Dating the Devil

the first meeting upon the roses (x) the crash of a watering can, questions of sexual orientation, a beneficial relationship

this is a fanfiction from dreamsofdestiny to darkhopeassasin who requested a peinblue. no ownership of naruto, not-so-great writing, the usual run-of-the-mill boy-meets-blue-haired-girl story. reviews are cherished. and by "review," she means something more than "update soon."

note: smidgens of SasoDei, NaruSaku, SasuSaku, and NaruHina (more to come)

(the ruins of the world)

She was always looking for a tactical advantage. Always looking for a weakness to exploit, a relationship to be forged. And what she seeked, she found. She was not a "new kid" by any standards. If anything, she was an "original," having stayed at Luminaere Academy for Gifted Undergraduates ever since the opening. Ever since freshman year. Oh, had she appeared in a blaze of glory. Right before the teacher had called her name, her real name from the role call list, she had crisply interrupted her. How many years and months ago had it been? Too many to count, too many to count.


"Excuse me?"

"I wish to be referred to as Blue."


"Yes, Blue."

And that was that. No one even knew what else to call her, and her records were soon whisked away, her old name, her old persona replaced completely by a girl whose hair was indigo of the rainbow, whose grades were enviable, whose key characteristic was manipulation and the gaining of an upper hand through devious ways.

Strange as it may seem, her name, her alibi, Blue had not been chosen by the girl, but rather, the girl had been chosen by the name.

She had become Blue, she had melded into the ambitious girl of her dreams.

(she's coming, she's coming)

He was always looking for an upper hand. He had ambitions, over-the-top ambitions, but reachable as long as he employed the help of the right people. And so, he watched and waited as one by one, the right people for his elitist clique began to appear.

First came Orochimaru from the upper-divisions of the school, he had long graduated and was last seen at a genetic engineering facility. And then there was Sasori, whose quick wit and delicate appearance charmed all. Kakuzu, despite his temper, was entrusted with finances, Hidan was the pope's son for crying out loud, and Itachi came from one of the most respectable families alive. And then there was Kisame for brute strength (his father was a well-known marine biologist though) and Zetsu for reconnaissance. Deidara soon joined, having someone who knew their way around explosives was always handy, after all, and Tobi was recruited by Zetsu in Junior year.

Everyone came from a well-known family, everyone was talented in their own quirky way.

Why, they even had their own dress code, meeting room, and a name.


Only Authorized Members Allowed Beyond This Point

Oh yes, they had accomplished many things, and he could almost taste the freedom, the success he so desired, except there was still one little thing that made him twitch in revulsion.

His organization was so close to being perfect. So damn close.

"Oh, the A-Catsuki?" One oh-so-ignorant student had remarked down the hallway, "Aren't they that gay clique?"

Gay? As in the Akatsuki being gay? He was about to kick that asshole of a freshman into sophomore year, but logic argued him out of it. After all, there was absolutely nothing to disprove that they weren't homosexual. If anything, Hidan's one-night-stand's and Kakuzu's payments for prostitutes (instead of getting a long-term girlfriend) only served to reaffirm those beliefs. And between Tobi and his fear of "cooties" and Uchiha Itachi's so obviously feminine features, one could only wonder.

Of course, Pein himself was not homosexual, hell, he doubted he was heterosexual. There was nothing about people that made him want them as a partner, and since he couldn't see any tactical advantages in getting a girlfriend or boyfriend, he stayed right where he was. Happily asexual.

Mind you, he would have stayed happily asexual for the rest of his life: get out of LAGU with most of his sanity, go to college, get a job, retire, and live happily till the end of his days. But of course, this was before people started openly doubting his sexual preference.

"You have to wonder what other places he has those piercings and why he gets them..."

"He's the leader of an all-boy clique...surely that gives some rights..."

"He's probably cheating on all of them with each other. That's probably how he got them there..."

That one "A-Catsuki" comment was the straw that broke the camel's back. He had never heard one vaguely gay comment made about Itachi and the boy wore his hair in a fucking ponytail, for Christ's Sakes!

Crumpling yet another love letter for Hidan, he strode irritably towards the girl's dormitory, vowing to make the first one the saw his new girlfriend.

(haven't you seen?)

