Title: Moonlight

Summary: Laurent bit Bella when he was doing Victoria's bidding, now Bella must live life without Edward, and as a young vampire. Takes place during New Moon. Review please.

Claim: I own nothing.

A.N.: I had been turning this idea in my head for a while, and I read a story Dead but Not Gone, with sort of the same idea I had. So now I finally have decided that I would write it. Dead but Not Gone is an awesome Twilight fanfic. Check it out.

Setting: In the middle of New Moon, in the meadow.

I stood in the meadow thankful I was alone. How could I explain to Jacob why I had fallen apart here, so suddenly? Interrupting my thoughts a figure approached. At first I hoped for the figure to be the one I needed to see here. Next I felt fear, and then recognition.

"Laurent!" I cried in surprised pleasure. I should have been scared.

"Bella?" Laurent looked at me curiously, and astonished.

"You remember." I said pleased. He grinned.

"I didn't expect to see you here." He started walking towards me. His face was the most beautiful face I'd seen in what felt like an eternity. I kept studying his features, something was out of place. Laurent continued, "When I found the Cullen place empty, I thought they'd moved on."

"Oh, they did." I managed to say, while my wound started tearing to shreds, at the mention of their name.

"Hmmmm. They left you?" Laurent wondered aloud.

"Lie," said the beautiful voice from my memory. I listened to the voice.

"No, They come back to visit often."

"The house smelled like it had been vacant for awhile."

"Lie better than that," urged the velvet voice. I listened again.

"I'll mention to Carlisle your visit. He'll be sorry he missed you. Did you like Alaska?" All of a sudden it struck me, his eyes were different, dark red not golden.

"I did enjoy it, but I'm here on a favor for a friend." Laurent smiled and took a deliberate step forward.

"Don't. Move." purred the voice in my head.

"Did Victoria find you?" I regretted the question immediately.

"Funny you mention her. She's the friend I was talking about."

"What's the favor?" I asked trying to distract him. Laurent smiled.

"She is sort of put out with you. You see Bella, James was her mate, and Edward killed him. So she wants to kill you mate for mate. She will be mad im doing this now."

"Why not let her kill me?" I choked out.

"Well, I was in the middle of hunting... and you do smell so good."

"Threaten him," his delusional voice ordered.

"He'll know it was you." I whispered. "You won't get away with this."

"And why not?" Laurent asked and his smile grew wider.

"BEG!" his voice cried urgently.

"Please," I begged.

"Bella, I'll make it quick. I'm doing you a favor really, if you knew what Victoria had planned for you." Laurent paused in disgust. I stared at him in horror, frozen in my place. Laurent came towards me, I could barely think as the hallucinations growls became louder. Before I could comprehend what happened, Laurent had bitten into my neck, I slowly sunk to the ground. The fire slowly started crawling through my veins. As the pain intensified, my eyes blurred and I could barely tell that Laurent had run away. The fire was burning. My instinct told me to crawl away into the forest, and not make any sounds. I muffled my screams and crawled into the forest. I buried my head into the moss floor of the forest, and tried to hide. The fire was burning my body. If I'm on fire why am I not dead yet? I struggled to stay awake, but the pain grew and eventually I slipped into the darkness.

I woke up, and pushed myself off of the ground slowly. I looked around, my eyesight a hundred times better than before. How long has it been since I've been here? I started walking, and sprinted to a run, I was running like them. The trees sped past me, and the wind blew through my hair. I came upon three deer feeding, and my hunger took over me, I sprinted for them. I had two down in no time, and started feeding. I didn't know what I was doing instinct took over. I wished the third one would just come to me, and it did to my surprise. Unwillingly the third deer walked towards me, as if it had no mind of it's own, it did everything I wanted it to do. The deer came towards me and placed its neck in front of my face. I tried to linger the moment, but the blood pulsing through the animals neck was too much for me to pause. I knew what I had become, I am one of them, and I didn't want it. This wasn't supposed to happen like this.

I can't go home again, no more careless Rene no more Charlie, no more Jacob. Oh no, Jacob! I have to leave...if they find me. I took a moment of despair then ran, as fast I could. I followed the trails of the forest towards Port Angeles. I stopped a few times to feed. Hopefully, if I were full, I wouldn't have the urge to feed on humans. When I was human, I didn't have to eat even if I felt hungry, why should a vampire be any different? I started to come out of the forest toward the road, it was night time, so there were no cars. As I walked the streets, I decided to go towards the lake. It must be about one in the morning. I walked slowly, human speed.

"Excuse me," said a young girl. I smelled the air, this girl was not human. The girl had blonde hair that curled and went to her shoulders. Her lips were full, her skin, looked the same as mine did. She had a cute button nose, and her eyes were golden, not red. She fed on animals. She looked human except for her skin, and the bruise like shadows under eyes. I waited for her to continue." I am Danielle. I am passing by. Would you like to go somewhere private we could talk?" I shook my head, yes. I followed her and she led me back into the forest. She stopped once the trees covered us. "I am from Vermont. I am traveling here, because I had to re-locate."

"I am Bella, I live here. I was just created." I paused; Danielle gave me an encouraging smile.

"Well, perhaps we could pair up. I was born in 1859, and died in 1864. So, I have some experience." She laughed, her laugh was soft and musical, and it reminded me of someone I once knew. "I only eat on animals, when I went to the Voultri I met someone named Carlisle, he only ate animals. I followed his lead. We can always rise above what was giving to us, he told me. I very much agree with his philosophy. So, if you would like to stay with me, you must only eat animals as I, I refuse to see humans being hurt by what I am." I nodded.

"I agree, with you." Was all I said. The wind blew through the forest, and I knew I had a new life.