My name…is Mari. But nobody knows that, at least, they don't anymore. I've been a hero for as long as long as I can remember. I don't know why I am one. I just remember that I have always been one, and always will be.

They said I needed a superhero name, no, let me rephrase that. He said I needed a superhero name. He said if I didn't use it, Slade would come after me. He said I could die. They used it so many times, that I had almost forgotten what my name really is. When I realized that, I started to cry. But, I remembered crying was a weakness, so I got back up.

I fight everyday. I fight for people's freedom, and their safety. Sometimes, I will walk to the store, and see a little boy or a little girl telling me that they want to be just like me when they grow up; they want to be a super hero. I smile and tell them they can be anything they want to be as long as they want it bad enough. But as soon as they leave, I secretly wish they will never become a hero.

Why? Why do I wish that heroes didn't exist? Because of the sad truth. Look at any superhero out there. For some reason or another, their life has crumbled, and no matter how they try to pick up the pieces, no matter how strong the glue is, they only fight so that nothing as bad as what happened to them ever happens to anyone else. We're quite selfish, all of us. Never once to we actually care about the town's safety, just about our pain.

Sometimes I wish that I could escape, that I could be normal, like anybody else. But, I can't. As much as I want to, I must accept the fact that I have duties.

Some people will ask to be a hero, will train, will research, will be willing to do anything, and not once realize how bad the heroes have it. I hate forcing a smile. I hate saving the day. I hate being a hero. But, he said that was who I am, like it or not. He said I had no choice. I said I hated him. He left, and I realized how dangerous being a hero could be.

My name…is Mari. Mari Grayson. I am that girl you see on the sidewalk, who always get splashed with water that cars run over. I am that girl who forces smiles when people say something mean to her. I am the one with the icy blue eyes that are always filled with tears. I am the orphan whose last words to her parents were I, Hate, and You. But nobody sees me.

All they see is Nightfire. Starfire of the Teen Titans and the Boy Wonder him self's daughter. They all wish they could be me. Unfortunately, they don't see Mari anymore; they don't see the tears she holds back behind the mask.