Isadora was still enraged as she and Suzette walked by a few motels, seeing if they could stay for the night, for once it was morning, but now it was night; but they were unsuccessful for they had no money to pay. They walked and walked, and soon they became tired and cold.

"I'm so tired Isadora." Suzette said, wiping away the sleep from her tired eyes.

"I know my dear, we will find a place soon." She said, wrapping a comforting arm around her sister.

Isadora knew that since she was the older sister, she would have to take care of her little sister, since she had been doing that since they were little children. They never knew a mother's love, or the love that a father should give his daughters; they were outcasts and she bore hatred to many people, yet she never told Suzette this. Her red eyes searched for a place for them to rest, when her eyes met a windmill where a light was lit.

"Come sister, look ahead." She said pointing to the light.

Together they walked to the windmill where Suzette knocked lightly on the door; this was their last hope, or they were to sleep on the streets tonight. Behind the large wooden door, footsteps could be heard and mumbling, when it swung open and a large man with a kind face asked them,

"Hello there what can I do for you? You looked chilled to the bone!"

"Please monsieur, we need a place to stay for the night, but we have no means to pay." Isadora said, tired and weak.

"I would never ask for money miss, please come in and stay for the night."

"But sir, we are gypsies." Suzette said.

The man smiled and replied to her, "That doesn't matter to me my dear, I provide a home for wearily travelers no matter what race they are." He motioned them to come in.

"Thank you for your kindness." The older sister said taking his hand in thanks.

They walked into a cozy looking house with a small fireplace, where his wife and two children were sat. The wife looked and rose to her feet to greet their guests.

"Welcome my dears, you must be tired! Are you hungry?" she asked.

"No thank you, just a place to rest." Suzette said.

"Of course right this way." She said as she brought them to a small place in the corner where there was blankets and some hay.

"I hope that this will be enough, I'm afraid this is all the room we have."

Isadora thanked her, "No this is plenty and more than we deserve." She said as Suzette went and laid on the hay.

"Have a good sleep." The lady said as she left them.

Isadora walked over where Suzette was close to following asleep, and laid next to her little sister.

"Good night Suzette." Said she, as she wrapped a blanket around both of them.

"Night Isadora."

The next morning they awoke early to see the old man that helped them already working around the house, while his wife and two children slept silently close by. Isadora woke Suzette and told her that they would have to leave. Sighing they both rose from their bed and stretched; once they were ready, Isadora went to the man.

"Thank you again for letting us stay here. I know we have no money to pay, but please take this, it's a gypsy talisman that will keep you safe and protect you from evil." She said handing a gypsy necklace. It had a moon and a lily placed within the centre of the necklace, surrounded by beads and string.

"This is beautiful, thank you, and please if you are ever in need of shelter, do not be afraid to come back and see me."

She nodded and both she and Suzette left the windmill to continue another day. They had slept in later than they thought that they had as they noticed that the sun was near nine. Together both gypsies walked near the Notre Dame cathedral where they sat on the steps and pulled out the extra loaf that they had taken the day before and ate. Both were on guard in case anyone would try to sneak up on them from behind, for they had heard about the solider brutality that was present in Paris under a cruel judges authority.

They soon realized that the small loaf wasn't big enough for both of them to share, so their only choice was to steal again, so they got up reluctantly and walked to the direction of the bakery.

"Here sister, I will distract him today so that he doesn't recognize you." Suzette suggested. Nodding, Isadora agreed and went into the same hiding spot, while Suzette starting talking to the baker. Isadora was certain that this would be the best time to make her move, so she moved her hand upward in the movement to grab a piece of bread that was close by, when she felt something come up behind her. Whipping around, a loaf in her hand she confronted the stranger, only to notice that it was the gypsy man from yesterday.

"What are you doing?" he asked looking at the loaf in her upraised hand.

"What the hell are you doing? Do you want us to get caught!?" Isadora whispered.

"No, but I don't think you need to steal again." He said.

"Well we don't need your…" she started to say, only to hear,

" Hey you gypsy! What are you doing?!" a guard yelled, noticing the loaf in Isadora's hand. Looking at Suzette and back at the guards, the baker said,

"Hey you thieves!" Both girls didn't have to think, they just moved as they got up and ran to the nearest escape that they could find. They ran past people and tables alike, while people yelled angrily at them and the guard coming closer.

"Split up!" Suzette said as she turned a left hand corner and out of site. Isadora took the right turn hoping that the guard would follow her and not her sister; she was right. The guard came closer when she was sure that he was going to catch her when she heard him fall to the ground with oomph. Looking behind her, she saw the man on the floor knocked out, with Clopin standing next to him, a grin on his face.

"It seems you were in need of assistance." He said laughing doing a flip to become close to her. She was surprised and impressed, after all this man once insulted her, now helped her.

"I guess you're not useless after all." Isadora laughed.

"I do what I can!" Clopin said taking her hand and kissing it, which caused her to drop the loaf in her hands. Blood rushed to her cheeks, this never happened to her before. Clopin raised his head and smiled a coy smile,

"She blushes!"

Taking her hand from his, she replied,

"No, I just realized that my sister is lost." The blush still in her cheeks.

"Come we will look for her together." He said.

Suzette feeling that she was safe stopped running and began walking. She hoped that her sister was safe, but she had a feeling that she would be, so she didn't worry too much. She walked passed various gypsies when she met a group of people circled around a young man around seventeen throwing fire sticks in the air, and catching them. He had dark brown hair and sea blue eyes, and he seemed to be well fit. He was very handsome to Suzette, and she couldn't help but stare. Fire was alive in the air, and she was afraid that he would burn himself, but he didn't. He looked in her direction, and winked. Suzette looked behind her and beside her to see if he was winking at another girl, but she was the only one there. The young man laughed as he watched her looked around.

"Suzette!" she heard a woman call. Looking behind her, she saw her sister and Clopin run to her.

"Thank god you are alright." Isadora said hugging her sister, crushing the bread in her hands. Pulling away they both looked at the ruined loaf and sighed. Isadora dropped the ruined loaf to the floor, there was hardly anything left of it.

"Look Isadora, this guy is insane!" she said pointing to the young man, who now finished his act and was picking up the coins people had thrown.

"That is young Monty, a very fine gypsy and one of my best friends." Clopin explained as he nodded at the young gypsy man.

Monty began walking to them and Suzette leaned into Isadora whispering,

"Do I look ok?"

Laughing the older sister replied,

"Why do you fancy him?"

"Quite he's coming!"

Both girls stood there as Clopin greeted Monty with a hug.

" Monty, I'm sorry I missed the show!" sarcasm was present in his voice. The dark haired man laughed, slapping him on the back,

"Another time old man! Who are your new friends?" he said moving his head in the direction of Suzette and Isadora.

"This is Isadora and Suzette, they are new gypsies in Paris."

Monty moved closer and looked at them,

"Such strange eyes…" he said looking into Suzette's.

Isadora smiled, for her it was quite comical; Suzette was blushing and looked as if this was the first man she had ever met in her entire life.

"Where are they staying?" Monty asked Clopin.

" I was going to ask if they wanted to come to the Court of Miracles." He said turning to Isadora.

"Where is that?"

"A place where gypsies are free and safe from Frollo and his guards." Clopin explained.

"Who is Frollo?" asked Suzette.

"All of that will be explained later, but come, let us go to the Court of Miracles." Monty replied.

Together all four of them walked, but to where Isadora and Suzette didn't know…