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The Elf –

Heaven's Peak had fallen to his hands and the zombie hordes that once walked the streets of the city were now all but for a few places were now gone. The people who were still alive in the city as well as those who fled to the camp outside the walls of the city, were now rebuilding their city. The Rei's were all busy in helping with the rebuilding. The Workers and the Mechanics are helping with the rebuilding, while the Warriors and Amazons policed the city. The zombies that once roam the city eating anyone who they came across were now helping rebuild the city.

That was thanks to the help of Lord Alacram, the former King of Heaven's Peak. He was transformed into an undead lich chained in eternal torment in Heaven's Peak's dungeons by the traitor Paladin William, after he step forth and tried to stop his lushful ways. Once he was freed from his chains he offered his services as an advisor, strategist, magic instructor and royal ally to the new Overlord. He would rule Heaven's Peak for Shinji as he cannot do everything at once, and has taken control over the undeads in the city and uses them to rebuild the city, their hunger for flesh was now gone with the death of the paladin the undeads are now loyal servants and soldiers of Lord Alacram, and through him the Overlord.

"I should have never given him so much power in the first place," the Lich King said to himself. His skin unlike the other undead was tinged a blue-green color, which showed that he's undead. Dress in his royal grab his skin color was the only thing that showed that he had died at the hands of William.

"Well you can't cry over spill milk," Mayumi said looking over the blueprints for rebuilding the city.

"Yes your right, I need to rebuild my city," Alacram said. "With the upper class gone, I can finally get some work done."

"With our help the city should be rebuilt in no time," Shinji said. "Using the riches of the upperclass the city should get back into shape."

"And those women of yours, I do remember that the last overlord had imp like creatures for minions," Alacram said. "Also that there weren't so many different kinds of them either just four if memory serves right."

"I guess with a new overlord the minions change also," Mayumi suggested.

"Where are those other women of yours?" Alacram ask.

"They're all over seeing the work being done in the city," Shinji answers.

The door of the room open as a dark hair woman dress in very revealing black clothes came in followed by Rose. Looking between the two they have the same body built but that's all that they have in common. Rose has organisational skills, strong will and dresses formally. The other woman is opposite personality to her. By the looks of her, she is more lustful, spoiled and dresses more provocatively with a darker tastes in fashion.

"Shinji this was Sir Williams bride to be... my sister Velvet," Rose mutters.

"So you're the dark overlord," Velvet said looking Shinji over. "Not bad, not bad at all much better then William. And from the women that you have you have plenty of energy to go around."

"Hey!" Mayumi shouted seeing another women making a move on Shinji.

"Shinji already has more women then any man would want," Rose said to her sister.

"That maybe but, I think that you'll fine me quite useful to have around," Velvet purred.

"And how is that?" Shinji ask.

Seeing an opening Velvet smiled. "Since, I have been around everywhere, I know many people and some of whom owe me in more ways then one. I have a network spread all over the land letting me keep tabs on all the lastest news. With me by your side, I'll be able to know everything that, I know."

"Sadly she is right," Rose said. "She might not be that useful but she does have a way of finding out things. Which is why she'll be useful since while looking around, I found two Castle Objects."

"Really?" Mayumi ask.

"Yes," a Rei said entering the room followed by another both of them are two new ones. The first one has a slender body but with huge chest and the second looks like the Mages but is more stacked.

The first Rei wore a grey hakama that were tied down against her shapely calves from knee to ankle, to allow her easier movement. The wide legged trousers were tied low, below her waist, hanging from her bare, exposed and perfectly rounded hips. There was a kind of a large pocket at the back of her hakama, covering the upper curves of her round buttocks and housing the scabbards of her twin guard-less short swords. Her kimono was a home-made design, sleeveless and short cropped, so that it ended above her midriff, the bottom hem was fixed against her creamy flesh with a tied drawstring, that constrained her huge breasts somewhat though allowed them to bounce around excitingly within her clothes. The upper third of her kimono was a thick, double layered wool that covered her shoulders, throat and jaw-line and was usually rolled down, though it could be lifted upwards to conceal her nose and mouth if necessary. On her head is a symbol less forehead protector.

