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Kirihara rang the doorbell and waited for Hiyashi to open. He heard the banging from a door, and someone running down the stairs. He smiled as the door opened and Hiyoshi looked at him.

Hiyoshi froze as he saw the boy before him, and his mouth opened a few times before he managed to get something out.

"Y-you're back..."

Kirihara nodded and smiled. "I am back!"

Hiyoshi smiled brightly as he dragged Kirihara into a fond hug.

"I've missed you."

Kirihara patted his back. "I've only been gone 3 months."

Hiyoshi opened the door wider and invited him in. Kirihara took off his shoes and coat, and sat himself on the sofa in the living room.

"Wait, I'll make you some tea," Hiyoshi said and skipped into the kitchen.

In the meantime, Kirihara looked around the living room and felt himself begin to relax. It had only been three months, but it had felt like much more. Being away from his lover had been tough too, but that was what was needed in order for Kirihara to continue tennis.

"I met with the old Hyoutei regulars last week," he heard Hiyoshi say from the kitchen.

"How did that go?"

There was a silence before Hiyoshi popped his head from the doorway.

"Just like old times, only..." he chewed on his lip as he searched for the right words. "It was clear that we had all become more adult."

Kirihara chuckled.

"That goes for Mukahi too?"

Some noises came from the kitchen, and Hiyoshi appeared with two cups of tea.

"Yes, even him," he smiled slightly. "Oshitari and him are inseparable, even though they're not together anymore."

Kirihara nodded and took a sip of the tea.

"Yes, I never thought Oshitari would knock that girl up and marry her."

Hiyoshi sighed and shook his head. "Talk about scandal... I remember how furious Atobe was. Luckily, they sorted it out, Mukahi and Oshitari. I was really surprised when he forgave Oshitari like that... I mean, had it been me-"

Hiyoshi broke off and busied himself with his tea.

A smile appeared on Kirihara's face, but he didn't say anything, just continuing drinking his tea.

"How did the tournament go?" Hiyoshi asked a little later.

"It went well," Kirihara said and shrugged his shoulders a little. "I just can't seen to play as well anymore," he laughed.

Hiyoshi merely nodded and didn't ask further. Kirihara knew that it hurt him whenever he would go abroad and participate in tournaments. After the car accident where Hiyoshi's right elbow had become permanently damaged, he had gotten rid of everything that would remind him of tennis. Everything, except for Kirihara.

"Are you staying here tonight?" Hiyoshi asked.

Kirihara nodded and finished his tea.

"The lease to my apartment has run out, so I either need to renew it asap..." he looked at Hiyoshi. "Or I need to find somewhere else to live."

Hiyoshi pretended not to notice Kirihara's not-so-subtle suggestion and just nodded.

"Well, good luck to you then. I'll have the guest room made for you."

He retreated upstairs and Kirihara let out a loud exhale. It was always like this, when Kirihara came back from a tournament. He would be met with Hiyoshi's cold attitude, and it would take days before they were back to their normal selves. Not that Kirihara blamed him though. He loved tennis himself, and knew how devastating it had been for Hiyoshi when he learned that he could never play professionally again. Even knowing this, Kirihara had cruelly kept his career as a professional player ongoing, and tried to push the thought of Hiyoshi waiting for him back home.

Hiyoshi came down again and handed him a little package.

"I bought you a new toothbrush," he said. "The old one was getting... old."

Kirihara smiled and thanked him as he took the toothbrush. He went upstairs to take a quick shower before going to bed. The flight from America had been long, and he was exhausted. The last thing he thought before sleep clouded his brain, was how excited he was about telling Hiyoshi the news.

Hiyoshi yawned as he made his way into the kitchen, and started preparing breakfast. Halfway through the food making, he realized that they were two now, and he needed bigger portions. Starting again, he turned on the radio to hear the morning news like he always did. As he made miso soup and bread, tea and orange juice, he listened to news about robbery, murder, celebrities getting married while drunk, and other horrible stuff. as the sport section started, he sat down and paid attention.

