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-Chapter 3: Opening Day-


Luffy bounced on his feet anxiously as he waited outside in the cool, crisp morning air. He sighed and watched his cloudy breath leave him.

"Luffy! Come back inside! You'll catch your death out there!" Dragon called from the house.

Luffy gave a small pout. He then turned around and began to head inside. Just then he heard a car pull into the driveway. Luffy turned around promptly and gave a grin. "Ace!"

"Oi!" Ace called out as his car came to a stop. "Luffy! What are you doing out in the cold?" Right when he stepped out Luffy glomped onto him in a loving hug.

"Hee, hee, hee…You wreak of nicotine." Luffy said playfully.

Ace scratched the back of his head. "Eh heh, heh, heh…"

"Now Luffy…" Dragon called out suddenly. "You have to finish eating your breakfast."

"Okay!" Luffy then looked up at Ace. "Thank you for coming…" The younger boy then scurried off back into the house, which only left Dragon and Ace.

"So, old man…" Ace said with a sigh.

"Don't start with me." Dragon said suddenly. "You're only coming along because Luffy is giving me such a hard time…"

Ace was silent for a little while.

"I'm done!" Luffy called. "Can we go now?"

"Very well." Dragon said with a small smile.

"Yosh! Ace! Let's sit together!" Luffy said with a grin.

"Ace can take his own car."

"Aw…you're no fun." Luffy gave a small pout.


"Nojiko! You got to help me with this stuff!" a slender red haired girl called out to her blue haired sister. This was not how she wanted to spend her weekend.

"Oh come on Nami, I carried in the rest of the stuff!" Nojiko pointed out. "Now hurry up! We're supposed to be opening this Hotel today! And we already have a few groups of guests scheduled to come soon!"

"Okay! Okay!" Nami said with a huff. "Hey, where are the employee guys? Shouldn't they be here by now?"

"Good question. I know mom gave them the right directions…" Nojiko said thoughtfully.

"Well let's hope they're not direction impaired losers…"


"Aaaachoo!!!" a young man with green hair sniveled and wiped his nose. "Someone's talking shit about me…"

"Oi! Marimo!" a blonde man with a rather curly eyebrow called. "Get over here! We're late as it is!"

The said Marimo's eyebrow gave an irritating twitch. "Well you were the one that ran off skirt chasing stupid Love Cook!"

"Ah, well, I can't help it!" the blonde said dreamily. "Beauty called, and as a man, who am I to deny such a call?"

"Oh shut it and let's go…" The green haired man said with an irritated sigh. Suddenly the blonde clapped a hand on the shoulder, stopping him. "What now!?"

"It's up that way." The blonde said, pointing to a hill in the distance.

"……You're kidding."

"A little exercise wouldn't hurt." the blonde said with a smirk.


Luffy gave a slight groan. He was curled up in the back seat of the car. The long ride had made him feel queasy. But the thing was it shouldn't have, Luffy was not the type to get car sick.

"We'll be there soon, don't worry." Dragon said reassuringly. "Just think, the fresh air out here will do you some good."

Luffy forced himself to sit up and look out the window. He had to admit, it was a beautiful area. So this is where mom grew up? In a way, it seemed fitting, a beautiful and easy going place for a beautiful and easy going mother. Luffy then looked out the back window, he felt relieved when he saw Ace was still there. He couldn't wait for the ride to be over. Maybe Ace still knew some of the area, maybe they could explore the town together! Luffy sat back down, he was excited now, enough to forget about the queasiness. "Dad, how long until we get to the hotel?"

"In a bit, it's at the other side of the town, but it's got a wonderful view." Dragon explained. He was glad to see Luffy was excited.

Luffy grinned. "I can't wait!"

"Yes, but when we get there you can't run around much just yet, you'll have to take sometime to rest first…" Dragon warned.

"Aw…But I-" Luffy then clutched his stomach, the queasiness came back with a vengeance.

"See what I mean?" Dragon said with a sigh.

Luffy curled up on the seat. "Traitor…" he whispered to his aching belly.


"Girls! You done?"

"Almost!" Nami and Nojiko called.

Suddenly, the a strumming of a guitar was heard.


"Now what?"

Right then Nami and Nojiko both found themselves in a large shadow. The girls both looked up and saw a buff man, with bright blue hair, sunglasses, a Hawaiian shirt, and…a…speedo????


Just then a woman with an odd pony tail haircut combo ran out of the hotel. "What the hell happened!?"

"PERVERT!!!!!!" Both girls shrieked.

The buff man blinked. "Pervert?" He then looked about. "I don't see anyone."


"Me!?" the blue haired man said with surprise. "No! No! No! I'm not a pervert, I'm Franky! I'm the super life guard!"

Both Nami and Nojiko had shivers crawling up their spines. "Gross, gross, gross, gross!"

"Oh, you're Franky?" the third woman said. "Nice to meet you, I'm Bellemere. I'm the owner of the hotel. And those two are my daughters…"

Franky lifted his sunglasses up and looked around. "You seemed to be a bit short on help…"

Bellemere blinked. "Hey, you're right…everyone's late. That's not good, we're supposed to be opening today."

"I'll make it there first Curly Brow!" came a sudden shout.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" came another.

Then suddenly the blonde and green haired men literally crashed into the scene. The two men then instantly began rough housing on the spot, kicking up dust and knocking things over. It was a total mess.

"Ah! Someone stop those two before someone gets hurt!" Bellemere shouted.

Franky then stepped in, and hoisted the two off the ground by the backs of their shirts. "Oi! Enough! You guys are definitely not super!"

"Who asked you!" the blonde snapped.

Nami then stepped up two the two. "Well who the hell asked you to make this mess!?"

Right when he laid his eyes on her, the blonde turned a few shades of red, his eyes then filled with adoration. (Heart eyes) "Shame on me! Please for give this lowly creature that's before you!"

Nami blinked. "Huh?"

Nojiko giggled. "I think he has a thing for you…"

"Ah, but you too are also a beauty!"

Nojiko went a nice shade of pink. "Oh shut up!"

Bellemere couldn't help but laugh. "So who are you two?"

"Call me Mr. Prince!"

"The idiot's name is Sanji, I'm Zoro. We're here to work for this hotel." Zoro explained.

"Well, that's two more…" Bellemere said with a sigh. "What do you two do?"

"I cook."

"I…use swords…"

"Good. Sanji, fix us some lunch, pronto! And Zoro, you…can be a bell hop or something."

'Why do I get stuck with the crappy jobs!?'

Bellemere then clapped her hands, gaining everyone's attention. "Okay! Let's get things moving! We got to finish up before our guests arrive!"


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