Gai woke up to a relatively peaceful morning. He could hear the birds singing in the background as they woke up from their slumbers of the night before.

"What a wonderful morning this is!" Gai shouted as he sprang from the bed and landed on his feet with agility, only making the slightest sound when his feet touched the carpeted floor.

He put his hands on his hips in a seemingly heroic stance as he always does. He nodded his head once and breathed deeply before spring to the bathroom for an early morning shower.

He showered quickly not wanting to waste anytime on his usual training schedule with his beloved student(s). When he was done he came sauntering out of the bathroom clad only in a towel.

He jumped slightly when he saw Naruto sitting on his bed. His eyebrows drew together when he noticed the absence of the young ninja's bright blonde hair.

"I didn't know that you sang in the shower." The now bold ninja stated.

"Of Course I do! I find much joy in it!" Gai said/shouted.

Naruto winced at the loudness of his voice.

"Now! What brings you here to my bedroom so early in the morning?" Gai continued.

Naruto winced again, but got over it quickly. He then opened his mouth to speak.

"I have a proposition for you from Kakashi…"

13. Tell Gai that Kakashi just challenged him to a race around the world in 24 hours, wearing nothing but loincloths.

Kakashi was strolling down the street with an arm load of groceries in one arm and in his other hand was his famous perverted book that he loved reading so much.

His face flushed in pleasure and a soft giggle escaped his lips. His giggling was cut short when he saw something running at him at an in-human pace. He inwardly groaned because he already knew the person in the dust cloud.

'Gai.' He thought with dread.

Gai stopped short of Kakashi. When the dust cleared Kakashi saw Gai in the good guy pose with his teeth pinging in the sun light. Kakashi continued to observe the over–enthusiastic man. His eyes widened in horror when he saw something he never wanted to see.

Gai in a loincloth.

Kakashi's jaw dropped in shock and he dropped his bag of groceries, breaking the glass of milk that was in there, consaqently spilling milk all over the dirt road.

"Kakashi! Are you ready for the challenge?" Gai said, moving out of good guy pose.

Kakashi didn't answer.

"Ah, dear rival. You need to get ready to we can start our race around the world!" Gai shouted in joy.

Kakashi was immediately shaken out of his awestruck stupor. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"Wha…race around the world…I never…how…who told you that?" Kakashi fumbled.

"Ah, it was youthful Naruto that relayed the information to me. Why I was so overjoyed by this challenge that I could not overlook it, and…" Gai continued to ramble on.

"Naruto." Kakashi mumble under his breath in a demonic way.

"How did you know that I liked loincloths so much that- huh? What did you say?" Gai asked.

"Naruto! I'm going to freaking murder you!" Kakashi yelled as he charged past Gai, kicking up dust as he flew past.

Gai turned his so fast and, almost on reflect, his arm shot and grabbed hold of Kakashi's shoulder. Kakashi struggled against Gai's stronghold.

"Now wait just a minute Kakashi, where do you think you're going. You challenged me to race and I intend to beat you!" Gai yelled.

Kakashi stopped dead. He thought for a moment.

"Oh, Gai. How 'bout you go ahead and go on without me? I'm sure I can catch up to you sooner or later…"

"No such thing! I want to beat you fair and square! We have to start at the same time!" Gai pointed his finger at Kakashi for added affect.

Kakashi's eye twitched. There was no way out of it, he would have to start the damn race and then ditch the race a little later on. He shuddered to think about running in a loincloth…

'Oh God! The girls will bother me even more after this stunt…." His body shook in disgust.

"Okay, Gai. I'll do this, just give a moment…"

A smile flashed on Gai's face.

'Alright! Meet me at Hokage tower and then we will start our race!" Gai said, giving Kakashi a thumbs up.

…30 minutes later…

Kakashi was able to procure a loincloth from unnamed recourses (Anko). Kakashiflushed as he tried to readjust the miniscule cloth. He saw Hokage tower just a little ways ahead. He had somehow managed not to be noticed by anybody.

"Just a little more and then I can get this stupid thing over with." Kakashi said under his breath.

He took a deep breath and ran the rest of the way to Hokage tower. Gai was already standing there, waiting for him.