The second wore a gray color robe that hide her body and wore a pair of glasses. While she didn't have the busty body of the first Rei she did have all the right curves combine with a slender body built. This Rei reminded him of the Mage's but with bigger curves. She held a notebook in her hand, which she was using as a shield as she stared at Shinji. He could tell that these Rei's are the more shy type then their more forward sisters. And behind her is a castle pillar.

"Ah the first is a ninja and the second while not useful in battle are good at writing down information and drawing maps. And the new spell is Healing," the Castle Orb said watching the events back from the castle.

"A Konouchi and a Writer," Shinji said to the new Rei's.

A book keeper is just what I need around here," Alacram said.

"And, I'll take charge of them," Velvet said. "They have the skills that make them just prefect for me."

"But first thing first," Rose said smirking as two Mistresses appearing behind her using their whips caught each of Velvet's arms.

"Sister?" Velvet ask.

"I know that you're a backstabber so the girls are going to work you over till they're sure you stay loyal," Rose smiled. "I'm sure that Phantom and her girls will just love to help out."

"Hey stop!" Velvet shouted as the two Mistresses pulled her in and lead her away.

"Isn't that going a bit overboard?" Shinji ask.

"You didn't have to grow up with her," Rose answers. "Besides she needs to be shown where she stands in the ranking of your women."

"Where do we rank anyways?" Mayumi ask.

"Does it really matter?" Shinji said. "I think of you all the same and treat you all the same. That's good enough isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Mayumi agreed while taking a glance at rose who glance at her the same.


The Forest -

The forest was eerily quiet. The creatures of the night seemed to know that evil was amidst and stayed in their hidden lairs. The moon, full and luminescent, shone through the canopy of tall, wicked trees, casting long dark shadows like broken fingers across the wet, soggy floor. The air was cool and damp, a chill hung in the air. The outcast crept silently, save for the beating of her youthful heart. The forest floor was covered with moss and wet leaves, silencing her footsteps. The moon slipped behind a dark passing cloud, erasing all but the dimmest light. The outcast's eyes adjusted quickly, her pupils opened wide. She stopped and listened for any sounds. She could not yet hear them. She sniffed the air. The scent of burning campfires loomed. At the least, she was certain that the Royal Alliance was nowhere near as she had left their held lands long ago.

The Royal Alliance Army was formed thousands of years ago by the Kings of the Gordoa, to counter the threat caused when the War Lords created the Vandark Army, a conglomeration of evil men, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, and many other forms of dark creatures. The Vandark Army, in the beginning years, was nothing more than meandering gangs of evil creatures who would prey upon the unwary and the weak. They would rob, murder, and rape their victims, sometimes even enslave them.

Over time, they organized into formidable combat units usually lead by Orcs. They created wicked weapons, trained in combat and mastered the arts of murder and torture. These units would assault the cities of the Alliance Kingdom, defended only by the City Kings' warriors. The small city militias were no match for the Vandark and they began to fall and their citizens killed and brutalized. Men were slaughtered after being forced to watch as their wives and daughters were raped by throngs of Orcs and Goblins.

The various Kings of the lands were helpless to stop the Vandark. Their cities were sacked and their subjects massacred. In the face of such brutality, the Kings convened and formed the Royal Alliance Army and a Senate to reign over the united realms. The Senate would be elected by the people of the lands and had the power to command the Royal Alliance Army. Kings of a member cities or realms would be protected by the Alliance Army against any threat from the Vandark. The Kings, however, were obligated to financially support the Alliance and provide soldiers and support staff. The agreement was that a King must draft every able bodied male and female at the age of seventeen and send them serve in the Alliance. The males, if able bodied, were to serve as soldiers and the females and non-combat able males to serve as support personnel.

She continued her trek, carefully choosing her path. The moon had returned along with the thin shadows. The outcast was dressed in a thick, warm dark green hooded cloak at covered her head and obscured her face, hung over her small backpack and shoulders and draped to the ground. Under her cloak, she wore a light green blouse. The blouse was very soft, woven hemp, cut in a V which exposed a hint of her deep cleavage. Her black leather pants, cracked and weathered, hugged her hips and thighs, hinting to her voluptuous, hourglass figure and tapered down into her black knee high boots. On her thin waist a leather belt hung from her hips. A dagger and a razor sharp sword sheathed in a mud crusted scabbard were the only weapons she carried even though she was not skill in its use.

