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Harry Potter and the Dragon Storm

Episode I


It was one of those rare days, that today, Harry James Potter the reluctant forth occupant of Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England, was left outside in the green lush grass of the back garden undisturbed. He lay on his back on the neatly cut grass, watching the fluffy white clouds drift by.

The piercing blue morning sun lit the bright summer's sky. Harry was amusing himself making out shapes in the wispy and fluffy clouds that reminded him of his world: the World of Magic.

His brilliant emerald green eyes sparkled in the brilliant bright sun light, as his black messy, unruly hair drifted about lazily in the light breeze. His full height giving him about 5ft 7 inches.

The world where he belonged, a place where he was not hated, not shunned or ignored, where he has friends and people who care for him. Harry James Potter was not like his Aunt Petunia Dursley, or his Uncle Vernon Dursley, and definitely nothing like his horrid cousin Dudley Dursley, who liked nothing more than to pick on people smaller than him self, which just happened to be nearly everyone else.

Unfortunately, for Harry Potter, he was quite a lot smaller than the huge Dudley, who reminded Harry of a baby whale, with a fair mop of blond hair plastered against his head. Harry was small and thin, when he came home to the Dursley's for the summer holidays Harry was not fed much, therefore he lost quite a few pounds every year.

He wore glass's that had often been broken, mainly by Dudley, but Harry's appearance was not the reason he is hated by his reluctant and selfish relatives.

Harry was despised by them because he's a Wizard, who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry has only been back from school for just a few weeks and tomorrow was the 31st of July, his 15th birthday. He was not expecting much, especially from his relatives, who usury just ignored his birthday, and had never even given him a birthday card, so he really wasn't looking forward to his birthday.

Harry had been hoping that he could have gone to his best friend Ron's house for the rest of the summer, and hoped that he would have been allowed by now. He had sent a few letters to Professor Albus Dumbledore th Headmaster of Hogwarts School, asking whether he could leave Privet Drive and go to Ron's house, The Burrow. Alas, Professor Dumbledore had said that under the certain circumstances that it would be unwise to leave the protection of Number 4 Privet Drive.

He had no clue what these so-called protections might be, because they most certainly don't work against the Dursley family. In fact, Harry had often wondered whether these protections are just the imaginings of the old headmaster's senility. But what can he do, he is only fifteen tomorrow, and is far from powerfully enough to go against Dumbledore's orders.

This was all in part due to the resurrection of the Most feared Dark Sorcerer for over 200 years, Lord Voldemort who had captured Harry just a few months ago, and with the assistance of his cowardly servant, used Harry's blood to be resurrected into a new body, believing that Harry's blood would make him stronger than if he were to use any other enemies. But Harry had fought Voldemort and had escaped the vial, less than human Dark Mage.

"Boy!" called an angry Uncle Vernon from the house.

Harry sat up in surprise and looked over at the massive whale of a man with a bushy greying moustache twitching angrily, as it always did when he spoke to Harry, or rather yelled since he doesn't know how to speak civilly when in the presence of a wizard. He stood in the doorway at the back of the house that leads to the back garden, blocking entrance with his hulking form.

"What?" Harry called back in annoyance with a sigh. He gets so little free time here, outside. If he were allowed to use magic outside of school, he would hex the git, or turn him into a slug. He held back from smiling at the thought of the fat giant of a slug his uncle would become.

"You know what Boy!" Uncle Vernon announced loudly. "Dudley's having his school friends and most of his class over for a barbecue today."

Harry had just remembered Aunt Petunia telling him this and that he was to stay in his bedroom out of the way, and not show his face, or do any funny business as she called it, referring to Magic. Though they all new perfectly well that he was not allowed to perform magic out side of school until he is seventeen, which in the Wizarding world is when a young man or woman came of age.

Adulthood, he could barely wait most day. Then he'll be able to escape this dump, and no foolish old man could stop him. 'Hmm… maybe I'll go on holiday,' he asked him self in thought as he had never to this day been on a vacation. He figured with a 'family' like his by the times he's of age he'll need at the least a years vacation.

