I've "secretly" been loving this couple for a while now so I decided that I wanted to write oneshots about them.

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"Actually the thought of leading the whole Hyoutei tennis team next year scares me a bit" Hiyoshi told Kirihara one day.

Ever since, Kirihara often thought of the responsibilities he himself would get when the third years graduated and he became buchou. Because, honestly, who else than him would be chosen as buchou?

The third years probably knew that is anyone else was chosen Kirihara would pester him until he resigned from the team. And then they would be buchou-less, and that's never a good thing.

Since thinking about serious stuff never was Kirihara's thing, he decided to write whatever thought on a paper. He often tossed the papers some time later though.

After Hiyoshi had complained on buchou duties and other boring stuff, Kirihara began thinking, but felt that his brain was too small to remember everything.

So he wrote a list.

Things to do when I become buchou

1 As buchou I am entitled to use my knuckle serve on whomever I wish to use it on.

2 As buchou I will make the team stronger (so we won't lose to stupid teams like Seigaku).

3 As buchou I will only chose regulars that love chocolate sundaes.

4 As buchou I will, personally, appoint one freshman to bring me a chocolate sundae whenever I wish for it.

5 As Buchou I will, personally, demand that our uniforms change colour. Yellow sucks.

6 As buchou I will, personally, demand that ever tennis ball is painted red.

Kirihara looked admiringly at his list that hung on his bedroom wall. Somehow, he didn't think that he's ever throw this list away, since it was his first job as buchou…even though he hadn't actually become buchou yet.

Looking at the list, Kirihara felt that something was missing.

He searched his brain for a clue to whatever the list was missing.

Suddenly his cell buzzed and he flicked it open

'There's a good action film going on cinema right now. Want to see it on Saturday? H.W'

Kirihara smiled fondly as he replied.

'Sure I'll come. Same time and place as usual? K.A'

'Of course. H.W'

Kirihara suddenly remembered what the list was missing. He took it down and wrote:

7 NO practice on Saturdays…

…Because Saturdays are ours alone…

So, that was the first 'shot. Any thoughts?