The Blanket Scenario

The Blanket Scenario

Author's Note: The Blanket Scenario challenge was issue quite a long time ago, however it was for Inu-Yasha, not FF8. So I took that challenge and made my own fanfic. Ehehe…

"Ergh!" Quistis muttered as she was buffeted about by the strong winter winds. "Oh all the times to be stuck in a blizzard! Ugh!" The snow was up to their hips, their GF's were knocked out, and to top it all of, they ran out of Cure and Fire Magic three miles ago. Now THIS was a suicidal mission.

She stopped when she realized Selphie was no longer with her. "Nande? S-Selphie?"

No response.

Quistis ran back as fast as her frozen legs would allow. "Selphie? Kami, Selphie!" She found Selphie crouching down, hidden by the snow, hugging her knees.

"Selphie? C'mon Selphie! Gettup!"  She bent down, to Selphie's level and grabbed her arm. "Oh SHIT!"

Selphie's lips were blue, and her eyes blood-shot from lack of rest and she seemed to be mumbling something in a quiet whisper.

"Dammit, Selphie! Snap out of it!" Quistis lowered her hand and snapped her fingers in front of Selphie's face.

No response.

Quistis cursed out various obscenities and grabbed Selphie into her arms. Gripping the seemingly small girl protectively against her chest, Quistis fought on against the storm's wrath.

"Lord God, if you're out there…give us shelter." Quistis whispered in a silent prayer. The cold was beginning to take its toll. She could no longer feel her limbs, and her arms seemed to cling to Selphie instinctively as her feet continued to walk in a weak stagger.

"Give me guidance."

Almost immediately, Quistis glanced up and found just within her line of vision, a small shed.

Mentally crossing herself, as her fingers didn't allow the action, Quistis found a small hidden reserve of energy and continued to power her frostbitten body.

"Ungh!" Quistis almost collapsed as she forced the lock off and staggered into the abandoned shelter. Placing Selphie onto the floor, she glanced around for any possible source of warmth. Her eyes fell onto one, single blanket. One blanket. Oh great. Well, better than nothing.

Quistis stripped off Selphie's drenched clothing and wrapped the "blanket" around the brunette's naked body.

The blonde sneezed and shook her head. Damn, this has got to be a sign.

Stripping off her own soaking clothing, Quistis crawled beneath the thin cloth to join Selphie. Hugging the younger girl closer to herself, Quistis hoped silently for their body heat to take over. "Man…whatta weird situation to get horny in." Quistis whispered to herself as she felt her mind drift off to sleep.

Selphie woke up to feeling of sudden warmth. 'Hey…I'm naked.' Her brain said dumbly. "Idiot." She said to herself. Glancing sleepily over at Quistis, who had her arms around her waist, she smiled. "Wow…she really saved us this time… …" Running her fingers through the sleeping SeeD's hair, she laid her head against her friend's chest. 'Hey, she's naked too.' Her brain pointed out. "Shut up." Selphie said in exasperation as she fell asleep again.