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It was cold, so cold you couldn't even feel your toes... And dark, so dark you couldn't see your nose in front of your face... a dark dusty path, that lead seem to be leading to nowhere was the only thing visible... there wasn't even a sign of life nowhere... well, except for—.

"ACHOO! W-w-why is it s-s-s-so c-co-co-cold? H-how d-did I g-g-get h-h-he-here? Wh-where IS he-here?" Said the voice, of a 14 year old boy, clad in an orange and white outfit. His name was Chiro. Leader of the monkey team, the one who destroyed the dark one, and put an end to the Skeleton King, and many others who wished to do those who we're good hearted wrong. He lives with the monkey team, but for some odd reason... he was all alone, in dark scary place, following the dark mysterious path that was in front of him.

"MONKEY TEAM?!" He shouted again, and again, hoping his comrades would hear him... but sadly, was having no luck what-so-ever. Just as he was about to call it quits, he saw something up ahead. Curiosity getting the best of him, the child continued to make his way towards whatever it was he was seeing. When he got close enough...

"Holy Shuggazoom!" the 'thing' he saw, just happened to be a city, covered in dark thick vines. It didn't look to old at all, it just looked like the plants apparently were fast growers around this place! Still listening to his curiosity more than his reason, Chiro continued forward, and went into the strange city.

As he entered the village entrance, Chiro's jaw dropped in shock. The place was cover in vines from head to toe, and it even had moss growing here and there. There were wild flowers hanging on some of the vines, and even some buried deep within the mosses. Some of the windows were slightly cracked, and some had holes with shattered glass around the outside and in, but all the other were just fine, and looked as though they were brand new. The doors were a tad on the dusty side, and some were slightly ajar, but the rest were as shiny as the stars in the glowing night sky. It may have been covered in moss, but the town looked as though it'd been built yesterday, and that it just had a slight problem photosynesis gone awry, with a few unknown broken windows.

"I wonder what happened to all the people?" Chiro asked, as he wandered in silence for a moment, before coming upon a building that looked to be a church. Curiosity STILL getting the better of him, the young child made his way towards the entrance of the mysterious building. Reaching the top of the steps, he found that the doors were slightly open, with just some vines here and there on the handles. Using all his strength, Chiro pushed the heavy metal door open, and found just what he thought he would inside of the strange place. Behind the strange doors, was a moss covered room, with some vines hanging here and there. There were rows of chairs neatly set beside on another in two different columns, and at the front of the room, was a picture of a man. He was in all white robes that appeared to be somewhat baggy, but they looked comfortable all the same. The man had bluish white skin, and plum colored hair that flowed over his shoulders slightly. His eyes were closed, so you couldn't see his eye color, but he had a gentle look on his face that showed kindness, and sincerity. In his hands, that were held up high in the air above his head, were three glowing objects that couldn't be seen really well, due to the bright glow surrounding them. Curiosity getting the best of him once again, Chiro opened the doors to the church like place wide, and walked up to the platform, where the painting was. When he finally reached it, he got a closer look at the glowing objects floating in the sky.

Above the man's head were three oddly shaped crystals.

The one on the left side was as white as snow, and taking the form of a sleek looking tiger, with the symbols 'Grace and Mystical' glowing above it in hot pink.

The one on the right side was a dark sunset orange color, and taking shape of a powerful wolf, with symbols, just like the tiger had, but instead, these said 'Powerful and Swift' and they were written in a brilliant shade of royal blue.

And the one was both as white as snow, and a dark sunset orange, in the shape of a wise looking monkey. For its symbols, it was declared as, 'Cunning and Brave' in a bold forest green.

"This is way to weird..." Chiro whispered to himself, reaching up one hand to touch the paintings of these mysterious crystals, "Why do I have the feeling... that I've seen these somewhere before?" He whispered, his eyes never once leaving the painting of the man and the three crystals.

As he continued to stare at the weird painting... a black portal opened from behind him. Chiro sensed it, and turned, just in time to see a man, wearing a black robe that covered his face and entire body, step out of it.

"Wh-Who are you?" Chiro asked, as his voice quavered in fear... The man said nothing, only continued to walk forward towards Chiro, who was immediately backing up as far away as possible, only to lose hope, when he backed up to the painting...

"What do you want?" Chiro asked the figure, who just kept coming closer. Once he was only an inch away from Chiro, he stopped... Chiro was about to ask again who this mysterious person was, but surprisingly, the figure beat him to it.

"One..." As soon as the figure's raspy cold voice whispered this, it confused the poor child, only to have Chiro gasp in fright and shock when a black coffin shaped board appeared behind him.

"Two..." as soon as this word escaped the figure's unseen lips, two sets of shackles appeared out of nowhere on the black board, and trapped Chiro's hands and feet, making the poor boy struggle...

"Three..." After this was said, the figure held up a single hand, which was now revealed as a green scaley hand, with claws as red as blood itself that began to glow an scary shade of pure black. Chiro was about to scream for help, but found his voice gone, unable to say anything... as he tried, the figure's hand suddenly shot forward, and dug into the young hero's chest painfully. Chiro couldn't speak any words... but he could scream, which believe me... he did. He screamed bloody murder as the scaley clawed hand dug in his torso, searching for something... he continued to scream, until he felt the hand grasp onto something painfully... causing his scream to worsen even worse than before...

Just as the figure began to pull his hand back, however, Chiro heard a familiar voice.

"Wake up Chiro!" As the voice grew stronger, the child's eyes began to close...

-End Dream-

"Wake up Chiro! Wake up!" The voice belonged to no one other than Antauri himself, who was there by the sleeping child's side, shaking him to awaken the poor boy... After a few more moments of trying, he finally seceded as Chiro's sparkling baby blue eyes snapped open in pure terror, and fright, surprising the silver monkey greatly.

"Chiro? Are you alright?" Antauri questioned, while going next to Chiro, and placing a hand on the boys forehead. Chiro snapped outta his dazed look and turned to Antauri, his eyes still big and wide from the terrifying dream he just had. Before Antauri could ask the poor boy again, Chiro pulled the monkey into a tight embrace, afraid to let go. This startled Antauri for a moment, but he soon got out of the shock when he felt sticky tears on his shoulder, and began to help the child by hugging him back, while whispering calming words to him... hoping to calm the poor boy down.

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