"This isn't even your house!" Rosalie yelled.

"Don't yell at Bella!" Alice shouted at Rosalie.

"I know that it isn't!" Bella finally yelled back at Rosalie.

"Don't yell at Rosalie." Alice reprimanded.

"Alice, don't correct Bella." Edward said angrily.

"Stop arguing already!" I yelled at them. They instantly fell quiet, surprised at my sudden outrage. "We can't live like this." I mumbled. "You know what? Today is the day that we are going to put aside all of our differences. We are going to unite as a family should."

"But Bella isn't even a part of the family..." Rosalie mumbled.

"She is too!" Edward growled in her direction.

"Well maybe if you would just turn me into a vampire it wouldn't be up for debate..." Bella hissed at Edward.

"Stop! Just stop! I'm going to fix this. Wait here, nobody move." I ordered before ascending the stairs.

This was all that I had been able to listen to for the past week. All that they could do was argue lately. Carlisle and Esme had agreed that they were old enough to fix this themselves, but I was going to go crazy if I had to deal with another day of it. I slipped into Carlisle's office and picked up the Jenga box. Even if it was only a game, Carlisle had said that he had played it with little kids in the hospital. He said that it built a bond and made people more friendly. I didn't see how could this would work, but I didn't have the college degree and hundreds of years of experience the Carlisle had.

As I descended the stairs I could feel my sibling's eyes on me.

"What's that?" Jasper asked curiously.

"This is Jenga." I said, lifting the box up-side-down so that the building of tiles exchanged from the box to the table.

"And how is this supposed to fix anything?" Rosalie asked sourly.

"Carlisle swears by it so just play along." I said, grabbing and reading the instructions. "Only I don't think that it was intended to be played by so many people..."

Edward stood up. "I volunteer to not play."

"...so we'll pass the question around the table for everybody to answer." I finished.

Edward quietly took his seat beside Bella. This was how it usually went.

"No way." I corrected. "This is how everything begins. Then you pair off and battle with each other."

I considered the seating arrangement involving Bella and Rosalie sitting besides each other but thought better of it.

"Guys on one side, girls on the other. Jasper and Alice, go on opposite sides of the table in the middle and Edward and Bella, opposite sides on the side." I demanded.

Grumbling, they obeyed, placing themselves into the seats that I had asked. On one side of the table was seated me, then Jaser, and then Edward. On the other side was Bella, then Alice, and then Rosalie.

"Now the object of the game is to make sure that the tower doesn't fall. If it falls, you lose." I explained.

"And if we lose the game is over?" Edward asked. It was obvious that he just wanted it to end.

"Yes, but the one that loses also has to eat that apple." I added, pointing at the bowl of fruit on the table.

Edward chanced a look at Bella and she grinned.

"And the human will have to stay a human." I added, realizing that an apple wasn't a punishment for her.

Edward smiled and readjusted his seat. Alice was about to protest but Bella beat her to it. "That's unreasonable, Emmett!"

"Just don't lose, Bella." I said simply, looking at the table in front of us. "And now that we have set everything up and gone over the mechanics of the game... are we ready? Who wants to go first?"

Everyone looked around the table at each other until Edward finally groaned and reached to pull a block out of the tower.

"What does it say?" Alice whispered across the table.

Edward pointed towards a rather startled looking Bella. "Point out the most attractive person at the table."

Rosalie puffed up and Alice giggled.

"New rule." I groaned. "You can't pick your partner for complimenting questions."

"You never said that before." Edward challenged.

"But I said it now, didn't I?" I growled at him across Jasper.

"I think it sounds reasonable. Go ahead and pick someone else." Jasper asked calmly.

Edward considered the odds of winning the argument and then groaned, quickly jerking his finger in Rosalie's direction. She smiled and the resentment was visible in Bella's eyes. He shot me a glare before placing the block calmly on top of the tower. Alice's finger shot towards Bella and so did Jasper's. Rosalie pointed to Edward. I motioned towards Jasper and Bella pointed to me. Everyone at the table searched out who was pointing at who and I began to wonder when this bonding was about to take place. It was easy to see that Rosalie was most attractive, everyone was just making allies by complimenting friends.

Rosalie carefully pulled out a tile next.