AN: This story was inspired by watching the season three promo... repeatedly! If you haven't seen it, you can check it out on YouTube (just search "Bones season three promo").

BOMB! My mind screams when I see the blinking light. All the thoughts that were swimming around in my head seconds earlier evaporate, replaced by two words: GET BONES. "Look out!" I shout as I throw myself at her, sending us both to the floor. I'm lying on top of her, desperately hoping that my body will be enough to save her from the blast. If one of us has to die, let it be me, I pray. Please, God, protect my Bones. I squeeze my eyes shut and brace myself for the sound of an explosion that never comes.

Long seconds pass, then I hear "Why are your eyes closed?"

Is she making fun of me? I open my eyes to look at her and see her smirking at me. "I thought we were going to get blown up."

"Oh. Well, we appear to be fine," she says in that condescending "I'm a doctor and you're not" tone.

"I can see that, thanks," I shoot back. Unbelievable. I'm prepared to sacrifice myself to save her and she's mocking me!

"Then why are you still on top of me?" She sounds more curious than angry.

Good question. It's because I'm overly cautious when it comes to your safety, right? It couldn't possibly be because I'm enjoying the closeness of our bodies, the feel of you underneath me. No, of course not. My lying on top of you is purely for your protection...Oh God, who am I kidding? I'm thrilled to be in this position. I feel like I'm acting out a scene from one of my nocturnal fantasies...except for the fact that we're both clothed. For the moment anyway.

"Uh...Booth?" Her voice pulls me away from my reflections. She's looking at me the way she looks at human remains, trying to figure me out.

I suddenly remember how we ended up in this position. We were lucky. We could have died just now. Is it strange that I'm willing to die for her, but I'm too scared to show her how I feel? Well, I refuse to be scared any longer. "I think that we should stay like this for a few minutes, just to be on the safe side." I whip up the greatest charm smile the world has ever seen. Daring to push my luck, I add: "Besides, I'm really enjoying the view."

To my immense relief, she doesn't hit me. She's even smiling! "And what should we do in the meantime?" There's a slight flirtatiousness in her voice, and it gives me hope that what I'm about to do will be well received.

"I'm sure we can come up with something." I lower my lips to hers and- miracle of miracles!- she meets me halfway. As our lips touch and a wave of euphoria washes over me, I thank God for the best bomb scare ever.


Thanks for reading! All comments are greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of doing a companion piece from Brennan's POV; let me know what you think.