"Tony!" shouted Ziva David from her desk in the NCIS bullpen. Anthony DiNozzo, although sitting only ten feet from her, ignored her for the fifth time.

"Tony, will you please take off your phones and listen to me?" she said, getting more agitated by the second.

"Ok, Zee-va." Said Tony, taking off his headphones to face his colleague. "First off, they're headphones, not just phones. Second, we don't have a case, so I'm sure that Gibbs won't mind…"

"Gibbs won't mind what, DiNozzo?" said Gibbs, walking down the stairs directly behind where Tony's desk was placed.

"Oh, boss." Said Tony, sitting up and taking his feet off from his desk. "I was just saying that since we haven't got a case, then listening to music shouldn't be a problem."

Gibbs didn't say anything, but slapped the back of DiNozzo's head.

"So I guess it is a problem?" said Tim McGee, laughing from his desk at his colleague getting slapped yet again from their boss.

"Oh, shut up, Probie." Tony said, getting on his computer to play a game of solitaire.

Ziva and McGee continued laughing, but were soon interrupted by the director, Jenny Sheppard, walking into the bullpen with a young girl and a young boy following close behind.

"Tony, I think I need to speak with you." Jen said, walking up to Tony's desk.

"If you have something to say to my agent, you can say it all of us, Jen." Gibbs said, getting up from his desk to approach his ex-girlfriend.

"Fine." She said, now speaking to everyone, instead of directly to Tony. "Anthony DiNozzo, it seems…well, do you all see these children?"

Everyone nodded, except Tony who was examining the little kids.

The siblings looked around at the special agents cautiously, but stopped at Tony.

"Their names are Elynor and Zakary." Jen said, noticing that Tony and the children were still staring at each other.

As Elly and Zak were studying DiNozzo, Tony was noticing their appearance. The little girl had shoulder-length, brown curls and clear blue eyes. The young boy looked the same, only with about inch-long hair. They both looked about three or four years old. The siblings were noticing that the man in front of them had the same color hair as them, and just as clear blue eyes.

"Tony, these are your children, Elynor Rose DiNozzo, and Zakary Thomas DiNozzo." Jen said.

Ziva choked on air. McGee's jaw dropped, and Gibbs chuckled. Tony just continued to stare at the children with no emotion on his face, and Elly and Zak stared right back.

About two whole minutes of silence later, Tony finally spoke up, but without breaking his gaze.

"H-how old are y-y-you guys?" he asked her, bending over his desk to talk to them at their eye level.

"Free and a half." Zak replied, while Elly was holding up three fingers.

"And…w-who is your m-m-mommy?" Tony said, still stumbling over words.

"Well, their mother was Kelly Monusko. They both look just like you, wouldn't you say so, Tony?" Jen said.

"Yes, I can see it." Said Ziva, walking over to where the little children continued to stare at Tony. "You three are most definitely related." She said with confidence.

"W-wait." Said Tony, standing up, remaining behind his desk. "What do you mean Kelly was their mother?" he asked Jen, finally getting a hold of himself.

"She got into a car accident, Tony." Jen answered. "And Ms. Monusko's Will states that if she were to die, then Elynor and Zakary would go into your custody, Tony."

"So, you're my…son and daughter?" Tony said, coming around his desk. He squatted down to see into their beautiful blue eyes.

"Yeah, but its ok if you don't wanna be our daddy 'cuz my mommy's boyfriends didn't wanna either." Zak said, putting his head towards the ground. Elynor started to cry.

"Hey, hey." Tony said, putting his knuckle underneath both of his children's chins so they would face him. "Of course I'll be your daddy, guys."

Then Zak's head snapped up and he and Elly leaped onto Tony's lap to give him a huge hug. As he hugged them back, Tony realized just how happy he was. Ziva, who had a clear view of Tony's face, noticed that he was indeed crying, as she suspected.

"I wuv you, daddy." The kids said in unison, forcing an 'aww…' from the rest of Tony's team.

"I love you too, Elynor and Zakary DiNozzo." Then he pulled away from his daughter and son and picked them both up, looking at his fellow agents, he said, "Looks like Abby is going to be a babysitter today."

"I'ze not a baby!" shouted Elly, looking at Tony with her face all scrunched up. The whole team began to laugh as Tony and his children headed for the elevator.