Chapter 16 - The truth once Again

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" No you won't either." Sasuke said with a glisten of anger in his eyes.

"Oh no? Watch me."

Sasuke had now placed himself behind Sakura without so much of a blink to the eye. A shiver of fright and enjoyment staggered down Sakura's spine as a "huff" of his breathe crawled down back.

"Something wrong, Sasuke-KUN?" Sakura grinned as she let the suffix hang off the end.

"No, but there will be if you don't say your sorry... Sakura-CHAN." Rule number one, don't copy Sakura Haruno. That only ticks her off.

'Wait 'till I get my hands on you, Uchiha!'

"Alright, tell 'ya what, you let me go and SHOW me how to get out (!), and in about two and a half hours we'll train at the old training grounds. If you win, I'll say I'm sorry. And If I win... well I'll tell you once I've won. Deal?", Sakura announced.

'Fight Sakuraa. Beat Sakura. Make Sakura say sorry. And...', Of which all were Sasuke's thoughts.

"Okay, Sakura..." He started.

'Yes! I'm so outta here!'

"But, if you lose... you not only say sorry, but also start dating me."


"Deal, or you don't get out."

"mumbles fine."

"Good. Out the door to the left and again then your out."

"Yeah, what ever. Thanks."

"Hn. Later."

About 30 minutes later Sakura had taken a very quick shower and changed into a fresh outfit. (Normal outfit at age 15, I guess) Right when she stepped outside... POOF.

"Huh? Oh, Riaaku. I haven't seen you in a while. What's up?" (A/N: Riaaku is my character. He can be a girl and guy in my stories. As in, if I ever have another story, I might decide he's a girl. Right now, guy! He's under the leadership of Sakura, whom is his AnBu Captin. He does like Sakura, but as of right now... I think more of a contained and under control fanboy. No, he's not important as of now.)

"It's to see you again too Sakura-sensei. Although I'm here under the 5th."

"Oh. What Tsunade want now?" Sakura asked with a mushroom sigh. As for Riaaku, he was always surprised how Sakura could talk about Tsunade (even around her) and not get int trouble. In fact, Naruto too. Except when he called her baka or old, or drunk... or wow. Too many!

"Something about a mission. She needs to talk to you. Now."

Sakura lit up at the word "mission". She had been dying to go somewhere, even though she hadn't been back for very long. She assumed it had because "Leader" almost always had her go somewhere or do something, and she had gotten use to it so.



"Oh... blush... I mean... copy that!" , Sakura managed to fix.

"Hai. Ah... Sakura..."

"Uh, yeah?"

" I'm glad your back. I missed having Konoha's Cherry Blossom around." Riaaku said while trying his hardest not to break eye-contact.

"giggles. Thank you. Bye!"

"Right. See ya, Sensei."

Hokage Tower

Sakura entered through the clouded doors and was welcomed with many familiar faces with smiles glowing like a summer's day. Suddenly... a deep, dark... almost, deathly emotion filled her. And why, she didn't know.

"FOREHEAD GIRL!", Of course, Ino.

Ino ran full force at Sakura. Lucky Sakura dodged her and placed herself next to Tsunade. Yes, she was happy to see them all, Really happy... it was just she had to explain herself five times already and she really didn't feel like doing it all again. After leaving Sasuke's, her damn arm was hurting again like hell. So that was ticking her off, and simply rejected her happiness and remained emotionless. A little thing she picked up being around Itachi too much.

After peeling herself off the floor, Ino began to scowl Sakura. Sakura suddenly had a various amounts of emotions running through her blood. Happiness, joy, Shcok, love... then anger, heat, hate, and almost... blood lust. She first pictured all of them and her happy like it once was. Them... her and Akatsuki. No one tried to safe her. Alone. Nothing. Pain. No, she wasn't happy or mad. She was neutral. Emotionless as much as she could have gotten.

"Yo! Earth to Sakura!", TenTen said.


"Uh.. Hi?"

"Oh... hey."

Everyone was in shock. Well, Sasuke (a little), Neji (some, and Shino (blank.). Those three did find it shocking, just not as much as the rest, who seemed to have had their eyes pop out of place. Sasuke was looking at Sakura Sternly.

'Her eyes. Their... she's hurt.' Sasuke noted.

'Geez Sakura. No hey guys, or a Tenten!?', Neji unwilling thought.

'Sakura...', yup, Shino.

Sakura put everyone else on mute, she looked over at Shino and began to open her mouth to talk, making everyone else shut up.

"Well? Did you?", Sakura asked Shino.


Good. So you all know about my... condition and fully understand my story about the Akatsuki?"

All answered with a yes.



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