"Earlier this week, Wimbledon ended with a breathtaking match between the two japanese men, Echizen Ryoma and Kirihara Akaya."

Hiyoshi's back straightened as he heard this, and he turned up the volume.

"yes, that match was certainly worth the money," another man joked. "The match lasted for almost 6 hours, and in the end the two participants were exhausted. The last set was played with sheer willpower alone."

Hiyoshi heard the soup bubbling over and quickly removed the casserolle.

"In the end, Kirihara came out the victor, winning with only one point. This is definitely the height of his career, which is why we were all surprised when he later announced that he would quit as a professional tennis player-"

Hiyoshi didn't hear anymore of the radio. That last line had made him block everything out. Kirihara had quit tennis? There must be some kind of mistake, he would never do that. Hiyoshi knew Kirihara well, and he knew that all the man lived for was tennis.

"Were you shocked?"

Hiyoshi nearly dropped the soup as Kirihara's voice appeared from the doorway. The man was still in his pajamas and his hair was sticking out everywhere. He rubbed his eyes and sat himself down beside the dinner table.

Hiyoshi didn't say anything, but finished preparing the breakfast and serving it. They ate in silence for a long time before Kirihara cleared his throat.

"Aren't you going to ask me why I quit?"

Hiyoshi put down his bowl of soup and looked at the raven haired man.

"I thought the news maybe were false or something... You would never quit tennis." Hiyoshi eyed the wooden table.

"I did quit."

Hiyoshi suddenly slammed the table with his fist and got up in such a haste that the chair fell to the ground.

"WHY?" he shouted and waved his arms wildly. "Why did you quit tennis? I thought you loved tennis, or was that just a lie?"

Kirihara was shocked by this reaction. yes, he had imagined that Hiyoshi might not approve right away, but he never thought he would be this angry.

"WHY?" Hiyoshi kept shouting, his voice becoming more and more demanding.

Slowly, Kirihara looked up at the furious man and sighed.

"I did it because of us."

Hiyoshi blinked. "What?"

Kirihara got up and walked a little closer to Hiyoshi.

"I knew I was being selfish, all those times I went abroad to play in big tournaments. I knew how sad you became every time I did, but I still went."

Hiyoshi opened his mouth to protest, but Kirihara hold up a hand to silence him.

"Let me finish," he said before looked into Hiyoshi's eyes. "I knew hoe you felt, but I didn't care. As long as I could play tennis, as long as I could get beeter, meet new players and beat them... As long as I could do that, you didn't matter. I took you for granted. I thought you would always be here when I came home, like some housewife. But I've realized lately that I've been wrong.."

"Akaya..." Hiyoshi said weakly, his cheeks becoming red and his eyes was cast down.

"Lately, whenever I come home, you're distant. I know you're doing your best to hide it, but I can see it clearly. It takes longer for us to become normal again, it takes more time before you open up to me again."

Kirihara lifted Hiyoshi face and looked into his eyes again.

"I did it for us."

Hiyoshi squeezed his eyes shut and willed the tears away.

"Idiot," he whispered. "You love tennis... I don't want to take it away from you."

Kirihara smiled and gently kissed Hiyoshi on his forehead, making him gasp in shock.

"Don't you understand," Kirihara said gently. "I love you more."

It was almost like a spell had been unleashed. Hiyoshi threw himself into Kirihara's arms and hugged him tightly.

"Shit," he said thinly, his voice muffled by Kirihara's pajama top. "I'm not sure I'm worth it."

Kirihara merely hugged him close and stroked his hair.

"Wakashi, you need to understand. To me, you are more important than anything. More important than tennis. And you are definitely worth it."

He released himself from the hug, and kissed his lover lightly on the lips.

"I know I haven't showed you how much you mean to me, and I am so, so sorry for that. From now on, I will take better care of you. Will you let me?"

They leaned their foreheads against each other and Hiyoshi smiled happily.

"I'd like that."

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