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Last time:

"Yeah, all I can see it as is more work for us. Now I do believe that our house elf is waiting for us, lets go please." Not waiting for his answer she runs off after the house elf, eager to see her new rooms.

This time

"Keep up! Your so slow." Ashlee yelled back to Blasie as he walked slowly behind her admiring the decor of the hallway. There seemed to be more knights and paintings in this one then any other in the school.

"Hey Ashlee, do you know why there are more knights in this hallway?" he asked hoping that she would be nice when she answered him, it wasn't his fault he had never been down here. He hadn't even heard of this hallway, it wasn't in Hogwarts a History so he didn't know about it.

"Well, over the summer they decided that the Head's should have more privacy, so instead for just giving them their own rooms inside there own towers they walked around the school until they found a unused tower, then converted it into the head's room. The Knights are here to act as the guards to the Head's." Ashlee answered having heard it all from her father, she even knew the location of the rooms. "We each have our own privet room and bathroom, however we share a kitchen and a common room. Attached to our room is a conference room type so that we can have the prefect/head meeting once a week. And last but not least we have the Entrance." this one was special, it would only recognize the two of them, and she told him just that.

Blasie was lost in thought. This Ashlee had the exact same attitude towards him as Hermione did. "Look I'm tired of just standing here, can we go inside or something." he asked growing impatient "It has been a long day, and all I wanna do is lay down and go to sleep, I don't care what you do and frankly I don't want to know, but let us go inside first, sound fair."

"Fine, just walk up to the Knight and look him in the eyes," she pointed over to he left towards the knight holding the Slytherin banner, " Once you do that he will remember you, so that the next time you come to the dorm all you have to do is glance at him." Ashlee angrily exclaimed, "And secondly watch your tone with me, I refuse to be spoken to like I am some sort of House Elf" And with that she stormed over to her Knight, looked it in the eye and walked into her dorm. Leaving Blasie to stand there looking like a lost puppy before he finally realized that he was alone here, then he slowly followed Ashlee into the dorm.

The next morning came way to soon for both Head students. Once up and awake they went into the Common Room to tart making some sort of schedule for the Prefects to follow when it came to doing rounds. "How about this, the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw prefects will do their rounds on Monday and Wednesday. The Gryffindor and Slytherin Prefect on Tuesday and Thursday, and we take the Friday and Sunday rounds, leaving the Teachers Saturday rounds would start at curfew time so 9 p.m. and would end at 1 a.m. So a total of 4 hours a night." Ashlee offered up. Hoping that he would be ok with this list.

"Works for me" was all that Blasie said, he just wanted to get this thing done and out of the way, they had more important things to do. Like eat. "Can we please go to breakfast now" He begged and pleaded with Ashlee. "Im hungry"

Ashlee let out a exasperated sigh, "Fine, but I don't see why you want to go to the Great Hall when we have our own kitchen right over there, with our own House Elf." she said as she pointed to the kitchen in the corner "Where do you think I got my breakfast at, you didn't think that I walked over to the Great Hall, did you?" She asked him, trying hard not to laugh at the thought, "Just go over and say what you want and poof its there" Blasie figured he would give it a shot, he didn't want to walk to the Great Hall yet anyway.(A/N: i really don't feel like saying what they are eating and stuff like that...ill focus on the facts later on, like the cloths and things when i need to, otherwise I wont)

Once they were both done eating they got back to work on the list that Ashlee had found on their table when she woke up. "O.K. next thing on the list is to plan and organize 2 separate Welcome Back bashes, the first on for the 1st through 5th years and the second one for the 6th and 7th years. Now i think that the younger years should have a 10 p.m. curfew for their dance, and the upper years a midnight curfew. The dances would be held on 2 different days, the first one can be held next week on Saturday, and then the upper years the following Saturday so that the Prefects can attend. How does that sound" Ashlee asked once she finished outlining her idea.

"Ok, but I have just one question, why are we doing two different dates, why not just have on big dance?" Blasie asked, thinking that it would be easier on everyone if they did it that way.

"I have just one name for you and it would be Ronald. He has a tendency to spike the juice at parties and dances, so I figured that into the equation. I don't want to expose the younger years to what ever he puts in the punch, so I eliminated that right out of the problem." Ashlee explained, hoping that he wouldn't ask how she knew.

"Oh" was all he said, shortly followed by suggesting that they take the plans to the Headmaster before Lunch, so that he can look over both the Dance and the Watch list." So with that both Heads went up to their room to get dressed for the day. Normally they have on their robes, but being seventh year students they were allowed to wear their normal cloths so long as they had on their House robes and any badges that they had. Both Head students took advantage of the new rule.

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