She rather liked roses. But only perfect roses. And only snow-white ones at that. But if it was a perfectly snow-white rose, she'd be satisfied.

Of course, the produce around the area produced insufficient roses. They were either just a little battered around the edges, or the white not pure enough for her taste, or simply godawful overall. Because of these circumstances, she took to growing roses (small batches, mind you) just outside her dormitory. Of course, they had to be watered daily, given just the right amount of sunlight, covered properly from the harsh weather that encompassed LAGU year-round, and countless other tasks.

But in the end, when she plucked a thornless snowdrop from the natural bouquet outside her doorway, it felt completely worthwhile.

And so today precisely at 3 PM, as with every other day, Blue could be found watering her treasured fauna.

Pein had been casually walking through the female territory for two minutes, not at all surprised he had not seen any girls. They were too busy primping and sneaking over to the boy's side, according to Deidara. So the leftover girls must be somewhat realistic. With that logic, he fell in her, her eyes, her hair, her.

In any romantic way, he would wish he could say it was love at first sight, that she dropped dead at his hotness, that she lept for him proclaiming her love for him.

But in reality, he was regretting his earlier decision on getting a date with the first girl he chanced upon. Especially if she had a freakin' shade of blue as her hair colour. Could that not scream "crazy" any louder?

No matter, he thought to himself, he made himself a vow and stick to it he would. 'I'll sweep her off her feet,' was probably along his line of thought.

"Your hair is blue."

There was silence, he could not believe he had just said something so obvious, something so stupid, something!

Blue decided not to dignify that comment with a reply, choosing instead to continue watering her roses, making sure to tip the can at just the right angle so no leaves were rudely torn off.

Things were moving too slow for his liking. Of course, it didn't have anything to do with the fact that he had "introduced" himself to her in the lamest way possible, no that was out of the question. So obviously, he decided to speed their (nonexistent) relationship up a little.

He kissed her.

Yes, as in actual lip-to-lip contact. Abrupt and when he broke off contact just as quickly as he had come, they were both uncertain as to what, how, or why that had just happened.

But Pein knew he was a good kisser, and he just knew that had she been any other girl, she would have fallen to her knees in worship.

"Be my girlfriend." It was short, it was simple, and there was no 'I've loved you in secret for years' bullshit. Her heavy-eyeshadowed eyelids had not lifted a millimeter since the initial kiss or the sudden invitation (more or less command) to date.

"How will I benefit from this relationship?"

Three sentences into the "relationship" and Pein could already tell this person was someone not to be underestimated. A perfect businesspartner-turned-girlfriend. No lovey-dovey crap, no wide-open fish-mouth gaping. Clear and concise sentences that got the point across. Hell, he didn't even know her and already he could tell he would get to like her.

"Dating me will mean that you will be in close contact with my acquaintances, and with them, their parents."

She nodded, signaling she understood that one, but probably needed more. Well, he was prepared (as unlikely the situation seemed).

"It will also boost your social status, assuming it is high enough already, because being in a relationship makes you higher than being single."

Another nod.

"Most importantly, you will, most likely have, be asked out. This is a failsafe excuse, and not only that, but a relationship in which not only do we both benefit, but we can back out with no hard feelings at all. After all, I don't even know your name."

"I am Blue."

"I am Pein."

And it was then and there that he knew she had accepted him. It was there that he felt the thrill of a challenge, making this feminine creature fall for him, course through his body. And he displayed a signature cocky-bastard grin, and strode out of the girl's dormitories. With all the air of someone who had conquered a mountain.

No longer would his sexual orientation be questioned, no longer would his organization be under fire for sexism, and no longer would his future be unsteady.

After all, Pein had never lost a battle.

And Blue, she simply watched his retreating form for a couple seconds, before returning to watering her flowers, the pail never leaving her hand. The name, his name, was never tried upon her tongue, she didn't see the point in doing so, after all, it was like, no it was a business agreement. And she had never rolled the name of her other business partners along her lips.

And yet...


And with that, the watering can crashed to the dirt, a slightly irritated indigo-haired girl striding back into her room. Her pale face was composed perfectly and when she was later questioned by roommates about the watering can, she would make up a sufficient excuse for them.

For now, she had to get accustomed to her latest contract with the devil.

She was dating.

Dating the devil.