Chapter Seven


Lord Zeus Throne World

A Few Hours Later

Themis and Helios waited patiently outside Lord Zeus main audience chamber, waiting for their master to be ready to see them. They both knew that Lord Zeus had much to occupy his time – especially with the shol'vahs that called themselves the Jaffa Nation constantly pushing at their borders seeking to liberate their fellow Jaffa. Though both Goa'uld would have thought the Jaffa would have long ago learned that there was no way for them to 'save' the implanted Jaffa in their service, but the Jaffa Nation was nothing if not stubborn.

"Seems you have a fair few problems, Helios," Lee Adama said softly from his mental prison.

"Silence Human, we will deal with the traitors who've betrayed their gods soon enough,"Helios replied. "The conquest of your colonies and these Cylons will greatly help in our goal, and you will gladly serve and worship us as your gods."

"We will never worship you."

"Brave words I have heard them before, from many worlds before we conquered them and they learned to worship us, you're rightful gods."

"It won't work."

"It will, you're people will be our servants again. I promise you."

"We'll see about that."

"Yes we most definitely will. Now leave me in peace."

"I never will, as long as you are in my body."

Themis eyed Helios carefully out of the corner of her eyes; she could tell that he was distracted. "Is there a problem, Helios," she asked.

"I'm fine, Themis," Helios replied. "This host is strong willed, he is proving an amusing challenge to break in."

"You're never going to break me you stupid frakker."

"Silence human."

"Frak you."

Themis shook her head. "I have no doubt you'll break him eventually," she said with a smile, though inwardly she was amused at the faint look of distraction in Helios eyes. She imagined that there was quite a battle of wills going on between Helios and his Human host, a battle she'd never had to fight, but then none of her hosts had been particularly strong willed or defiant, like the Human Helios had taken.

A sound like a loud gong being run echoed through the hallway at that moment, both Goa'uld stood up and turned to look at the massive doors to their master's audience chamber. Slowly the huge doors opened until they were wide enough to step through. Themis and Helios started walking, stepping out of the corridor into the chamber.

It was a cavernous chamber, stretching nearly thirty metres from the doors to the dais where Lord Zeus and Lady Hera sat on their thrones. The walls were cut of white marble inlaid with intricate patterns of platinum and gold, the floor was heavily polished white marble. Large crystal windows angled the bright sunshine of Olympus into the room filling the air with a platinum-coloured haze. Above the dais was a large done that used a series of mirrors and artificial amplification devices to direct a intense white light down on the two golden thrones on which sat the strongest of the remaining System Lords and his queen.

In respectful silence Themis and Helios crossed the chamber, their footsteps echoing in the chamber. It seemed to take an eternity for them to cross the distance to the steps up to the dais, arriving they both went down on one knee and bowed their heads waiting for their master to acknowledge them.

"Rise," Zeus ordered as he studied his servants. It was good to have Helios back in his service after nearly two years without his formidable tactical skills thanks to those insolent, cursed Tok'ra captured him and deprived him of his host. A crime that never ceased to fill him with rage whenever he thought about it, and if he could have found the Tok'ra's main base he would have made them pay dearly for it. Pushing aside his anger he forced himself to concentrate on the moment as his lieutenants stood up.

"You have both served us well," Hera said speaking up. "Helios it is good to see that you have a new host at last, and a most attractive one at that."

"Thank you, my lady," Helios replied.

"Helios, when we spoke earlier you mentioned that there was another player to consider with regards to Athena's followers. What did you mean?" Zeus asked.

"There is another race in the area, my lord," Helios answered. "A race of sentient robots called Cylons. They we're created by the Colonials seventy years ago and fifty years ago rebelled against their creators. After ten years of war the Cylons and Colonials agreed a truce, the Cylons have not been encountered by the Colonials since."

"Interesting," Zeus said. "If these Cylons still exist then they could be of great use to us."