The outcast, Yersia van Clarva, was a Forest Elf, a sub-species of the True Elves or Light Elves as some called them. Forest Elves, over the course of countless generations, developed traits unique to their kind. They retained the attractive, sharp features, hairless bodies, pointed ears, small hands and long fingers common to all elves. They do not have pale skin like the other elves, rather their skin is tan/olive toned. Unlike other elves however, Forest Elves have larger eyes; eyes with reflective retinas that allow them to see in near darkness. All elves have very keen hearing and excellent sight. As a whole, Forest Elves are a bright, very loving and attractive race.

Yersia was no exception. She stood 5'6" and weight no more than 120 pounds. She had long, full, jet black hair, bright florescent green catlike eyes, and a beautiful face. She had high cheek bones with slight dimples which charmed her attractive features. Her small mouth and full lips added to her beauty and her thin curved body hinted at her youth. She was full and heavy in the bust and narrow at the waist with a smooth chiseled stomach. Her legs were long, sexy, well muscled and accentuated her full ass and wide curving hips. Her voice was soft, sweet and seductive. She was, by the measure of any species in the land, a sexy and beautiful being.

Yersia was born to a loving middle class family in the Clarva Forests, the ancient home of the Forest Elves. In the Clarva Forests grow the Giant Avdark Trees. These trees grow to over 800 feet tall, trunks over 100 feet wide with massive, wide spread branches and smooth bark. It is in the huge hollows of these trees that the Forest Elves make their homes. Some of the hollows in the Avdark trees can be as big as houses and the Forest Elves used them for that purpose. The Forest Elves, over the centuries, have built huge communities in the Avdarks. A network of rope bridges and platforms interconnect the various houses, shops and taverns.

Yersia was raised by her beautiful, caring mother and her strict father, who worked in their small family orchard, growing and selling fruit to the Alliance Army to provide for his family. He taught her, and her three brothers, how to hunt, track prey, fish and live off the land. She spent her childhood helping her father in the fruit orchards and her mother with her profession; making soaps, toothpastes, shampoos and hemp dental floss. Her mother taught Yersia how to grow and harvest the plants and herbs required to make these items and how to produce them perfectly.

She was a happy and cheerful child, full of vigor and joy. She was sheltered from the chaos of the war between the Alliance and Vandark. She never had to experience the death and brutality of the world. She and brothers never went hungry as children and they were raised to respect all around them. The importance of family, discipline, complete personal hygiene and femininity was instilled in her at an early age.

When she turned 14, her body began to change. Her hips, once thin and narrow, like that of the boys in her village with whom she played and climbed trees with, began widen and curve. Her once flat chest began to grow full like that of her mother's. She was changing into a woman elf and it scared her. She saw that men began to notice her in ways they did not before. They would stare at her and look her up and down, making her feel uncomfortable. Some even tried to talk her into their beds. Yersia never liked this unwanted attention and shied away from it. And, to make things worse, all of her brothers had left home, drafted into the Alliance Army.

On her seventeenth birthday, she too was drafted into the Alliance and sent to serve in the City of Serronia, about 300 miles east of her home village. She was assigned to work as a nanny to several Officers of the Alliance. Most of her days she spend helping their wives care for infants and young children. She greatly enjoyed her duties as a nanny because it gave her extra time to make her favorite soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. She shared them with the families she worked for and they were very kind and thankful to her.

Her time passed quickly but things were changing. Corruption had taken hold in the Alliance. Soldiers were no longer held to the high standards that were established in the past. Instead of fending off the Vandark, the Alliance began to suffer defeats; soldiers started deserting and moral fell. Rumors had it that the Vandark began to build encampments deep in the nearby forests. She often thought of home and she missed her family greatly. Yersia, being young and beautiful, was always harassed by the men of the Alliance. She endured their staring, comments, propositions and harassment. Her commanders would often order her to clean the barracks where she would be taunted by the young soldiers. They would walk past her and drop their towels, exposing their nudity, just to see her shy away. They walked around naked, teasing her and requesting favors of her. She hated them and their treatment of her. She never gave in and never allowed them to have her. She just did her duties and kept to herself.