"Oh yeah, I forgot" said Harry getting to his feet, and walking back towards the back door where uncle Vernon was still standing huge and menacing ass in the door frame. "Best stash my self away in my room then, and pretend I don't exist." He added with a barely concealed roll of his eyes, as Uncle Vernon moved out of the way with a sneer.

"And remember, Boy: stay in your room and no funny business." Vernon Dursley's enormous voice doomed dangerously after him, as he walked through the back door and into Aunt Petunia's spotless, sparkling and surgically clean kitchen, which he ignored and continued to his bedroom.

'Today's going to be one hell of a boring day.'


Harry was just laying on his back on his bed, trying to read a new book about some Wizard Warrior called Lord Xzodia; which he had brought from Diagon Ally the year previously, and which he never got around to reading before because he was too busy worrying about being killed in the Triwizard tournament. It was something that he wasn't even supposed to have been in, and was entered by a Death Eater; one of Lord Voldemort's followers under orders to make sure Harry wins the tournament. Unfortunately, Harry drew with another Hogwarts student Cedric Diggory who was killed.

The Horrors still haunt him of that event.

Harry has been having nightmares about it ever since. He had barely escaped and brought Cedric's body back. When Harry and Dumbledore had told Cornelius Fudge Minister for magic, that Voldemort had returned from the dead or near dead, he just completely denied it and stood firm in the belief that Harry was a liar and attention seeker.

It was completely untrue, all Harry wanted was to be happy and not have some psychotic Dark Lord after him, and there wasn't even a mention of it in the Daily Prophet; the British Wizarding newspaper. Though the Daily Prophet had been ever since the summer holidays started, been telling untruths about Harry and Professor Dumbledore, attempting to discredit them both.

Though to be honest Harry didn't care what they said about Dumbledore, and was convinced that some of the stuff said about the old man might actually be true since the old fool has lost a lot of his trust recently. But he was quite peeved at the crap they have been writing about him, and has been wondering whether he could sue the jerks and the newspaper for slander or something.

He was pretty sure the rubbish the Prophet has been printing is the Minister of Magic's doing. The foolish minister is probably threatening them or something. Most likely said they'll loose their publishing licence or some such nonsense.

Harry sighed as he could hear the talking from down stairs; in the garden. All of Dudley's classmates as well as some of their family members. The Dursley's often tried to get in with anyone they could, as long as they are 'normal.' Harry wondered whether all of those people would be so friendly towards the Dursley's if they knew how they treated their orphaned nephew, Magician or not. Harry was sure most of them wouldn't care about having magic in their families.

What he wouldn't give to actually have a family. The Dursley's don't seem to realise what they have and let their jealousy and arrogance get the best of their weak little minds. He wondered how they would react if they have another child in the future and he or she turned out to have magic. Probably try to dump the kid of on him he figured. Not that he wouldn't take it, because he would do anything to stop another innocent kid from being treated the way he has.

The smell of delicious food being cooked on the barbecue drifted up the stairs and through Harry's bedroom window, even though it was shut tight and his room was at the front of the house.

He felt the hurt as his stomach growled loudly. Harry never got fed property at the Dursley's, which was why he was so thin. It seemed like a cruel and unusual punishment having to smell all of that delicious smelling food and not get any for him self. He groaned in annoyance, there was no-way he'll be able to read his book now. So he threw it onto his bedside table.

Then Harry almost fell out of bed startled when there was a knock on his bedroom door. So he got up with a frustrated glare at the door and opened it.

He was shocked, surprised and a little pleased to see a girl on the other side. She has long dark brown hair tied back into a ponytail, and pail hazel eyes about the same height and age as him, maybe a little shorter. She was wearing a pale blue top that accentuated her nice sized bust, and a black skirt hanging half-way down her smooth thighs, showing off her beautiful legs.

She was a very pretty girl with full pouty lips that smiled at him, giving a sparkle to her eyes. He felt his mouth had opened slightly at the sight of her and quickly closing it and offering her a smile in return.

