Naruto lay on his bed staring at his ceiling with a dead look in his eyes. His eyes were half closed and he had heavy set bags under them. He blinked once and then slowing sat up.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He trudged over to his unused desk in the corner of his room, and pulled out the chair as slow as ever and sat down.

He reached for a pen and some paper to doodle on. Once he had gotten the paper he put his head down on the desk and forced his pen to move and make unintelligible shapes and letters on the sheet in front of him.

Eyes still half closed he wadded the paper into a ball and attempted to throw it in the trash can by the door. The throw was lazy and the paper ball landed nowhere near the trash can he was aiming for.

He groaned as the ball rolled into the hall, knowing he would have to get up and throw it away properly.

"Kakashi…taking away my ramen and giving me vegetables instead was a very bad idea…" Naruto mumbled to himself.

Naruto had been off ramen for about three months now and as you could see it has been doing him no good. Ramen was like a drug to him, once he got off the 'high' he crashed. Big time.

He was no longer had his normal happy, hyper, and annoying attitude towards things.

"I will get you for this Kakashi…" Naruto mumbled to himself. He also made a note to get after Sakura too, for she was also one of the ones who had taken his precious ramen away from him.

He then quickly put it out of his mind when he remembered Sakura was not one he would want to trifle with in fear of getting his head dislocated from his shoulders.

He then heard an annoying loud knocking from his front door. He groaned again and yelled in a hoarse voice for the visitor to come in.

He heard heavy footsteps and wondered if it were giant that was walking around his house. It wasn't a giant but he was very close.

Chouji popped his head in and smiled. He walked in all the way and thrust a basket at Naruto.

Naruto raised his head from the desk and blinked, his eyes unbelieving.

"RAMEN!" Naruto yelled with new found energy and he immediately lunged at the basket containing the food.

Chouji was nearly trampled in Naruto's hurry to get to the kitchen. Chouji stumbled into the kitchen holding his head while Naruto poured boiling water into a cup of ramen.

"Man I knew you were desperate, but not that desperate." Chouji mumbled dropping into one of the chairs by the table.

"Yeah, I'm so glad you brought this…how did you know?" Naruto asked impatiently drumming his fingers on the countertop.

"I'm a food expert, I know things. And besides if you didn't get back to your normal self soon then you would be so screwed." Chouji said bring out a bag of potato chips.

"Okay, well that's great…" Naruto trailed off. He ripped off the sealing and scooped some ramen up with his chopsticks and shoved it in his mouth. He didn't even seem to notice that the ramen was to hot and that it burned his mouth a bit too much.

When he finally got the signal that the food was too hot he swallowed first and then opened his mouth to yelp.

Chouji put his hand in front of his face to stifle the laugh. Naruto fanned his open mouth in the attempt to cool it down. Once Naruto was done dieing from over heating he looked at Chouji and stared at him. Chouji stared back. But then both of the boys broke into hysterical laughter, leaning on each other for support.


After Naruto's stomach was full and Chouji had left, Naruto went back to his bedroom. He stopped in the hall and picked up the piece of paper he had attempted to throw into the trash can.

He got curious and opened the piece of paper to see what he had doodled because he could not remember anymore after the ramen fiasco. He un-wadded the ball and looked over the paper.

"Thirty ways to annoy Kakashi Hatake…" Naruto read slowly.

"…Oh my God! I can't believe I tried to throw this away! I am a genius without ramen!" Naruto shouted and then thought for second.

"But I'll never give you up ramen." He said and then crushed the piece of paper to his chest and ran for the door.


Sakura looked up from planting flowers in her garden when she heard Naruto shouting her name enthusiastically. She dropped the spade when Naruto rushed right up to her and shoved a piece of paper in her face.

"Naruto!" She yelled angrily and then punched him in the jaw.

"Urgh!" He grunted when he hit the ground.

"What is wrong with you? What did you do?" Sakura huffed and put her hands on her hips.

"The most amazing thing I have ever done in my life with ramen withdrawal." Naruto said, again trying to show Sakura what he had done.

Sakura sighed and took the paper from him and looked it over. Snickers where heard and Sakura put her gloved hand to her mouth to stifle the giggling.

"You made this?"

Naruto just nodded his head.

"I didn't even know I had done it either." He said shrugging.

"That's great…do you think we should show Sai and Yamato?" Sakura questioned.

Naruto held a disgusted look on his face but then it smoothed out into a grin.



"What did you want Naruto?" Yamato asked staring at Naruto and Sakura.

"Did you finally grow a dick?" Sai asked innocently with that fake smile plastered on his face.

Naruto shot Sai a nasty glare.

"I wanted to show you this." Naruto said pulling out the crumpled paper.

Yamato took the list and read over it with Sai reading over his shoulder. Sai stared with a blank face but Yamato started to laugh.

"I don't get it, was that" Sai pointed to the paper. "supposed to be funny?"

"Yes, Sai." Sakura said sighing.

"Oh." Was all he said.

"Anyway, who's going to carry out the first one on the list?" Sakura asked, snapping her eyes away from Sai and to the instead.

"I'll do it." Sai said raising his hand.

"Perfect, he wouldn't expect you to do something like this." Sakura said staring at the list in Naruto's hands.

"That's why I'm doing it."


Kakashi was awoken in the middle of his nap by a crackling sound. He raised an eyebrow and looked out his bedroom too his front door where the crackling sound was coming from.

He walked down the hall and looked around the front door to find the source of the crackling sound. When he looked down he saw a mysterious orange glow coming from the other side of the door.

"What the…?" He mumbled and then opened the door.

1. Make s'mores at his doorstep without offering him any.

He stared at the scene in front of him. Sai was crouched in front of a small fire with a stick over the fire. Upon closer inspection he could see a marshmallow stuck to the end of the stick with gram crackers and chocolate strewn around Sai in a circle. Needless to say, Kakashi was confused.

Sai was humming a tune to himself rocking his head in a steady rhythm.

"Sai…why are you making s'mores on my front doorstep…?" Kakashi was almost afraid to get an answer.

Sai just shrugged and continued humming.

Kakashi sighed. "Well since it's my doorstep can I at least have some?"

Sai shook his head no.

"Why not?"

Sai shrugged again.

Kakashi then looked into the fire and saw that Sai was burning something that looked like a couple of books.

Kakashi held a confused look. "Sai what are you burning?"

2. Tell him you're using his Icha Icha collection as fuel for the fire.

"Your Icha Icha paradise books." Sai said simply.

"…What?" Kakashi asked his face twisting into anger.

Sai just looked up at him and smiled.

Kakashi's eyebrows drew together and he started to pull out kunai and shuriken from his pocket pouch.

"You better run you little brat!" Kakashi yelled and charged at Sai.

Sai jumped up and avoided the attack and landed on Kakashi's lawn. Kakashi continued to throw weapons at the ANBU root ninja.

In the bushes Naruto and Sakura were hiding trying not to laugh while they filmed the whole scene.

3. Recorded him throwing shuriken at you.

"Man this is great." Naruto said trying to stifle a laugh.

"I know…Kakashi is so totally screwed when we show this to Iruka." Sakura said.

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