"It is possible that they do still exist my lord, the Colonials certainly believe that they do. I believe it is worth our investigation, if they are still around then the Cylons should be relatively easy to conquer and reprogram. It would go a long way towards making your master plan come to fruition milord."

"Indeed," Zeus agreed and considered for a few moments. If this race of robots did still exist and could be conquered then much might become possible. With appropriate upgrades the conquest of both the Cylons and the Colonials would certainly go a long way towards making his plans for the galaxy come to pass, plans the no one not the Free Jaffa, not the cursed Tau'ri not even the mighty Asgard would be able to stop.

"Very well," he said at last. "Helios I would like you to take a Ha'tak and search out these Cylons."

"And when I find them, my lord?"

"Access their strength, once you have that information contact me and I will dispatch reinforcements," Zeus ordered. "You are not to challenge them alone if you can avoid it."

"As my lord commands," Helios replied bowing his head. "If it is your will I will leave immediately."


"As my lord commands," Helios answered with another bow. Then he turned and walked back across the cavernous audience chamber and left to board one of Zeus' motherships.

Zeus watched Helios leave before turning to Themis. "Themis," he said.

"Yes my lord?"

"Begin bringing the prisoners down from you're Ha'tak. Select and isolate the fittest and strongest for conversion into new Jaffa."

"And the rest my lord?" Themis asked.

"Turn them over to Thanatos for work in the mines."

"As my lord commands."

President Adar's Office

Caprica City, Caprica

That Same Time

President Richard Adar stared at Admiral Antonio Nagala in shock, completely stunned by what the Fleets most senior officer had just told him. Nagala had just informed him of the attack by unknown forces on the cruiser Olympia and the battlestar Solaria, an attack that had killed thousands especially when the Solaria exploded. The attack and the loss of life filled him with fury but what had him really surprised were two things one that the attackers had used only a single warship, and two the ship had used some sort of energy weapons – something every reputable scientist in the Colonies agreed to be the stuff of science fiction.

"Are you sure the attackers were not Cylons," he asked. "And are you sure they were energy weapons?"

"All the evidence we have so far supports the conclusion that they were aliens, Mr President," Nagala replied. "There are bodies of alien troops from the Solaria, there currently being off loaded from the Pegasus at Picon. Medical personnel will begin autopsies shortly. We've also begun examining the weapons the aliens had with them," Nagala paused knowing what he had to ask next would not be popular with Adar. "Sir I would like you're permission to pull Doctor Baltar off the CNP project and put him to work examining the alien weapons."

Adar frowned slightly. The Central Navigational Program was one of the core projects in his governments defence plans, a project already behind schedule due to protests from Colonial Fleet Command he didn't really want to delay its implementation any further.

"May I ask why admiral," he asked. "Surely you have other specialists available to you."

"Yes sir we do," Nagala replied. "But by all accounts Doctor Baltar is one of the greatest scientists of the current generation – even his detractors admit that. His input and analytical skills could prove very useful in understanding the alien technology, and we need to understand it if we're to defend against it if and when the aliens return."

Adar frowned. "Do you really think that is likely admiral?"

"Yes sir I do, the aliens have seen that our cruisers and battlestars are no match for them at present. There weapons whatever they are seem to rip right through our armour as if it doesn't exist. If they attack us now they could destroy our fleet and take or destroy all twelve colonies with relative ease."

Adar shuddered slightly at Nagala's words, invasion and conquest of the Twelve Colonies was a nightmare prospect. One that he as president had to do everything in his power to prevent happening; his oath to protect the children of Kobol was one he took very seriously indeed. If giving Admiral Nagala Doctor Baltar would prevent the nightmare of an invasion coming to pass, then it would be worth it. His backers would just have to put up with the CNP project being subjected to further delays.

"Alright admiral you can have him," he said.

"Thank you, Mr President."

"I just hope it's worth it, admiral."

"I'm sure it will be sir."