On her 18th birthday, Yersia was treated to a night out on the town with her friends. They took her to a nice dinner and then to a classy tavern which was frequented by the City's well to do. She and her friends danced and sang. Yersia loved to dance. She danced gracefully and seductively; they way she moved her hips to the music was mesmerizing to the men who watched. Dancing was a release for her but she had to be careful; dancing caused influence to her thoughts and libido. Many times she came close to making regretful decisions, but her caring friends brought her back to reality. She danced, socialized and forgot about the troubles of the world. She would have had a wonderful night had it not been for a young Lieutenant that continually hounded her and bought her drinks which she politely refused. His advances continued and when he realized that the beautiful elf girl would have nothing to do with him, he called her a conceded bitch and stomped off.

Yersia arrived back at her dorm late; she was tired and missed her family. She opened the door to her room and was suddenly shoved inside. She fell to the ground and her attacker slammed the door behind her and jumped on top of her, ripping at her blouse. She tried to scream but the assailant covered her mouth with his hand and placed a dagger to her throat. He threatened to kill her if she screamed. Yersia was terrified and completely overpowered by her attacker.

"Scream, and I will kill you, Bitch," a voiced threatened from behind her!

He tore off her blouse and bra and grab at her breasts, hurting her. She could smell a strong odor of whiskey on her attacker and gagged when he licked her across the neck. He man-handled her and forced her to roll over as he grabbed mercilessly at her breasts and crotch. She tried to fight him off but she was too small and not very strong. She felt both of his hands grasping at her soft thighs. She looked for something to fend him off with and noticed that he had laid his dagger on the floor, next to her head. She reached for the dagger, taking it by the handle, holding it tight. Her attacker yanked her panties off her hips, down to her knees and forced himself between her legs. Yersia knew that he was going to rape her and without thinking, she plunged the dagger deep into her attacker's neck.

He immediately grabbed at his neck, and pulled the dagger out. Blood spurted from the open wound and spattered the floor and walls. He stood up and looked at his victim with wide open eyes, as if to plead for help. That is when she recognized him; it was the persistent Lieutenant from the tavern. He must have followed her home with the intent of having her charms, with or without her consent. He stumbled to the door and escaped into the hallway, leaving a thick spattering of blood on the walls and floor. He clutched at his gushing neck. He tried to scream for aid but only a deep wet gurgle escaped his lips. He made it about 20 feet before collapsing on the floor in a heap; he died shortly after, all the blood draining from his cooling body.

Yersia was soon taken into custody and interrogated about the incident. The unfortunate circumstance for her was that the investigators happened to be friends with the slain Officer. They covered up the attempted rape and made her appear as if she was a whore and lured the poor Lieutenant to her room with the intent to rob and kill him. In the end, she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. To her great fortune, the jail was over crowded so the guards placed her in a holding cell, but the guard forgot to lock the cell door and she was able to escape.

She snuck away from the jail in the dark of night and made her way to the edge of the city. She realized that she had nothing save for a jail jumpsuit. Having been a nanny for some of the wealthy city folk, she knew where to get clothes and supplies. She crept to the back of a Colonel's house, for which she worked for, knowing that he and his family would be out of town. She climbed through a window and grabbed clothing, food and some other supplies. She took some of the soaps and herbs she gave to the Colonel's wife and stuffed them into a small pack. Once dressed and fed, she made her way out of the city and escaped into the forest.

She was alone now; at the mercy of the wilderness and the creatures that inhabited it. She knew that she would not survive out here alone and she knew that she could never go back home. After hours of walking, she climbed into a tree as morning approached. She wrapped herself in her cloak, listening to the night creatures and their evil, shrieking calls. She was alone, frightened and cold; she wrapped her cloak around herself, lowered her head and cried until she fell asleep.

She spent over a month in the forest, living off the food she had taken. She was fortunate that her father taught her to live off the land and to survive in the forest. She had no trouble finding fresh fruit in the trees and fishing the streams and rivers was simple and productive. She traveled at night, using her exceptional night vision to guide her. While wandering through the forest, she came upon a rouge camp. She hid in the dark forest, careful not let them see her. The rouges appeared to be human, their faces lit by their campfire. They had a male elf hanging by his arms from a low branch in the middle of their camp. The elf was dead; disemboweled with his intestines hanging from a grotesque wound. She panicked and ran away as fast as she could, terrified. The human rouges, too drunk and stoned, never knew she was there. She did overheard that the elf came from the southern lands. Hearing that she made up her mind to go south and find the tribe of elves, with luck she'll be able to join them.

