Two large, chocolate-colored orbs gazed up at the magnificent archway: the entrance of Ouran High School. If the owner of the eyes, a slim girl with long brown hair, had possessed any awe or wonder for the magnificent school she had gained entrance to, her blank expression gave nothing away.

The gentle blowing wind caressed her face and caused a few strands of hair to dance against her back as she stepped forward onto the campus.

Her new black shoes, courtesy of the school, tapped noisily against the cobblestone pathway as she approached the school building where her classroom was located. Having already taken the school tour and equipped with a strong memory, she could easily navigate herself throughout the vast campus.

Haruhi tugged on one of the white cuffs of her yellow dress, another item that had been provided to her by the school. The school had issued her a pair of shoes, two uniforms, and all of the books for the courses she would be taking. She had been placed into Class A, despite her lack of pedigree, because she was considered a privileged student.

It was an unsurprising discovery to realize that she was one of the only students on campus. Each morning, the girl ensured that she had enough time to arrive at school, even if complications sought fit to arise. She wouldn't let something like an alarm clock failing to wake her up or missing the train hinder her from maintaining top scores in her classes and a perfect attendance.

The screeching tires, signaling the arrival of another student, caused her to toss a glance over her shoulder. A black limousine was parked directly in front of the school and Haruhi couldn't help but slide the cuff on her left wrist up to stare at the watch that had been concealed by the fabric.

'7:39,' Haruhi read. Classes started at 8:15 A.M.

She let the cuff drape across the cheap watch once more before turning back to the black limousine where a figure was emerging.

'Should I schedule an appointment for a new contact prescription?' Haruhi wondered to herself as she stared at the black clad figure in the distance. She couldn't make out if the person was a man or a woman by the scraggy mop of dark hair and – wait – was that a cloak?

Shaking her head to herself, Haruhi continued towards the main building and mentally promised herself that she would maintain an open mind. If the students at Ouran were anything like the one she had just seen, she would need to keep an open mind to deal with the eccentric figures she was sure to encounter.

She entered into the foyer and brought a hand up to cover her eyes. The lights were a bit too bright and the room seemed to glow a rosy pink. It looked more like a fancy tea parlor than a school building.

"Excuse me," came a gruff mumble from behind her and she quickly moved to the side, turning around to apologize to the person for blocking the way. She hadn't even noticed that there was anyone walking so close behind her.

"Sorry," Haruhi replied with an apologetic smile.

The speaker, a boy with red hair and fearsome eyes, merely blinked at her.

Haruhi turned to walk away, but was stopped as the boy called out to her.

"Yes?" Haruhi turned around to face him once more.

The boy's cheeks were a bit darker than normal as he muttered, "What's your name?"

"Fujioka, Haruhi," she introduced herself.

"I'm Kasanoda, Ritsu," he said, extending his free hand to her while bringing the one holding his schoolbag up to brush against the back of his neck.

Haruhi shook his hand, letting her smile widen. He somewhat reminded her of Arai, one of her friends from middle school.

Ritsu felt his cheeks darken.

"It's nice to meet you, Kasanoda-kun," Haruhi said. The two of them returned their hands to their sides after the introductions were complete.

Although socializing wasn't her number one priority in life, she wasn't going to turn the boy away.

"What year are you in?" Haruhi inquired.

"Year one," Ritsu replied, "Class D."

Haruhi looked thoughtful for a moment before stating, "I'm in Class A. The rooms are near one another, so let's walk together."

Ritsu nodded dumbly before trailing after the girl that was already walking away.


"Did you go here during middle school and elementary?" Ritsu asked as they stood in front of her classroom. He figured that since she was in Class A, she was probably one of those "stuck up rich kids." However, he had been taken aback by the way she smiled at him during their first meeting. Most people ran away in shock or fear while everyone else was paralyzed by his intense appearance.

After all, he was the heir to the most powerful yakuza group in Tokyo. He had been brought up to fight and intimidate others. His father's training had been successful. Everyone that the young redhead encountered was usually scared away. That wasn't the life Ritsu wanted. He wanted to be accepted, not feared.

"No," Haruhi said, interrupting his thoughts, "I went to public school and transferred here on a scholarship."

Ritsu looked surprised at that.

"Why did you want to come here?" he asked.

"I made a promise to someone," Haruhi replied, her features softening in the process. Ritsu couldn't help but think she looked pretty like that.

He blushed at the thought.

"I promised her I'd become a lawyer," she continued, "Attending this school will give me access to a better education and more opportunities in the future."

"Who'd you promise?"

"My mother," she replied, staring at him with an indescribable gaze.

Ritsu, considerate enough to understand the seriousness in her voice, didn't question further. Nobody talked in that tone or used that expression unless the person they were referring to was deceased or no longer around.

"My old man's making me go here," Ritsu added in, hoping to prevent an uncomfortable silence from forming between the two of them.

"Why?" his companion asked.

"Said I needed to learn who I'd be dealing with in the future," Ritsu said with a grin.

"What do you mean?" Haruhi inquired, looking a bit confused at his statement.

The redhead could only assume the brunette had no idea who his family was. He wasn't sure he wanted her to know either. However, he figured if she wouldn't accept him, then screw her.

However, he couldn't stop that little voice in his head from telling him the complete opposite.

"I'm heir to the Kasanoda family," Ritsu said before quickly adding, "the yakuza group."

"I see," Haruhi said, not showing any signs of surprise or fear.

"You're really okay with that?" Ritsu asked, surprised by her easy acceptance of the bit of information he had provided her with.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Uh..." Ritsu trailed off trying to think of a reason that wouldn't offend her, "no reason."

Haruhi shrugged it off and looked down the hall where a group of boys were noisily talking amongst themselves and several other students were beginning to appear.

"Class is going to start soon," Ritsu stated.

Haruhi glanced down at her wrist, tugging the cuff back to reveal her watch. He was right. There was just over ten minutes left until classes began.

"I'll see you later, then," Haruhi said with a kind smile.

Deciding not to ruin his so far successful first impression on the girl he had just become acquainted with, Ritsu only nodded his head in agreement with a slight blush staining his cheeks. After all, she had said later.

With a broad grin and his back turned to the female who was already disappearing into her classroom, Ritsu figured the school year wouldn't be as bad as he first thought it would be.

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