last few days, I've pieced together the entire story.

Thus, we return to my present idea and putting it into action. But first, gathering troops. Insert angelic smile here.

Third Person POV

The Flock's camps sight was filled with Total's sudden yelp of surprise at Angel jumping out of the tree she had been sitting in for the past hour and landing gracefully on the ground beside Nudge.

After a few minutes, the youngest member of the Flock's face contorted into a serene smile. Almost simultaneously, the figure beside the in-construction fire stiffened and stood up from its crouched position.

Maximum Ride suddenly had a compulsion to going shopping. Which didn't make sense, they had just stocked up on supplies two days ago, and, anyway, it was usually Iggy, the one that actually cooked, that made most of the purchases.

Confused, she started to kneel back down and continue her work. The compulsion became a furious nagging that was worse than the voice that plagued her mind. Maybe it was the voice.

Sighing, the leader of the lock stood up and called the rest of the family.

"I'm going to go into town and pick up some things. Be right back." She said with a slightly baffled expression which was mirrored on Iggy's face. Before he could say what was on his mind, however, he was interrupted.

"I'll go with you," Fang looked like he was about to slap his hands over his mouth but was forcing himself to maintain his emotionless stance.

Surprised expressions now filled the faces of the rest of the Flock. All except Angel, who still wore her calm smile. Fang never offered to interact with people. Ever. And recently, he hadn't been offering to be alone with Max for an extended period of time, either.

"O-ok," Max stammered. "Ig, you're in charge."

Then she took off, Fang following her, in the direction of the closest town, roughly an hour away.

After both teen mutant-bird kids were out of sight, Iggy turned, a speculative look on his pale face.

"Angel … What's going on?"

The remaining two faces also turned toward their youngest sibling.

"Well," The girl began. "Since you're asking …"