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Chapter Six: Hozuki Suigetsu

"Hey, Ino, did you ever find out who sent you those presents?" Tenten asked curiously.

I shook my head, "no, actually, I never got around to it. Kimimaro and Deidara didn't admit to them and they certainly weren't from Sui-kun."

Tenten read out a bunch of names we recognized from the list, "Akatsuki, Hyuuga Neji, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, the U by Uchiha staffers are coming out, Tsunade, Sarutobi-san, Jiraiya with their assistants, and I don't recognize any of the other names, but they look like shareholders."

I picked up at pen and I folded the list in half and tore it off, "I get the bottom half."

She nodded and picked up another pen and started writing.

It hadn't occurred to me how many Uchihas I had to write as I stared at the bottom of the list which held many of the Uchihas. I pouted as I read down the list, Uchiha Fugaku and Mikoto, Uchiha Itachi of Akatsuki, Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Sasuke of U, and Uchiha Shisui. Obviously Jutsu was showing off.

I was starting at 'n', and the first name was Namiashi Raido. I wrote in my neatest handwriting.

Tenten threw her last envelope down into the pile and grinned, "done!" as I licked my last envelope shut. I smirked back at her and she laughed.

"C'mon, let's get our list together, Orochimaru will approve them," she said pulling out a blank piece of paper.

I ran a hand through my long blonde mane and grinned, "put Kimimaro on the list!"

After dropping off the lists and invitations I drove home and I was pretty much going to collapse right then and there at the door. Goddamn it, I dug out my keys and saw a figure in the dark walking towards me. As it sped up I turned my key quickly and slipped inside.

My heart beat faster for a moment and I calmed down and locked the door. I walked into the main portion of the house and sighed. I turned off the lower portion of the condos security system on and lay down on my bed.

Although we lived in a nice neighbourhood that was close to the central business area where we worked, we still lived mostly downtown. As creepy and weird as it is, there are a lot of criminals and what not.

Now, now, I'm not totally useless. I can protect myself fairly well as I took various forms of martial arts when I was younger. There was a thud at a window and I cursed, if this fucker had a weapon, I didn't think I could protect myself.

I turned off the alarm and walked down the stairs, towards the balcony window. I slipped to the side of the window and in between the curtains that hung. From the window I saw a bunch of little pebbles littering the balcony floor.

The beating speed increased and I scowled. I hated being afraid, "fuck." I looked down and saw a familiar face, "Suigetsu, are you drunk?" I flung open the balcony doors and glared at him.

He grinned charmingly, "Karin kicked me out of the studio so I didn't have anywhere else to go."

I growled, "what about Sasuke?"

Suigetsu laughed, "as if Sakura wants me to be there. She'd kick me out in a flash, god damn woman. So, can I come in, Ino?"

"I guess so," I said with a haughty glare and a toss of my long blond hair, "you can use the normal entrance way." I shut the balcony doors and locked them. My pajamas weren't really appropriate, seeing as they were a bunch of t-shirts and dress shirts acquired from various exes and filched from various friends, Kimimaro in particular.

As I wandered back up the stairs I pulled out a pair of Hugo Boss sweatpants for men, but seeing as they made them skinny enough to be slightly loose on me, I wore them. I pulled my hair back and walked carefully through the apartment, turning on all the lights as I went.

Usually, Sui-kun isn't an unwelcome guest, but he's been hounding at me for a while. I guess his relationship with Sasuke is getting strained, not that this is a bad thing because Sui-kun is fun to hang out with.

I reached for the lock and unlocked it, letting Suigetsu in to my foyer, "good evening, Sui-kun. What's going on?"

He ran a hand through his hair and snorted, "You know that ever since Sasuke and Sakura moved in Karin, Juugo, and I have been living in one of Sasuke's empty lofts? Well, she said she was finally 'fed up' with all our 'bullshit' so she fucking threw us out of our house!"

With a smidgen of sympathy for Karin I laughed, "You have to admit, Sui-kun, you and Juugo are not the easiest people to live with."

