Summary: In Azumo gangs rule the streets. The Tenshi gang is known as the top dog, but what will happen to Krad known as their brave leader do when pitted against this new gang known as The Oni. Will Krad and his right hand Satoshi be able to fend off their emotions for the sake of the gang or will they be trapped in a web of lies and deception?

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Chapter 1: Rumors

"Hey did you hear? There's going to be some new kids transferring here, starting this week!"

Krad and Satoshi heard some kid say as they made their way through the hall. They honestly didn't care right now. They were on their way to solve a problem of their own with the gang. Krad being the leader wanted to get this over with quick. Satoshi his right hand man and second in command knew all about their "little" problem. They descended the steps of Azumo high and walked out onto the grounds where they spotted the rest of the Tenshi. They were going to solve this little rumor here and now of the unwanted guests in their town.

"Is it true that there's a new gang in town Krad?" asked a handsome teen with short brown hair and hazel eyes.

"We don't know for sure Don." Krad said tirelessly.

"When I was walking up Sano's and Netoke's street yesterday to get to Van's house I saw that old deserted house, up the hill, had its lights on." Shinen said while gesturing towards a light brown haired teen with what seemed to be black eyes. This teen dubbed as Sano was standing next to the other boy mentioned. Unlike Sano, Netoke was like his opposite with dark greenish hair and light brown eyes it was a wonder how they are best friends.(A/n: I know it's kind of off track but I like for people to visualize a character. Now on with the story!)

"Yea! I remember seeing some lights on." said the teen with the dirty blonde hair now known as Van.

"It might be the new gang!" said an eager silver haired, and matching eyes teen.

"Or it could just be the new kids that are transferring here, Hikaru." an orange headed teen named Lee argued.

"Everyone should stop worrying!" said a long black haired kid named Zato.

"We'll find out this week for sure." Krad put in ominously. "And I forbid all of you from going up there and checking."

The rest of the gang didn't argue.

Changing the subject the teen named Don spoke "Man I hate Tuesday's!"

Don's twin brother but with black hair retorted, "If you think today is bad, wait 'til tomorrow. We've got a test remember?"

Shinen added, "Well I for one ain't gonna be passin' that test any time soon!"

Everyone looked at the dyed pink haired teen. They burst into a fit of laughter. (All except for Krad and Satoshi.) Shinen turned a light shade of pink to match his hair.

"What's so funny?" He yelled angrily at the rest of the gang. Akira who had also dyed his hair, but an unnatural white was the first to comment.

"You know Shinen when you said you'd dye your head pink we didn't believe you. But it still makes us laugh our asses off!"

Shinen took a swipe at Akira's head. Akira ducked and jumped out of arm's reach.

"Tut-tut-tut. Now we wouldn't want that now would we fairy." Akira said mockingly.

At this point Shinen was furious. He had the look that said 'i'll fuckin' murder you for that'. He was about to rip Akira's head clean off his shoulders when Mashiro jumped in.

He said in a calm tone to Shinen, "Calm down he didn't mean any thing by it."

Shinen immediately deflated. He looked at the sandy haired boy fondly.

"Thanks Mashiro."

He turned to Akira and gave him a cold glare before stating, "Enough of this fairy talk or not even Mashiro will be able to stop me!"

Akira put his hands up in surrender. "Alright, alright, alright! I was only jokin' around!"

Van found that Krad and Satoshi were deep in thought. He saw the worry on everybody's faces. He thought he should say something to the rest of the gang to lighten the mood.

"Hey guys cheer up! Let's all go home and study for that test!"

Everyone burst into laughter again. (A/n: You already know who wasn't laughing)

It was eventually tuned out by the ring of the dismissal bell.

The Tenshi walked forward and off the grounds into the park chatting and laughing away. The gang didn't stop walking with each other until they got to a huge fountain that also serves as a fork in the road. It separated the path into paths. They said their goodbyes and separated into two groups. The left group consisted of Sano, Netoke, Don, Dan, Shinen, and Van. The right group had Zato, Lee, Tomo, Akira, Hikaru, Satoshi, and Krad. They all went to their houses with the thought of an enemy gang still stuck in their heads.

When everyone was in their homes Krad and Satoshi were in the middle of the street. After they were sure that no one could hear them Satoshi let loose the information he had gathered from the previous night.

"I have summed up the information you asked for, and I have this so far-" He cleared his throat and spoke like he was giving any other boring report.

"There are a total of twelve people in the house hold. I didn't gather any names, just faces. They don't talk much. One of them is an adult. He is unknown to this district. I couldn't get a good look at his face. Just like the teenagers I've seen he goes in and out of the house randomly. If they were a gang the only people I have seen would only be lower ranking members. The only person I thought to be a high ranking member was an obnoxious brown haired teen that liked to order the others around.(A/n: sound like any one familiar to you)He might be their second in command but I highly doubt it. Other than the two I already mentioned there are ten other male teenagers going in and out. They bring in furniture, buy groceries; a little at a time, and as I said before they go in and out randomly. Besides the way they look, that's all the information I have gathered so far. Personally they don't look much of a 'gang' to me. You know Krad from where your house is positioned you could easily spy on their house hold." Satoshi concluded. Krad heard the emphasis of him spying on a house of boys. He gave his second his all knowing smirk.

"Oh, so you think I would stoop so low as to resort to spying on a possible enemy hideout that could be harboring a new gang that may be a threat to us in the near future."

Satoshi matched his devilish smirk with his own. "You make it sound like I have insufficient data. You doubt my abilities Krad?"

"I do not doubt you or your abilities. I simply question if the data that you gathered will suffice my...uh curiosity for these people. But for now it will have to do. Oh, and I know I ask this every time but is there any cute guys that I might want to know about. You know you can tell me." His smirk if possible got even more devilish and a lustful look made its way to his golden eyes.

Going through the same old routine like always. Satoshi said almost resentfully with a sigh, "I know your type Krad that's what's sad. Trust me on this one. None of them fit up to your standards. I don't see any one in there that is as you say 'extremely handsome, mysteriously devilsome, cunningly dark like a cat on the prowl'. Well it's safe to say that no of them would satisfy your needs.

Krad put on a mock pout. With a semi-innocent face he said "Awww. Sato you ruin all the fun. Damn people who aren't like me in everyway. I know it sounds like I'm picky or something but I just like to keep my standards high." If Krad could get any more cockier he would, which is why he began to laugh evilly.

Satoshi accustomed to these random outburst sweat dropped. He began to back away from the demented teen when he spotted something move from the corner of his eye. Krad had seen it too.

"It seems that we were not alone." Satoshi said venomously.

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