"Now tell me do we have a report on the number of casualties sustained on the Solaria and Olympia yet?"

"Not yet, Mr President, they are still being compiled. But I can tell you its going to be very high."

"As soon as its complied I want to see it. I need to know just how many people we've lost."

"Yes sir, I'll make sure a copy is forwarded straight to your office."

"Thank you, admiral. Is there anything else?"

"No sir. If it's okay with you I'll take my leave now."

"Yes go."

Admiral Nagala nodded and left the office, leaving Richard Adar alone with his thoughts. Adar remained seated at his desk for a few moments before standing up and going to the window and looking out over the sprawling high-tech metropolis that was Caprica City, capital city of Caprica and the Twelve Colonies.

Looking at it the city seemed so vibrant, so strong and confident, so safe and secure in its power. It was hard to believe that there could be anything that could threaten the peace and prosperity that the Human race had enjoyed since the end of the Cylon War. But if Admiral Nagala was right then Adar knew that this could all be under threat from a powerful and hostile force, a force with power way beyond their own. We'll have to get the fleet ready to defend us with everything we've got as a people, he thought; with every advantage that we can give them, and just hope it's enough to stop an alien assault force.

An alien assault force, a force armed with weapons that were seemingly impossible. Even the very prospect sounded bizarre and like something out of pre-Cylon War fiction. Yet now they seemed to be facing a very real prospect of the fictional nightmare becoming a terrifying reality.

He became so lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice someone else come into the office, until that was a familiar pair of arms wrapped around him from behind.

"You look troubled, Richard," the voice of Laura Roslin said as she rested her head on his shoulder. In addition to being his secretary of education she had been his lover for the last few years, ever since he'd won a second term as president.

"I am, Laura," he replied softly putting a hand on one of Laura's.

"You want to talk about it?"

"I wish I could but I cant not yet."

Laura sighed slightly in irritation but put it aside, being so far down in the line of succession she was not cleared to know a lot of things. "How about dinner then?" she said. "That should take your mind off it."

Adar smiled. "That would be great," he said turning in place and giving his lover a kiss before they parted and walked out of the room together for the restaurant.

Colonial Fleet Headquarters

Picon, Three Hours Later

Rear Admiral Helena Cain tried her level best to ignore the butterflies of nerves fluttering about in her stomach as she followed a lieutenant down the corridors of fleet command. The summons to come here had not been unexpected she'd expected it given her battle group had been the one to respond to Solaria's call for help, but was unexpected was who she was to be meeting. She would not be meeting any old admiral, but Admiral Nagala himself. And that prospect was one of the few things in the whole of the colonies that could make her as nervous as she had been on her first day at the academy.

After a walk that seemed to take forever they arrived at the security checkpoint outside the main situation room. After submitting to a very thorough search to make sure they were not carrying any weapons, explosives, listening devices or anything else that could compromise Colonial security, they were permitted entry.

The situation room was an enormous circular, multi-tier facility that was hardened against every conceivable external attack. Around the edges of the room was a walkway overlooking row after row of consoles, that descended to a vaguely oval area in which sat a larger version of the chart table in a starships CIC. Indeed this room had many of the same functions as a CIC but on a much broader scale, from here the defence of all Twelve Colonies could be coordinated.

"This way admiral," the lieutenant who was her guide said. Helena nodded and followed the younger officer around the perimeter of the room to some steps that went right down to the central command area.

Admiral Antonio Nagala stood there at the table, though an older man his hair all silver and white; he was still extremely fit looking. He seemed to extrude confidence, wisdom and experience as well as formidable tactical skill. Helena had studied the combat tactics he'd developed and employed during his service in the Cylon War and knew him to possess one of the best tactical minds in Colonial history.

"Rear Admiral Cain, sir," the lieutenant said. Nagala turned in place to face them and Helena stiffened to attention and offered her superior a salute.

"Stand easy, admiral," Nagala said returning the salute. Helena obeyed instantly shifting into the at ease posture. "Given what you have seen I believe it is important that we speak."