That was weeks ago... since then she's been putting as many miles between her and the Alliance as she could. She had passed through the dense and deadly forest that separated east and west. The forest wasn't full of life as she was use to but was a dry forest. (1) The trees didn't bare any fruit and few animals made their homes in the forest as there was very little to eat. The animals that she found were small and fast and the lizards and rodents that she did catch didn't have that much meat on them. But the worse of it was that she couldn't find any water in the forest, she had to drink the blood of the animals that she caught instead. Now with the smell of a camp nearby she hope she could find help.

"Hurry up," a female voice shouted. "I like to leave before it gets dark."

Coming closer to the camp she saw that it was a logging camp being run by two types of women. The first ones were slender in built and the other have a muscular body and a busty figure, the strange thing was that all of them looked alike, all having the same face and blue hair. The slender ones wore overalls and white shirts and the muscular ones wore a low cut top showing much cleavage, a loin cloth over their privates held up by a belt and over that they wore some pieces of armor and all had a weapon. The slender ones were busy loading up cut pieces of timber onto a wagon with the help of some of the muscular ones. The rest were guarding the camp from the beast and bandits that lurk in the forest.

"What do we have here?" a voice behind Yersia ask.

She turned around to see one of the muscular women standing right behind her, carrying an axe.


Back at the Castle -

Shinji was surprise to find what the Mechanics had built under the supervision of Mayumi. It was enormous, a cavern tiled in rich black grabbed Phil's hand and excitedly pulled him through. The room beyond looked like a cross between a hidden grotto and something out of the Arabian Nights. A large round bed hung with delicate silks took up most of the space. The silk hangings stretched around the room, forming complex curtains and layers on the walls. Light came from bright phosphorescent blue crystals in tall metal stands. In front of the bed was a small, perfectly circular pool. The water glowed with the same phosphorescent blue as the crystals. The pool is around twenty feet in diameter. In contrast to the rest of the room its tiles were electric blue in color and glowed in the darkness. The sound of rippling water bounced off the walls in a gentle background noise. Blue light from the pool ebbed and flowed over the black marble in complex patterns.

"Fancy, isn't it," she whispered silkily in his ear.

It was awe-inspiring. The room really belonged to a luxury palace out of the Arabian Nights. Erotic mosaics decorated the floor and walls of the pool. The taps, gilded in gold, were twisted into the sensuous shapes of buxom mermaids. Above the pool a gigantic circular mirror was inlaid into the ceiling. And they weren't alone in the room. Laying on the bed were the Mechanics who built the room along with their new sisters the Konouchi's and the Writer's, all of them naked. They had already started the party before Mayumi had lead their Shinji down into the room. Giving Shinji a good show to warm him up so that he'll be able to really welcome the new Rei's.

"Come Shinji it's time to welcome the new girls," Mayumi said as she press her body against his back letting her breast rub against him.

"Yes Shinji come," one of the Konouchi's said as she presents herself to him spreading her arms and legs to him. (2)

"We work so hard to get everything ready for you," one of the Mechanics said as she rested her chin on the Konouchi's shoulder.

"Coming," Shinji said as his clothes spilled on the floor and climb onto the bed, the Rei's parted to give him room. Once he was in the center of the bed they surrounded him with their naked flesh. Mayumi lost sight of Shinji as the Rei's covered him all wanting to rub their bodies against his, she licks her lips before stripping and joined the orgy.


Upstairs -

The rest of Shinji's women were in the main meeting room that's used for meetings. They were meeting to talk about where to go next once everything in Heaven's Peak was dealt with, as Lord Alacram is overseeing the rebuilding of the city. Once that happen's the tribute of the city could be collected Two of the seven heroes were now dead but there are still five that are still running around. The elf, the dwarf, the thief, the warrior, and the wizard, who like the first two have turn from good to evil. Phantom having been serving William for some time has some information the the remaining heroes, from what she had picked up from here and there.

