Demon Eyes

I do not own anything related to the Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame, but the idea's and Isadora and Suzette are mine. If you don't like the idea of Clopin and Frollo with other girls, don't read please.

Paris the city of love and full of mystery, and gypsies whom most people don't seem to know much about, but are mesmerized and enchanted by. The early morning seeped through the windows of the sleeping citizens of Paris, while others were already hard at work. Two sleepy figures clothed in bright colours and bangles walked the streets of Paris, preparing to work as well. They were gypsy sisters, a bad omen to some, but they were hardly a threat unless provoked. One was around the age of eighteen and the other seemed to be fifteen, and by looking at their expressions, they seemed close and mysterious due to their odd eye colour.

The oldest had dark brown hair and had a red scarf in her hair to help keep it back, but to no avail. She wore a white tube top and a red corset with silver moon in the corner of it, which completed her dark blue skirt, which went to her ankles and her light purple scarf around her dancer waist, with silver coins around the rim. She also wore three gold bangles on her right wrist and one on her left wrist, along with one on her right ankle. She had light pink lips, and her eyes seemed brown, but red at the same giving her a demoness quality, but her soul was pure.

The youngest sister, but just as mature and strong had deep black hair and wore a purple tank top complete with a black and red corset. She wore a deep green skirt and a purple sash, that if she wanted to hide in the shadows and become unnoticed, she would be safe due to the dark colours. She wore two gold bangles on her left wrist and a gold one on each of her ankles. Her lips were a deeper pink shade while her eyes were also dark, but seemed to be more of a lavender colour than black giving her too a demon quality.

Due to their eyes they were outcast by their very own parents and the other gypsies who were once their friends and family, no one wanted demons in their family, even if they were one of their own. Due to this, they both had grown up and knew how to fight skilfully with a knife, but they only attacked when their lives where in danger. They walked Paris in awe looking at the tall buildings and sound of birds flying overhead, for they had never been to the city before and everything was new and exciting. They traveled passed a cemetery, and a huge church, which seemed to tower over the city as if protecting it from an unknown terror.

"Isadora, what should we eat this morning? I'm tired of eating nothing and just drinking water." The younger sister asked.

"Suzette, you know as well as I do that we have no money, we shall have to steal…" Isadora replied.

Neither gypsy liked to steal, but what choice did they have? They walked around the town for a little bit more to see where a bakery was; they learned over the years that the bakery was the easiest place to steal food with a distraction. In their view they caught a colourful caravan that had children in front of it, listening to what seemed to be a masked man telling them a story. Right next to the caravan was their target, a bakery with an older man as the baker. Older men were easier to trick since they usually fell for their tricks since they were young and beautiful. They headed that way when a man called to them,

"Bonjour strange beauties!"

They turned their attention to the very same masked man that was entertaining children just before. He leaned on the caravan with his shoulders as he waved to them. He seemed to be in his young twenties, and he wore a colourful yellow and purple outfit, complete with a dark blue hat with a yellow feather sticking out of it. They smiled back, but they didn't want him to catch them stealing food, they felt embarrassed by it, but they were too tired to dance for their food this morning, and stealing would be quicker. Isadora walked to the front counter of the bakery, while Suzette went to the side watching her sister and waited for her cue. She nodded to show Isadora that she was ready.

"Oh! I feel faint! It must be the heat!" Isadora cried as the baker turned her way and watched her 'faint' to the floor. The baker quickly came out of the shop to help her while Suzette walked into the bakery and grabbed two large buns.

"My dear are you alright?" the old baker asked.

She fluttered her eyes open and said, "Oh yes, it must be the heat!" her acting was convincing and she was helped out while Suzette ran back to her hiding spot as not to be seen. Once Isadora had regained herself, she thanked the baker.

"Wait, you must be hungry, please take his loaf to help with the heat." He said as he handed her a loaf of bread.

"Thank you, that's very kind of you." She said as she gave him a wink.

Isadora walked to Suzette who already had two loafs of bread, they didn't want to eat too much and three loafs was a lot of bread between the two of them. They were slender and used to not eating, so they didn't need much food to keep them alive.

"What an act!"

They turned to see the masked man yell at them. Not wanting him to blow their cover, Isadora and Suzette walked over to the strange man.

"Bonjour Monsieur, please keep your tongue and what you have seen to yourself." Isadora said sarcastically, but just as polite.

"We don't need our little trick to be discovered." Suzette added.

The man just laughed at them and answered,

"I will not do such a thing, but tell me why do you steal?"

To Isadora he was asking too many questions for two girls that he just met, but she would rather him know the truth than him thinking that they were common thieves.

"We steal because we are gypsies and we cannot afford to buy the goods we need to survive."

"We only do this clown to survive." Said Suzette.

The man only laughed.

"I am a gypsy like you, and never have I heard such spark from two young women! What are your names?" the man asked leaning in closer to Isadora.

"My name is Isadora and this is my sister Suzette."

"What rare and exotic names you have been blessed with, they found very foreign."

"Thank you, but we really must be going." Isadora said and she turned her back, only to see a colourful body in front of her.

"Where may I ask where will you go?" said a small puppet that looked like himself. Isadora was taking back, while Suzette thought it was very cute and laughed.

"That's very amusing…" Isadora said placing her hands on her hips.

"Aww Clopin, she doesn't seem to like us!" the little puppet cried placing its hands over its eyes. The name startled Isadora and Suzette.

"Your name is Clopin?" Suzette asked, her eyes large.

"Oui!" he said giving a bow.

"Is it true that you are king of the gypsies?" Isadora asked, her voice filled with excitement and eagerness. Clopin nodded.

"Then you must have known our mother!" Suzette said jumping up and down, unable to control herself.

Clopin looked at the happy child, then at her sister.

"What was your mothers name?" he said handing the puppet to Suzette and walked closer to Isadora.

"Juliet…" the older sister said, as if it burned her lips to say it.

Clopin's eyes seemed wider and answered just above a whisper,

"The demons daughters…"

The sister's eyes went wide.

"How dare you!" Isadora said, her red eyes glowing with hate.

"You are so rude! How dare you say that about us!" Suzette saying as she handed back the puppet to Clopin.

"We are not a demons daughters, we were cursed with these eyes from the man who was our father…a priest who broke his vows and was punished with giving us these eyes!" Isadora explained, tears threatening to fall.

Clopin suddenly felt guilty and responded placing a hand on her shoulders.

"Forgive me, I meant no harm. I knew your mother. She was a very sweet gypsy with a large heart, but also bore that fire within her that I can see inside both of you. She married your father because she loved him, and him in return, I know this because I was there to witness the private union between them."

Suzette nudged Isadora's arm. Turning her head slightly to see out of the corner of her eye, she nodded and placed her hand on Clopin's and removed it from her shoulder.

"Thank you Clopin for not understanding out pain." She said hatefully and turned on her heel, with Suzette following.

"Where will you go!?" Clopin cried to them.

"Any where that you are not!" Isadora called.

Clopin sadly watched the two sisters walk away from him, his heart full of pity and regret.