"Yes sir," Cain replied.

"You saw the damage to the Solaria before she was destroyed as well as the damage inflicted on the Olympia by the same things that attacked the Solaria. How much of a threat do you believe these aliens pose to us?"

Helena Cain considered her answer carefully before framing her answer, while she believed that the aliens whoever or whatever they were did pose a threat it was difficult to truly quantify the nature of the threat.

"The aliens represent a grave threat to the colonies sir," she said at last. "There weapons appear to be immensely superior to ours, as evidenced by the fact that they disabled the Solaria without any apparent effort and before the Solaria could put up even token resistance. They appear to have a very advanced form of stealth technology that hides their ships from both dradis and the naked eye until they are ready to open fire.

Between their advanced weapons technology and the stealth technology they could probably settle into orbit of any of our planets and even land troops before we even knew they were there. There is evidence of this from when they boarded the Solaria without their landing craft being detected and challenged."

"That is a deeply concerning prospect," Nagala agreed inwardly shivering at the thought of a hostile force being able to casually penetrate the defences around the Colonies without engaging the fleet or the defence platforms, unless they wished to do so. Someone being able to breach their defences and hit the Colonies either with nukes or with ground forces should be impossible but here it was they seemed to be facing a force that could easily do it; a force that appeared to be more powerful and deadly than the Cylons ever were.

"Indeed, sir," Cain answered and she meant it, after all how could she fight someone or something she couldn't see until the very last possible moment when they were blowing your battlestar out from under you?

"I'm ordering the fleet to a heightened state of alert," Nagala said after a moment of silence.

"Yes sir, sir may I ask what you want me to do?" Cain asked.

"I have a special mission for you," Nagala replied. "I want you to survey the unexplored sectors immediately around our space searching for any sign of these aliens and where they come from. But let me be clear you are not to engage them unless you absolutely have no choice and you are to stay on our side of the armistice line, the last thing we need right now is trouble with the Cylons. Am I absolutely clear, admiral?"

"Yes sir," Cain answered both excited and disappointed by the orders, excited because she would be going to seek out the aliens that were threatening them, disappointed because she would not be allowed to engage them in combat and avenge the dead of the Solaria and the Olympia.

"Good," Nagala replied. "Lieutenant Stern will escort you out. Good luck admiral."

"Thank you, sir," Cain answered offering her superior a salute, Nagala returned it. Then the young rear admiral known throughout the fleet for her toughness turned and walked away, led and escorted by Lieutenant Stern – one of the many aides that Admiral Nagala had at his disposal.

Nagala watched the two of them until they left the situation room before turning his attention to one of the communications specialists working away on the innermost ring of consoles.

"Specialist," he said. "Transmit on all Colonial Fleet frequencies, priority one. All ships to go onto heightened alert status, the Colonies are now on defence condition amber."

"Yes sir," the specialist replied swallowing a little before turning to his task. Defence condition amber was the highest possible level of alert and military preparedness the Colonies could go on without going to condition red – which was a declaration of war something with could only be ordered by the president himself.

An alarm sounded throughout the fleet command complex, alerting everyone to the change in alert status. Admiral Nagala turned away and looked at a map of all four solar systems that housed the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. It was his job to protect all of them from this unanticipated new threat, from a completely different direction to where the bulk of Colonial military forces were traditionally deployed along the armistice line with the Cylons. Somewhere where they had always thought any new threat would come from.

Looking at the man as it currently was he sighed softly, knowing that with current fleet deployment he would not be able to guarantee sufficient protection for the Colonies beyond the home defence units and the orbital defence platforms. Something that would not be enough given what they knew about the capabilities of this unknown but obviously far more technologically advanced foe. We're going to have to redeploy the fleet, the thought before turning to another comm. specialist.

"Get Admirals Hallman and Pexman in here," he said. "We've got some work to do."

"Yes sir."