Summary: In Azumo gangs rule the streets. The Tenshi gang is known as the top dog, but what will happen to Krad known as their brave leader do when pitted against this new gang The Oni. Will Krad and his right hand Satoshi be able to fend off their emotions for the sake of the gang or will they be trapped in a web of lies, and deception?

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Chapter 3: New Kids

The Tenshi made it on time to school. They were seperated into two groups for class. Van, Lee, Tomo, Shinen, Zato, and Akira headed for Home Economics. Krad, Satoshi, Don, Dan, Netoke, and Sano trudged towards their test in Algebra. They walked into the classroom and took their respective seats. The teacher was nowhere in sight and there was still a minute until the start of class. The class was talking about who was dating who, the newest reality show on tv, and what everyone was going to do after school.

The talking ceased to a dead silence as the teacher walked into the classroom. Following closely behind was the trio ok skateboarders. The redhead's beenie was off his head exposing his wild, spiky hair. A huge smile was plastered on his boyish face. The brunette looked grumpy while the violet haired one was giggling to himself. Krad smiled to himself when he saw the guy that checked him out earlier. Everyone in the classroom started to whisper at once. Mr. Tanaka called for silence. There was still some murmuring but he ignored it.

"Class today we have three new students out of the many that will join us." Mr. Tanaka looked out at the swooning girls and whispering boys. "First we have Takeshi Sahera." The brunette stepped forwards and bowed to the class. "Hi. I'm Takeshi Sahera. I'm a journalist and photographer. I like to read in my spare time and I'm glad to be here." Said the one now known as Takeshi. The class welcomed him warmly.

Mr. Tanaka said to Takeshi, "You will sit in the fourth row, fourth seat, behind Cody." A student raised his hand to show where he was. Takeshi went to his seat and waited.

"Next we have Dark Mousy."

The violet haired teen stepped forward with a smirk and bowed. "Dark Mousy's the name thievings the game. I love to pull pranks and long walks on the beach. I'm currently single and looking." With the last part said he gave a devilish look to a certain blonde in the front row. Krad blushed slightly and looked away. All the girls in class were squealing with exitement.

Mr. Tanaka quieted the class with a look and said, "Mousy you will be sitting in the front of the fourth row next to Krad. The blonde known as Krad looked slightly taken back but raised his hand slightly. Dark's smirk grew in to a grin. He slowly made his way to his desk without taking his eyes off Krad. Dark sat down and continued to look at Krad with a slight glint in his eyes. Krad ignored him but could still feel his eyes on him.

"Finally we have Daisuke Niwa."

Daisuke stepped forward and bowed. "Hello. I'm Daisuke Niwa and I'm happy to be here." He stood there with a smile on his face. Mr. Tanaka couldn't have cared less about giving an introduction so he assigned Daisuke a seat. "Niwa you will take the empty seat behind Satoshi." The blunette raised his hand with disinterest, covering his curiousity with a book. Daisuke thanked the teacher and made his way to the back of the classroom. Everyone turned their heads to get a good look at the cute red head. Some girls squealed when they saw him up close. He approached his desk and saw Satoshi. Ruby met sapphire. The red head gave him a small smile and sat down. The blunette blushed and covered it with his book.

Mr. Tanaka said to the class, "Now that the excitement is over time for your quiz!" The class groaned. "I know that today is your first day in school so you three are not required to take this test. You may do so if you like." Daisuke, Dark, and Takeshi had no objections to taking it. "All right then class you have 45 minutes to complete it. You may start when you get it." The quizes were passed out and everyone set to work. It said things like:

What is the mid-point formula?

A right angle is how many degrees?

Suzy has a die(singular of dice). She rolls it 10 times. What is the percentage of rolling 1 or more?

In the space below draw a right scale triangle and an equilateral triangle.

Solve the following equations

-7x+318-(-2x) x-23(-4x)+37 2(x-15) -x-7

What are the slopes and y-intercepts for the following:

y1/2x+4 y-3x-12

Bonus: (worth 2 points; if you get it wrong it's only minus 1 point)

Write the Pythagorean Theorm and sketch an example and how you would use it. Make sure to show your work.

(15 minutes later)

Daisuke had his head down on the desk. Satoshi flipped over his paper. Dark struggled with drawing the right triangles.(lol) Krad goes over his work 2-3 times. Takeshi's wondering what the hell a y-intercept is. Everyone else was quietly struggling with their own problems.

Satoshi looks over at the fiery new student that was currently taking a peaceful nap. He pondered over why he didn't take the test. He was so lost in thought he didn't see or hear the teacher come up to his desk.

Mr. Tanaka slapped his long ruler down on the desk saying,"Oh, so we're finished with our test early again are we Mr. Hiwatari?" Satoshi jumped slightly at the sound. Krad saw this abrupt movement and gave Satoshi a look. "It looks like I'm not the only one." Satoshi said in his usual cold voice while looking back at Krad. Krad gave the teacher a slight devilish smile and turned away. Mr. Tanaka saw this and grew a little heated. He saw the sleeping form of Daisuke behind Satoshi and decided to direct his anger towards the new student.

Mr. Tanaka raised his ruler ready to strike at his slumped over prey. "So, you think it's okay to sleep in my class on your 1st day and not take the quiz at all." ,he said bringing it down on the sleeping victim. Satoshi's eyes widened when he turned around to see what was going to happen to the firey new student. Mr. Tanaka's ruler hit the desk with a loud smack where a certain head had been only a second ago. Daisuke looked up at the teacher with sleepy eyes. Satoshi saw the dazed look on his face and couldn't help think he looked pretty cute like that. Satoshi shook his head at the weird thought. He fixed his attention upon the slightly shocked teacher.

Daisuke still looking like he could conk out at any second asked, "Was there somethin' you needed teach?" He looked slightly ruffled at being called 'teach' but asked anyways, "Mr. Niwa do you find my class so boring that you need to take naps so as not to do the work?" His face was full of triumph on catching someone slacking off. Daisuke looked at his paper on the desk then at the teacher with a bit of confusion on his face he said, "But...I've been done." Mr.Tanaka's face froze. Satoshi's eyes widened. Both of them couldn't believe what tyhe had just heard. They had only been 15 minutes into the quiz when Satoshi finished and he didn't see when the new student started or finished the quiz. Mr. Tanaka picked up the paper off of Daisuke's desk and looked at it with skepticism. He looked over the quiz once and saw that all the answers were correct. He put the paper down in contempt. He walked away in a huff. Daisuke gave the icy prince infront of him a small smirk and put his head back down to rest some more.

Satoshi faced foward and thought over when and how this mysterious, weird new student did all his work before he was even done. 'It's impossible. He can't have finished before me. I didn't even see him start! What's going on? Is he that smart? He could be. Wait. That would mean that he's smarter than me. Way smarter. Looks like I have to watch out for this fiery genius.'

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