Zak and Elly both went to college to become doctors, and ending up forming their own practice. They called it, DiNozzo & DiNozzo. Really original, huh?

Zak ended up marrying his high school sweetheart, Heather. Together they had three kids; Adam Anthony, Tyler Timothy, and Lucille Ziva. Zak planned it so that his three children had the same first letter as his little brothers and sister.

Elynor married a man that worked with her and Zak, Michael Anderson. They had two girls, twins. Zoey Jennifer and Emily Lilian. Elly, like her brother, named the kids for her and Zak's first initial.

Tommy and Alex never married, but eventually made it on television with their own show. It's kind of like Fear Factor with two brothers as hosts. Guess who the two brothers are?

Lily however, ended up working with her mom and dad at NCIS. Gibbs eventually retired, leaving Tony as the leader of the team. Lily joined, and who better to take a DiNozzo's spot than another DiNozzo? Lily also ended up marrying Ricky, Tim and Abby's child. Together they had a little girl, Kelly Lynn.

When Kelly Lynn was six years old, Ricky was sent to Iraq and killed in the line of duty. Lily still hasn't recovered, but it raising Kelly in memory of Ricky.

Tony couldn't believe that his little 'pumpkin' was now a McGee. He thought it would bother him, but as it turned out, it didn't.

The End

Oh! I almost forgot! Even though Abby still works in the lab, now she had a new assistant. Miss Aurora 'Rory' McGee.

Now it's the end. Or is it? Do I smell a sequel?