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Chapter 3: Spying on the Partners

Everyone says I have a dirty mind (and maybe I do), but I swear that when I first see Booth on top of Brennan I'm not thinking about anything remotely sexual. Honestly, I'm terrified. I'd accepted that they were both too scared to acknowledge their feelings for each other, so why would my favorite FBI agent be lying on my best friend's body unless she were injured...or dead?

My mind conjures up a dozen horrifying scenarios. She's been shot and he's applying pressure to her wound. She's unconscious and he's attempting mouth to mouth resuscitation. I want to rush over to them and see what's going on, but fear that my worst scenarios might be confirmed holds me back. I remain hidden in the shadows, quietly trying to calm myself down, praying that God will save Brennan even though she doesn't believe in Him. I am moments away from having a nervous breakdown when I hear her moan.

I go from terrified to excited in a nanosecond. This isn't the moan of someone who is injured or dying–it's the moan of someone who's having a good time. A very, very good time. While still staying hidden from view, I dare to inch a little closer to them. I can see now that they're kissing each other. Mouth to mouth resuscitation indeed! I have never seen either of them ever looking so alive. I bite my lip to keep myself from shrieking. I must not squeal, I must not squeal, I repeat in my head. Screaming my head off would definitely kill the mood, and I refuse to ruin this moment for them.

While it's killing me to stay silent, at least I can smile. I can't believe that it's finally happened! For two years they've been dancing around the fact that they're insanely attracted to each other; I wonder what drove them over the edge. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get the details from Brennan later. I couldn't be happier for her. The men in her life have always disappointed her, but I know Booth will be different. He cares about her. He understands her. He'll be there for her when she needs him. Bren would laugh at me for believing in the idea of a soulmate, but I truly believe that he is hers and she is his.

I'm enjoying watching them kiss, but I start to feel a little uncomfortable when I realize that Booth is trying to take her shirt off. I'm planning my escape when I hear Brennan say: "Booth, stop. We shouldn't do anything more here. We don't want to contaminate a possible crime scene."

OH MY GOD BRENNAN! You're my best friend and I love you dearly, but I could strangle you right now. Your sexy partner, who is madly in love with you, wants to make love to you, and you're concerned about contaminating a crime scene! I want to scream at you, but I'm not sure how I can do this without revealing my presence. I'm afraid that you've hurt Booth's ego, and that your romantic relationship will be over before it even starts.

Luckily, however, Booth doesn't seem offended or upset. "You're right. We have work to do. But can we continue this later? Tonight maybe? Your place?"

"I'd like that," she answers. I bite my lip so hard I think I might be bleeding, but I feel no pain. After a brief pause, she speaks again. "Do you think it's safe to get up now?

He laughs. "I guess so." He stands, then offers her his hand, pulling her up beside him.

"Thanks for saving me from the bomb," she says. It sounds like she's teasing him, but her voice is gentle. I think she knows that he loves her and would do anything to protect her.

He puts his arm around her shoulders. "Anytime, Bones."

I watch them walk off together, feeling like I've just witnessed the start of something magical. Only later, when I'm back in my apartment, do I allow myself to squeal so loudly that one of my neighbors knocks on my door to see if I'm alright. I tell her I'm fine, but that's a lie. I'm much, much better than fine. If it's possible to die from too much happiness, I think that I must be very near death.

Later that night I invite Hodgy over to celebrate. He brings a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine, fills our glasses, then proposes a toast. "To Booth and Brennan. May they have all the happiness they deserve and then some."

"To Booth and Brennan," I echo, emptying my glass instantly. "IT"S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!"

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