"Hi there," she said as her lips spread from her smile into a grin. "I'm Amanda... You must be Dudley's cousin," she asked then her grin turned into a frowned. "You don't look ill? What's your name? Your aunt, uncle and Dudley won't tell me, they kept changing the subject."

"Harry," he replied in amusement. He held back a smirk, trust his 'relatives' to make such a lame excuse for his absence considering someone might have sort him out as this girl had, and discovered it to be a lie. And what harm would it have been to tell people his name? He sighed with a shake of his head.

"It's nice to meet you," she suddenly said breaking him out of his thoughts and holding out her hand, and they both shook, a little longer than necessary as he admired the softness of her skin. "Can I come in, you look like you could use some company, and no offence but I would rather hang out with you than with that moron Dudley."

Harry laughed. He wouldn't have been offended if she had said she wanted to kill them all, something he had sometimes thought about doing him self. Its no wonder Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort turned out so bad, if those he lived with were half as bad as the Dursley's are. Harry had even contemplated what his Dark Lord name would be. Something cool, unlike Voldemort's name. Plus, he wouldn't be stupid and kill muggle-borns, nope. He would have them in his army too, and be even more powerful than Voldemort ever was. Yep.

"Well I would rather hang out with a Coven of Vampires than that jerk," he told her in honest amusement as he stepped a side to let her in.

She giggled with a wide grin as she walked in and she sat down on his bed. His cheeks went slightly red as he shut his bedroom door, when he saw her looking round his room at his mess. Luckily, he didn't have any spell books out or anything of the magical variety, though she seemed the sort that wouldn't care.

"You don't look like a criminal?" Amanda suddenly asked and commented as she looked up at him with a smile.

Harry laughed as he remembered that his Uncle Vernon had told everyone that he went to a reform school for criminal's boys. Maybe it would be more believable if he said Dudley went to one, even if only half the rumours about him are true.

"Well I'm not," he answered with a shrug, though there are some other people in his world and his that would disagree. "If you want to meet a criminal you should go back down to Dudley," he added rolling his eye comically, and Amanda almost chocked on her giggle. "He's always picking on the little kids around the neighbourhood, because he's a fat idiot. Takes after his dad I think!" they both laughed and she patted the bed beside her for him to sit down, which he did with a tired sigh.

"So why did you come if you don't like him?" Harry asked in curiosity, wondering why a hot girl as her would ever associate with his cousin outside of school hours.

"My parents came and they made me," she said with an annoyed frown, and seeing him frown added. "He's in my class, but my dad dose business with his dad or something like that."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear it," he chuckled giving her a sympathetic shrug.

"They seem to be treating you like crap, and I hated them before."

"Yeah, but I don't care. I guess I'm used to it," he shrugged with a grin ignoring her slight wince. "If they got hit by a bus I'll be the first to dance naked on their graves though," they both laughed, and she eyed him up and down with a small smile and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

"Why don't you come down stairs with me?" Amanda asked hopefully and Harry shook his head at the mere thought. "Please," she begged with puppy-dog eyes, pouting cutely. "It will keep that idiot Dudley away from me; I think he fancies me," she shuddered at the thought before continuing. "If I'm hanging out with you? He probably won't bother me anymore?"

"Yeah probably, but they'll give me one hell of a shouting at when everyone's gone," he chuckled actually considering it just to see the look on Dudley's face when the girl he fancies is with the 'freak'.

"Come on. I want to see his pudgy face when I kiss you in front of everyone," she said going faintly scarlet in the face, but not as much as Harry. They were both very embarrassed at her openness.

"You want to kiss me?" Harry braved gulping. "To piss off my Piggy cousin?"

"Well that and you're really cute," she said going even redder with embracement… but not as red as Harry is.

After Harry had calmed down a little, he was actually considering this reckless move, to annoy his 'relatives.' Though, his teenage hormones just wanted the make out session. Then it just clicked why not? Plus he'll get to kiss the girl, and the heroes are supposed to get the girl. In addition to that, he's freaking bored, and when he's bored he almost always does something reckless.

"OK," he suddenly heard coming from his own mouth before he could stop himself.

To Be Continued…

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