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Summary: Three years after Sasuke left Konoho, word get gets out he killed Orochimaru and he's coming back homefor good. Little did he know, that his elder brother kidnapped his Cherry Blossom two years after he left. A month after his return, she's there too. Will Love blossom, or will old wounds open once again? SakxSas. ;)

Author's Note:

1.) I don't own Naruto, if I did... well Ino would be... uh?

Ino: Ino would be what?!

C.B.moon: n...n... nothing, Ino!

Ino: say it... glares

Sakura: Lay - off pig!!

C.B.moon: What?!

Shikamaru: Troublesome

Anyway, please enjoy! IF you don't like something, tell me, this is for you, so I want it to be Lovely! Oh, this is my first, so go easy , yeah? Reviews please! Okay, on with the story! smiles and sticks tonuge out

Sasuke's POV

A little way into the forest of Konoho sat a young nin with raven black hair and dark, deathly red eyes. Uchiha Sasuke. (Like you didn't see that coming, right?)

Hasn't changed a bit. How pathetic', he thought to himself.

Snap A tree branch broke off and fell.

end of POV

"Could you be any more noticeable, Dobe?"

"Don't call me that!!...Teme!"

"Well, don't just there and hide from me considering you and I both know I know where you are, Dobe, I want to see you." The young Uchiha said wiht that same, cold voice he always had.

Okay kid, the only thing he could do is kill you.

Thanks fox, I needed that...argh.


"Why?! To kill me?!" asked Naruto in a teasing tone.


What?! He said something!

Wow, that is amazing...not.

Yes, it is!

Uh ... Why.

1.) He didn't call me Dobe. And 2.) He didn't say ' Hn'!

Okay, sure.

Shut - up!! Just go away!

Whatever, bye.

Silence. The only thing that Naruto could hear was his heart, thump... thump. A single sweat-drop slid down his forehead. Okay, now! Believe it!

In a single sweep, Naruto was infront of his former teammate. Three years, three damn years and he wants to show up now! What the hell is wrong with that?! He goes off, betraying his village, leaving poor Sakura-Chan heart broken thinking herself weak and pointless, which she's NOT! Tells me I'm his best friend, like a brother, then

tries to kill me!! And lets not forget all this was for damn power!! Hell No!

(Sasuke): He's ... different. Chakra level high, really high. Taller, more muscular, but still loud. Huh?!

Naruto had his hands in TIGHT fists, shaking with fury. Eyes closed, teeth of a ... fox... and his chakra was in plain eyesight.

- What's his problem?

Naruto mumbled something through his teeth. "If you hadn't had left... she'd still be here..."

"What did you say Dobe?" Sasuke said, a little confused.


WOULD COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM!!!!" Naruto yelled in the upmost fury.

At this time, Gai's team: Neji Huuyga, TenTen, and Rock Lee were there. Along with Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Hinata,, Kiba, and Shino. All scattered among close trees. With no need to hide, they just stood and watched.

"Who's she?! Damn-it!" Sasuke said with a rather large tone.


End Chapter one...;)

So, what do you think? I like it!! I think it's okay for my first, I think I may be going a little fast, but I already have the next 9 ch. on paper, so when I get a least 'I think it's okay' is when I'll update.Im so happy it's the Net, later!!