"Oberon Greenhaze is the leader of the Elves and the Evernight Forest, serving under the elf queen Selune'vele Bloomwillow. After he return to the forest all contact with the elves stop and no one has heard of them since. The people who have enter Evernight Forest have never return, so it's hard to say if he has turn bad like the rest of them. Goldo Golderson became the Dwarf king of the Golden Hills. From his name and that of the lands, he pursues the pleasure of wealth over all other aspects of life. Ever since his victory over the last Overlord, he has become ever more greedy for gold, even demanding his wedding gift to Sir William and Velvet back after the unfortunate events at Heaven's Peak. Jewel, also known as The Thieving Hero is the leader of the Ruborian Desert and the bandit forces, the very same who attacked Castle Spree. Her need to steal comes from her strong sense of envy. Kahn the giant Warrior is Jewels partner. Despite her clear anger in her treatment of him, Kahn still acts in a flirting manner, being very protective of her and when he becomes angry himself he shows strong wrath over anything, smashing it with his oversized morning star. As for the Wizard he has disappeared as William said that it's been ages since he had seen him," Phanton explained what she knows to the group.

"Well it's too soon to make a move against the other heroes," Asuka said. "The girls need some down time."

"My sister do need time to recover and to help in the rebuilding of Heaven's Peak," Ayanami adds.

"And to serve Shinji," Mana smiled. "Mayumi is helping with welcoming your new sisters."

"Sex, sex, sex does Shinji do nothing but have sex with all of you?" Rose ask.

"Your point being?" Phanton ask.

"Thanks to the Castle Heart he has the energy to please a number of us before he gives out. Which is a good thing since he can go eight hours non-stop," Asuka said. "And if there any less then a dozen of us he would wear us out in no time."

"And besides you don't mind having sex with any of us after you gotten a taste," Mana smirks at Rose.

"Yes but there's a time and a place for that," Rose said. "There's so much that needs to be done around here. The villages around Heaven's Peak need to be brought under our protection since there isn't any army left in the area thanks to the zombies. Making sure that the taxes are collected, making the trade roads safe, not to mention keeping all of the work around here is being done right. With trade starting up I need to make sure that all the traders know where they're going and to pay a toll tax passing through our lands. That money will help us in buying supplies that we can't make."

"Point taken," Ayanami said. A knock at the door drew their attention.

"Come in," Rose answered. The door of the romm open letting in a Amazon and a dark hair female elf into the room.

"We found this elf near our logging camp near Heaven's Peak," the Amazon said.

"A forest elf which means she isn't an Evernight elf," Phanton said looking over the tasty looking elf in front of her.

"She isn't?" Asuka ask.

"No the elves in Evernight are True Elves or Light Elves as some call them. Forest Elves are a branch from their family tree," Phanton explains. "So why are you here?"

"My name is Yersia van Clarva, I'm from the Northern lands seeking to find the elf tribe here," the elf answers.

"The Evernight Forest is near Mellow Hills," Rose said. "You look as if you haven't had a meal in days not to mention a bath. You can rest here for tonight and clean up."

"Really?" Yersia ask.

"After all we're going to have to meet the Evernight Elves sooner or later so when you leave for Evernight some of us will join you," Rose said. "No one has heard anything about the elves in ages and you going there gives us a reason to find out why."

"Thank you for your kindness," Yersia said. "I don't know how to replay you."

"Oh, I can think of a way," Mana smiled as she glance at the others with a spark in her eyes.


Author's Notes –

1 – The tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forest biome, also known as tropical dry forest, is located at tropical and subtropical latitudes. Though these forests occur in climates that are warm year-round, and may receive several hundred centimeters of rain per year, they have long dry seasons which last several months and vary with geographic location. These seasonal droughts have great impact on all living things in the forest. Deciduous trees predominate in most of these forests, and during the drought a leafless period occurs, which varies with species type. Because trees lose moisture through their leaves, the shedding of leaves allows trees such as teak and mountain ebony to conserve water during dry periods. The newly bare trees open up the canopy layer, enabling sunlight to reach ground level and facilitate the growth of thick underbrush. Trees on moister sites and those with access to ground water tend to be evergreen. Infertile sites also tend to support evergreen trees. Three tropical dry broadleaf forest ecoregions, the East Deccan dry evergreen forests, the Sri Lanka dry-zone dry evergreen forests, and the Southeastern Indochina dry evergreen forests, are characterized by evergreen trees. Though less biologically diverse than rainforests, tropical dry forests are home to a wide variety of wildlife including monkeys, deer, large cats, parrots, various rodents, and ground dwelling birds. Mammalian biomass tends to be higher in dry forests than in rain forests, especially in Asian and African dry forests. Many of these species display extraordinary adaptations to the difficult climate.

