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-Intro: Happy Family-

"We're almost there, Ace."

The freckled face of an eight year old boy stared out the window of the car. "Why do we have to move here?"

"To be with your new father and new brother!" his mother said cheerfully.

Ace gave a small huff. "…Step brother…"

"Ace…" his mother said in a slightly warning tone. "Don't be like that…he's a sweet boy, I'm sure you'll like him…"

"I never wanted a brother…" Ace mumbled. He then started to play with his gameboy.

"He's so cute, I'm sure you'll be quick friends…"

Ace was quiet. Why was mom doing this? She didn't need another man in the house and certainly not another child. As far as Ace was concerned he had been doing just fine taking care of his mom.

"……Honey, please, I really want you to try to get along with him." his mother said with a sigh.

Ace continued to play his gameboy. "……I'll try."

In half an hour they finally came to a stop at a fairly big house. It was two stories tall and had several rooms and balconies. The yard was nice and big so there was more than enough room for rambunctious children to play.

"This is our new home…"

Ace stared up in awe. He was so amazed that he didn't notice the two figures coming out of the house.

"Hello Dragon!" Ace's mother called happily, she trotted over to the dark haired man and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Good to see you made it safely…"

Ace sighed as he watched his mother fawn over her soon to be husband. He couldn't understand it, he never really needed a dad, he was perfectly happy with it just being mom and him, so why? Grown ups are too weird sometimes.

Just then, something caught the freckled boy's eye. Hiding behind one of the man's legs was a small, dark haired boy. He couldn't have been older than five, he was a little scrawny, his hair was a little untamed and he had wide, curious eyes, underneath one was a little scar. Ace gave a confused blink as the other boy continued to hide.

"Ace, come over here! I want you to meet your new brother!" his mom called.

When Ace walked over the man lightly pushed the little boy forward towards Ace. "Luffy, this is your new big brother, Ace."

"…Luffy?" Ace said with a raised eyebrow. Well that was an odd name, it sounded more like something you'd call your pet rather than your child. And yet looking at the boy Ace figured the name still suited him, Luffy did have a sort of cute kitten like look to him. Though, Ace wouldn't be caught dead saying that out loud, after all, men don't say things like 'cute' or 'pretty'.

Luffy stared down at the ground for a moment. He had never thought big brother would be so tall! He had been so excited to meet him! But, for some reason, he felt nervous, what if big brother Ace didn't like him? Would he and his new mommy leave? Shaking his head, not wanting such a thing to happen, Luffy suddenly reached forward and hugged onto the older boy.

A little taken aback by this, Ace blushed. Now in all honesty the boy did not like hugs, it just was not man like. But he restrained himself from pushing Luffy off of him, for fear that he would make his mother angry, after all, he did promise he'd try to get along with the boy.

Luffy then looked up at Ace and gave a cute, wide grin. "I'm Monkey D. Luffy!"

For some reason Ace felt a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips; this kid was just way too cute. "I'm Portgas D. Ace…" Soon Ace felt a slight twinge of jealousy. What if mom forgets him? What if she'll love her new family over him? He then suddenly pushed Luffy off of him.

Luffy landed hard on his bottom and stared up at the older boy in shock.

Ace's mother gave a small gasp. She then went over and help Luffy up on his feet. "I'm so sorry! Ace doesn't like to be hugged…"

A small sniffle escaped Luffy, he soon broke out crying.

"Oh sweetie, it's okay, don't cry…" Ace's mother then hugged Luffy and rubbed his back reassuringly.

This only served to make Ace even more jealous. He then pointed an accusing finger at the younger boy. "Men aren't supposed to cry so stop crying!"

Luffy only cried harder and clung to Ace's mom tighter.

"Stop that! She's my mom!" Ace shouted.

"Ace! Enough! He's a little boy! You're scaring him!"

Ace gave a huff and stormed off to back to the car.

Ace's mother looked down at Luffy and wiped some of his tears away. "I'm sorry…Ace isn't used to the idea of having a brother…"

Luffy sniveled. "You're….you're not going to leave, are you…?"

"No, don't worry…we're family now…"

"But big brother hates me…" Luffy squeaked trying not to cry again.

"No…he's just not used to you yet, just keep trying to be friends with him…I'm sure he'll be good friends with you…"

Luffy smiled a little at that idea. "Okay! I'll keep trying!"

"Good boy…" Ace's mother ruffled his hair.

Luffy then grinned and ran off.

The mother then stood up to talk with the boy's farther. "I'm am so sorry about Ace, I have no idea what's gotten into him…"

Dragon sighed. "Well you know, he's probably just too used to being an only child…"

The parents then watched as Luffy stood on his tiptoes and tried talking to Ace through the car window. While the older boy was trying his best to ignore him.

"Do you think they'll be alright?" The mother asked.

The father sighed and shook his head. "I guess only time will tell…"