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Chapter One

This Story begins with Joey and Seto having a huge fight then Joey storming out of the Manor and he walked the streets of Domino not knowing if he'd ever go back. He stops at a little bar, goes inside and here is Mai singing on a small stage and as Joey sits down and orders a drink and listens to the words of Mai's song it brings tears to Joey's eyes. When the song is over and Mai stands up to leave she notices Joey and walks over and sits down.

"What brings you to this side of town?" Mai asks Joey. Joey just drinks his whiskey and doesn't say anything. Then Mai takes his drink away and says again "what brings you here? Have another fight with your lord and master?" That brings Joey out of his funk and he stares at her and says "what business of yours if I come here to drink? I don't see your name on the sign outside, so leave me the hell alone!" Mai gives him back his drink and stands up to leave when Joey says "Mai, I'm sorry, I guess I'm feeling sorry for myself and I shouldn't of taken it out on you. Can I buy you a drink?"

Mai smiles at him and signals to the bartender to bring her a drink and as she sips her drink she asks "Joey, what the hell happened to make you come to a dump like this?" Joey looks at her and tears start falling down his face as he tells her "Seto and I are through for good this time, I caught him in a compromising situation with someone and I just walked out and well here I am." Mai reaches out and takes Joey's hand in hers and she says "hey, do you have anywhere to go for the night? If you don't why not come with me till you figure out what you're going to do."

As they walked to Mai's, Joey thought back on how he discovered that Seto had been cheating on him and he got so angry that he wanted to scream but then he knew that they could never go back to where they use to be because the look on Seto's face told Joey that he didn't want him anymore and so what the hell he'd just live alone. When they got to Mai's place and she opened the door and let him in, Mai then saw the forlorn look in Joey's eyes and went over and gave him a hug and one thing lead to another and they were kissing hot and heavy and then she said "Joey, we need to stop this, you're still in love with Seto and until you deal with that I don't want to be caught in the middle."

Joey sat on the couch and he said "Mai, there's no us anymore. Seto's made his decision and it doesn't include me anymore. He's had his fill of a cheap fuck and now he's with the person who he really loves and has thrown me to the side of the road." Mai sat down next to him and said "it might help if you tell me about it."

Joey closed his eyes as he told her "Seto and I were only together because he wanted a fuck buddy and nothing more even if he never really told me that. We had fun and lots of great sex but then today when I came home from visiting my dad, I found Seto in bed with Ryou and he was telling him that he really missed him and now that he is back to stay they could announce their engagement. I just closed the door and left and well here I am."

Mai then put her arm around Joey and gave him a hug and said "listen you'll stay here as long as you want no strings attached." Joey smiled at her and then he gave her a kiss and said "where do I sleep?" Mai laughed and then she said "in the spare bedroom and Joey, no one needs to know about this unless you tell them." So she showed him to the bedroom and as she walked to the door to leave she turned around and asked "what time do you get up in the mornings and what do you want for breakfast?" Joey walked over to her and taking her into his arms and he said "I really appreciate this and anything you make will be fine with me." Then he kissed her goodnight and as she left he went over to and laid on the bed and went cried himself to sleep.

Back at the Manor:

As Seto held Ryou in his arms after they had sex, Ryou asked "what about Joey, have you told him about me?" Seto kissed Ryou's nose and he said "Joey knew that there was nothing between us when we got together, that I didn't love him." Ryou sat up and looked at Seto and then he asked "but you never told Joey about us? Then if Joey came here and found us together it could of hurt him finding us like this couldn't it?" Seto took Ryou back into his arms and he told him "hey, Joey knew that we were only together for a good time and there were no strings attached so don't worry about Joey, come here and lets get some sleep because we have a lot to do tomorrow." Ryou wasn't very happy with the situation, but he did love Seto so he curled up in his arms and they went to sleep.

The next morning when Joey woke up he remembered last night and then he thought "if that's the way he wants it then it's alright with me." He got up and dressed and went to the kitchen to get some coffee and there stood Mai and she was wearing a small nightgown and then something happened, he started getting excited and that had never happened before and when she turned around and saw his condition she smiled and walked over to him and said "are you excited or is that a pair of socks in your pants?" The both started laughing and then she said "how are you this morning?"

Joey smiled at her and said "I'm going to be just fine now because I don't need him to validate my life, I'm better then that." Mai smiled and then she kissed him and well lets just say that they ended up in her bed and as Joey held her in his arms he made love to her and as they reached their climax's they screamed each others names out and skyrockets went off in their heads. When he eased out of her body and they laid there holding each other, Joey whispered "that's never happened to me before." She laughed as she lay with her head on his chest and she told him "it's a first for me too, where have you been all of my life?" They started laughing and then Joey started tickling Mai and as they wrestled on the bed the fell off onto the floor and laid there laughing and then Mai said "we'd better take a shower and get dresses, I'm hungry."

They made breakfast in between kisses and when they were done, Mai asked him "where are you going to live?" Joey smiled at her and then he told her "dad will let me stay there till I get a job and find a place of my own." Then Mai told him "hey, why live here? I know of a place where you could get a good paying job." Joey smiled as he kissed her hand and he said "you got yourself a room mate."

Joey got a job at the bar where Mai worked being the bartender and they began living together and they became close and soon it became apparent that Joey was falling in love with her and so after about three months he proposed to her and she accepted. They got married at the Justice of the Peace and news of their marriage reached Seto and he was furious because he and Ryou were having some personal problems because Ryou didn't approve how Seto used Joey only to toss him out when he came back to Domino. So now Seto wanted to break Joey and Mai up and make them as miserable as he was. Will he succeed?

What Seto didn't know was that Mai had some wonderful news to tell Joey that night when they got home and she prayed that he would be as excited as she was. When Mai told Joey that he was going to be a daddy, well you could hear him scream "I'm going to be a daddy!!! All over Domino."

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