He scowled and I pulled out my LG Shine cell phone and looked through my book of personal contacts. These were all people who had been friends with my father, Yamanaka Inoichi. I flipped through and found Kimimaro's father and several other high profile men.

First on the list was Sarutobi Asuma, the dean of Hi no Kuni University and my tutor for several years in private school. He taught Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, and I for several years. Although, I think only Chouji and I needed tutors, Shikamaru has always been too smart for his own good. Overall, Asuma-sensei was very patient with us, he taught us a lot, but he was married to Kurenai-sensei who was Hinata and Kiba's professor.

The next on the list was Nara Shikaku, a good friend of Daddy's and Shikamaru's father. Several other included were Akimichi Choza, Cho's father; Morino Ibiki-sensei, my Daddy's advisor; Namiashi Raido, one of Daddy's subordinates; Shiranui Genma, a personal friend of the family; and last but not least Gekko Hayate, another close friend of Daddy's.

There was no way I could have Shikamaru or Choji house Suigetsu, they would kill him for sure. Ibiki-sensei was out of the question, he had some homicidal tendencies. Gekko Hayate was currently living with Yugao-senpai… and everyone knew Yugao-senpai could scream. Namiashi Raido and I were having a tiff, so my last option was Shinarui Genma.

Hell's no.

The last thing I needed was to stick these two ladies men together. Now, normally I would let Suigetsu stay in my apartment, but I felt that I should probably hand him over to someone else. At least while I was still trying to keep my options open.

I dialed Genma, "Genmaa!"

He mumbled something incoherently before speaking into the phone, "Ino-chan? What do you want?"

"Are the keys to your downstairs apartment still underneath the doorknocker?" the stupid owl knocker was annoying, but it had served both of us well.

Genma laughed, "yeah, but I'll be back in town next Saturday! So don't use it for too long and no wild parties! Your father would kill me."

"Haha, Genma, you'll have to come over next week then, buh-bye! Mwah," I gave him a mock kiss and hung up.

Suigetsu, who was currently lounging on my couch looked up at me, "well? Can I just crash here?"

I rolled my eyes at him and snorted, "uh – NO, but you can stay downstairs. Let's just go grab the keys and whatever, but only for a week, so hurry up and start making amends with Karin. Or just go have some hot sex with her, whatever works."

"Ugh, gross," he said making a disgusted face, "I didn't even know Karin was female."

As usual I shot him a dirty look and I led him downstairs, "yeah right. I've seen you check her out before and didn't you two 'hook up' last summer?"

Suigetsu recoiled in shock, "WHAT? HOW DID YOU KNOW – I mean…" he glared, "daaaamn."

I laughed all the way down the stairs. Suigetsu was so dense sometimes.

He flashed me a little grin, "so...wanna?"

As usual, I sent him a repulsed glare and then waved him off, "no."

A little pout formed on his lips as he staggered down the stairs, "fine then."

The week passed by fast and I found myself sitting with Tenten, Hinata, Kimimaro, Suigetsu, and the editor-at-large in a fitting process. Hinata-chan had decided that as a show of good faith to Jutsu, she would appear in our special.

The editor-at-large was currently Danzo, although, Orochimaru seemed to have a new one every week. Hinata-chan had already gone through her fitting and was currently standing in her Ralph Lauren Black Label Vintage Lace Skirt with a Cashmere Turtleneck Halter of the same brand. She spun in a circle daintily and Danzo gushed, "oh, fabulous!"

As an intern, I still had to work for the fitting and the shoot, "have you seen the new Jean Paul Gaultier Trench coat? It would be perfect to wear over this."

Danzo looked at me for a moment, "well, our little intern is asserting herself." Orochimaru seemed to be surprised and did not know how to take the neutral tone.

From the beautiful duster bag, I pulled it out and Danzo grinned with glee, "bee-yoo-tee-ful! What do you think Hyuuga-san?"

