Big Surprises

Sadie and Ben are married.

Sadie Harrison woke up and ran to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach.
She wondered why she was felling so sick all of a sudden. Ben Harrison rolled over to see his new wife wasn't there. He got up and walked to the washrooom.

"Hey Red"

"Hey Ben"

"You feeling alright this has been going on a while now and I think you should get it checked,"

"No, I'm fine, I bet it's just a cold, if it continues I'll go"

"Okay Red how about I go with you?"

"Fine If I continues by tonight I'll let you take me."

"Okay well I have to get ready for work, you call in sick for today and i'll brin you in tonight"

"Ok, Bye Ben"

"Love you Byee"


Ben is in his car driving to a photoshoot at a modeling agency. "OMG! is that Arden??? I can't believe this." Ben thought.
Arden walks up to Ben.

"Hey Benjamin, I never knew you became a photographer, I guess you really did follow your dream" Arden said flitatiously.

"What are you doing here?"

"Oh I work here"


"Listen Benjamin I'm not like how i used to be"

"Well then i think you should know Sadie and I got Married"

"Oh cool, Im happy for you Ive actually met someone too."She said with a smug look on her face.

"Good now i better get to work"

"Bye Benjamin"

Ben and Sadie are waiting to see what is up with Sadie.

The doctor comes out and says,"Sadie Harrison come in"
Ben and Sadie walk in.
Sadie you have...

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