2 - If you have an idea for a personal trait of a Rei Konouchi please send me her info.

Ninjas(Konouchi): These are the information gatherers of the overlord. They are capable of reading minds, using poison, placing traps, using mind magic and explosives. They prefer to use daggers and crossbows but they can be seen using rifles, rapiers and even brass knuckles. They wear black ninja clothing's, sometimes leather armor, and are ranked from the symbols on their head band protectors. Some of the ninjas wears different clothes to feel different so they develop their own personal traits and looks, they are the only minions who can do this. There are five ranks in total. Each ninja got different abilities and specialties and only the Kagenins knows all the skills but their specializations are higher then the other skills. They are slender built and got the second biggest bust size of the minions.

1: Genin: A beginner whose still in training, they train either under a Jounin, or higher ranked ninja, or train themselves. They are recognized by the symbol less forehead protectors they wear.

2: Chuunin: A more capable ninja but still not perfect. They are average in everything except their specialty, which can be either stealth, poison, assassination, martial arts, ninja techniques(elemental attacks), explosives, spying or traps. They are recognized by the symbol on their forehead, the symbol is related to their specialty, stealth is a foot print, poison is a skull, martial arts is a fist, assassination is a dagger, ninja techniques is a pentagram, explosives is a bomb, spying is a face mask and traps is a bear trap.

3: Jounin: These ninjas are moderately skilled in everything but their specialty which is very skilled. They are recognized by the symbol on their forehead protector and the triangle surrounding it.

4: Sannin: The sannin is very skilled in everything except specialty, which is highly skilled. They are recognized by the symbol on their forehead and the claw shaped edges along with the claw mark on the upper left corner of the forehead protector.

Writers: These minions aren't battlers. They write down events, maps of countires, tradin routes, history, languages, stories and pretty much everything that is known. There is always a writer nearby when a major battle is accuring so that it may be recorded correctly. They have three ranks. They got the same shape as the mages but with more curves.

1: Graduated. Is newly graduated from the academy with high grades and starts writting simple things like shopping lists, trading routes and so on. They are recognized by the notepad they always carry around.

2: Author. Writes her own books and maps without loosing anything majorly but still needs to work on the details. Are recognized by the brown covered book she alwasy carry around.

3: Teacher. Can write anything she wants, bit maps, novells and so on, and make it correct all the time. Are recognized by their square shaped glasses.

Here's a list of Minions so far

Rei Minions













Now the Spells

Fire Spells

LV1: Fireball

Fires a fireball towards the enemy and can set it on fire.

LV2: Flamethrower

A continuous burst of flame, with a more limited range but much stronger.

LV3: Inferno

Singles out all enemies within range and cause massive damage.

Shield Spell

Lv1: Shield

Pushes back all foes who come too close to the user.

Lv2: Shock Shield

Like the first spell, however this causes damage to those who come too close.

Lv3: Infernal Shield

All but the toughest of foes who come close to this shield will be knocked back, paralyzed, electrocuted and disintegrated.

Wind Spells

Lv1: Burst

Fires a burst of wind which may blow away the target until it either hits the ground or an object.

Lv2: Gale

Fires a continous strong wind which may blow away anything in its way until it either hits thr ground or something in its way.

Lv3: Tornado

This creates a tornado at the spot the spell caster wills it to be. The tornado sucks up any enemies in close range and practically rips them apart while those a little far away are blown away until impacting ground or a solid object.

Healing Spells

Lv1: Cure

Cures a single being of any wounds it has.

Lv2: Heal

Heals a large group of beings of any wounds they have.

Lv3: Revive

Revives any unconscious or just killed being, those who are revived from death aren't minions since it wouldn't make any sense since shinja can revive them either way.