Three Times Better

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Kiyone stared at the small box on the centre of her desk and then she checked the label again just to confirm that it really did say 'Kotetsu Kiyone' and not 'Kotetsu Isane', because her sister was the one who got the attention on White Day.

Kiyone had never received anything, except from her captain (who seemed to think it was his duty to present every seated officer in his division, regardless of gender, with some sort of confectionary on March the 14th.)

It was simply wrapped in soft white paper and tied with a single red ribbon which felt suspiciously like silk. Kiyone blushed at the thought of anybody spending so much money on her.

She heard someone cough from the doorway and quickly turned to face them. Recognising her partner, she swiftly readied herself for yet another utterly pointless, but nevertheless enjoyable, fight; until she noticed that Sentarō was looking uncharacteristically nervous.

"Yes?" she asked curiously.

"Do…do you like it?" the brunet managed to bite out. Kiyone blinked for several seconds before realisation dawned on her and her eyes widen in shock. Her gaze rapidly alternated between the man at the door and innocently wrapped gift on her desk.

"You?" she asked in disbelief. Sentarō nodded silently, eyes darting between the floor, the wall the window, the door and just about any thing that wasn't the young woman in front of him, "I… I haven't opened it yet," she admitted bashfully.

"Oh," the third-seat still refused to make eye contact.

"Do you want me to open it now?" Sentarō gulped nervously and nodded again. Kiyone bit her lip and slowly bent to pick up the package as though worried it would disappear should she make any sudden movements.

She hesitantly undid the neat, professional bow and watched as the folded paper was released, slowly opening out like a flower bud, revealing the small box within. She gasped in surprise and jerked her head up to stare at her male counterpart, before sliding it back down to gape at her gift instead.

Gazing up at her was her favourite type of white chocolates, the kind that cost about half her monthly salary and, consequently, were why she lived her life in poverty. She continued gaped down at them for several more moments, momentarily speechless, before returning her gaze to her anxious (dare she say…?) suitor.

"How did you know?" she asked him in breathless surprise.

"Taicho told me," Sentarō admitted, Kiyone tried to suppress a smile as she imagined that conversation.

"Thank you," she replied, smiling warmly. She stepped across the office and a pressed a kiss to his cheek that made them both blush, "but your birthday present will be three times better (1)!" she informed him smugly.


Ah! We have footnotes!

(1) This is pun off the couple's endless competition, but also from the fact that White Day presents are meant to be three times the worth of presents the men received on Valentine's Day. Yeah, little bit of useless information for you there D!