"I l-love it!" Hinata grinned, tying the trench and giving another twirl, "absolutely perfect!"

Orochimaru fit Suigetsu next an all white Dolce & Gabbana suit. His striking blue eyes stood out perfectly and instead of the skinny black tie, Orochimaru had taken a white linen scarf and tied it around his neck. He wore a pair of Hugo Boss shoes and looked perfect.

Danzo grinned, "oh! I just love it!"

Orochimaru dressed Kimimaro in a black Prada suit with a white Etro shirt and vivid red cufflinks to bring out his eyes. I thought he looked amazing, too bad I wasn't officially his date…

As Tenten and I were waiting for our turns she casually pointed out Danzo's assistant, Sai.

"Doesn't he look like Sasuke?!" she whispered.

I glared, "no way," and then she cocked her head, "it's SAI!"

We laughed and then Danzo called up Tenten for her turn. She grinned and then went to stand before him, her hair was down for once and looked shiny as ever.

"Well, you're not short, but you have the longest legs on a woman of your height!" he grinned, "I have the perfect dress for you." Danzo made a gesture to Sai and Sai went to fetch the dress. A smile played on my lips; I had never known Sai to work for anyone. I'd have to ask him later.

Tenten was pushed into a change room by Sai along with a pair of towering Christian Louboutin heels. When she came out I gasped.

Orochimaru grinned, "Elie Saab Couture, high-waist with tulle, perfect."

As Tenten went back into the change room I could not help but envy her. That was a genius dress. I love Elie Saab, his stuff is classic red carpet 'wow'. I pushed my blonde hair out of my eyes and shifted slightly on the tall stool.

Orochimaru motioned for me and I stood in front of him, "Danzo, this is the blond beauty I was telling you about."

Danzo looked me up and down and all over and finally he grinned, "you missed your calling, girl. You could have been a model!"

"She's too smart to be a model," Orochimaru said lightly, his dark eyes flickering to my own pale complexion.

Danzo nodded in agreement and he pulled out a beautiful white flowing Alexander McQueen dress. It was cut so that the front was just above the knee and the back was down by my ankles. I twirled once and everybody sort of nodded in consideration.

Sai spoke up, "Ino-chan looks good, but it's not stunning." I blushed in return and smiled sweetly at him. He winked and went to get another dress.

"Get me the Hilary Swank dress!" called Danzo.

Orochimaru had an entirely different vision, "get me the feathered Marchesa dress!" Danzo looked shocked for a moment and then grinned. I knew why the Hilary Swank dress wasn't for me, it was because my eyes didn't pop. Orochimaru loves the eyes, they're his favourite feature.

I tried on the Hilary Swank dress first and gave a light twirl. Orochimaru smiled, "beautiful, Ino, but your eyes." All the Oto Jutsu interns and employees nodded in understanding.

I went back in and got into the Marchesa dress. I didn't have huge boobs like Sakura or Tsunade, so this actually hugged my figure quite nicely. I stepped out and immediately Sai came over with a pair of Cesare Paciotti heels. I gushed, I loved Cesare Paciotti!

"This is the dress for you," Tenten said as she fixed my hair and I stood in the mirror.

A familiar light headed curtain of hair peeked around the corner, "Yamanaka-san?" he said. Sai stepped in front of me so he wouldn't see my dress.

I grinned, "Hozuki Suigetsu, how good to see you." Orochimaru looked affronted at him even showing up. You see, at one point Hozuki Suigetsu had worked under Orochimaru and rumor has it he under went some 'experimental' plastic surgery and he now has to consume extraordinary amounts of water to keep from being dehydrated.

"You look great," he nodded, "and here are the RSVPs, don't mind Sas-gay's request at the bottom there, ok, luvs?"

Tenten grinned and nodded, "see you later, Hozuki-san."

He then trotted off back out of the studio.

Sai stood beside me with a well placed bland, indifferent look on his face, "Well, that certainly was interesting wasn't it." My eyes narrowed, what were Sasuke and Karin plotting?

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