Kakashi glared at Gai when he stopped beside him.

"I hate you…" Kakashi muttered.

"I don't know why, you were the one who challenged me to this race."

'That's right; this is most certainly Naruto's fault.' Kakashi thought.

"Anyway, let's start…"

"Right then! 1…2…3…Go!" Gai counted.

With that, both men started to run at full speed. Kakashi ran mainly to get away from Gai so he could ditch him and partly so no one would see him. Kakashi began to pull further ahead and soon he was out of Gai's sight.

"When did he get so fast?" Gai asked out loud.

Kakashi was able to back track, and go back to his house without being seen. Or so he thought.


Sakura and Naruto hid in the bushes and took pictures whenever they had the chance. They got some pretty good and not so good ones. Either way, they were going to be making some money.


Kakashi was actually quit happy. No one saw him and Gai was out of his hair for a while. (Though of course he isn't going find out about the photos.) He was in his kitchen plotting to get back at Naruto somehow.

"Hmmm…" He hummed.

He continued to scratch his chin in thought when he heard a knock at the door. He walked to the door hoping it wasn't Gai or Naruto.

He opened it to find a very angry group of ANBU ninja.

14. Tell the ANBU that Kakashi really hates them.

Kakashi blinked and then smiled to try and disperse the bad mood. It didn't work.

"What would you fine ninja like?" He asked.

"We would just like you to know that when you are in need we will not help you anymore."

"Uh…Okay…why do you say this all of the sudden?" Kakashi asked, his voice betraying his confused emotions.

"If you hate us so much than why should we help you?" One of them said.

"…Who told you that?" He asked.

"Yamato." Another one said.

Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"Of Course…"

They were at it again, trying to destroy his life. Just when Kakashi was about to retort, Sakura come walking up his front steps wearing something that you would think an older women would wear.

"All right, All right, you all need to clear out; can't you see that you're upsetting my poor baby boy?" Sakura said while shooing everyone from porch.

They all gave her a weird look and wondered why she was talking with an English accent.

15. Act like his mother, with an English accent.

"Now all of you, bugger off." She said, swinging her hand in a shooing motion. They all flashed her weird looks, but left anyway.

"What the hell Sakura?" Kakashi asked, his eyebrows drawing together.

Sakura then gave him a little smack on the check. Now he was even more confused.

"Don't talk to your mother that way!" She yelled.

"Mother? I hope you know that my mother is dead."

"I'm right here, and very much alive, thank you every much!" She said nodding her head.

"Sakura, I don't know why you are doing this, but you need to tell Naruto and all his other cohorts to back off!" Kakashi ground out, you could tell that he was getting angry.

Sakura looked offended.

"Well, if you want to just act that way, then you can go to your room without any supper!" She said.

"Sakura…" Kakashi growled.

"I said go!" She yelled, stamping her foot on the ground for added emphasis.

Kakashi's eyebrow twitched. He took hold of both of Sakura's shoulders and pushed her out of his front door, then slammed it in her face.

"So rude." She huffed.

She turned on her heel and started going back to Naruto's apartment where they were holding their next meeting. When she got there she found Naruto sprawled on the floor with all the pictures they took of Kakashi while in the loincloth.

Yamato was looking over one of Naruto's shoulders, Sai over the other.

They seemed to be having a heated argument over which of the pictures was the best.

"I say this one!" Yamato stated.

"I'm telling you, it's this one!" Naruto retorted.

Sai stood over them not saying a word. Sakura came closer to inspect some of the photos.

"You know, its sham that he wouldn't take off his mask." Sakura said, gaining the attention of the people in front of her. Sai and Yamato nodded, while Naruto stared.

Naruto scanned her up and down, a slow smile forming on his whiskered face.

"You make one hot momma!" Naruto said, closing his eyes and nodding his head.

Sakura drew in a deep breath and flushed a vibrant pink.

Next thing Naruto knew his head was smashed to the floor and he heard loud footsteps marching toward his front door.

He heard the door slam and then heard the faint giggling of Yamato.

"That's no way to compliment a lady." Sai said.

Naruto gave him an 'are you serious look.'

"Like you should talk." Naruto grumbled, putting his face back on the wooden floor in defeat.

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