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"Where the hell is Spazway?" Portman asked as he ate a large slice of pizza. Him and the rest of the team were already at Pizza Palace and were now awaiting the arrival of Charlie and his cousin, Sam.

"Relax Portman," Fulton said, "He'll be here any minute." As if on cue, Charlie opened the door to the small cafe, and held it open for a rather short girl.

"Sammy!" Goldberg yelled over all the noise from the other ducks. Samantha smiled as Goldberg picked her up and spun her around. Fulton, Germaine, Averman, and Adam ran over and hugged her as well; Fulton yelling, 'Baby Bash Sister', in the process. Once all the guys had parted, Connie walked over to her and the two girls bumped fists. The five players who didn't know her gave her a once over. Long brown hair with red streaks, hazel green eyes, and long toned legs revealed from the short denim skirt. They also noticed the finely toned abs and muscular arms that a black and red tube-top showed off.

"Guys!" Fulton yelled, "And Julie. This kid here is Sam." Sam waved at the five unknown players as Fult put an arm around her shoulders, "Sammy, this is Julie "The Cat" Gaffney, Luis Mendoza, Dwayne "Cowboy" Robertson, Kenny Wu, and last but definitely not least, my Bash Brother Dean Portman." All of them smiled politely at her as she sat down between Fulton and Charlie.

"Hey Fult," Luis called, "Why did you call Sam 'Baby Bash Sister'?" Fult and Sam looked at each other and then smiled evilly at Luis. Sam pulled a small notepad out of a pocket in her skirt and wrote two words, "tomorrow, scrimmage."

"Who's goin' against who?" Dwayne asked after Fulton told them what Sam wrote.

"Old Ducks vs. New Ducks," Charlie explained, "I'll play reff. Banksie, can you play on Portman's team?" Adam nodded in agreement.

"Enough talk people!" Portman yelled, "Let's eat!" As old conversations became new, Sam wrote something on her notepad and passed it to Charlie.

"I brought Jack w/ me." she wrote.

"Cool," Charlie said, "Now with dance and everything you won't get bored." Sam shook her head and smiled.

"Why won't she get bored?" Kenny asked, looking just as confused al all the others.

"She brought her horse Jack," Charlie explained, "He's a big black percheron stud. First horse she ever trained."

"I still can't believe it was you who Charlie was talking about," Fulton admitted, "We all thought it was some long lost and forgotten cousin of his."

"Thanks," Sam wrote with a sarcastic roll of her eyes. As Sam looked away from Fulton, she noticed Dean looking at her and she miled slightly. Dean, who just realized that he'd been caught staring, looked away quickly. "Tomorrow's Saturday, right?" Sam asked Charlie.

"Yeah," Charlie replied, "Why?"

"After the scrimmage tomorrow do you wanna go riding?" This note she sent to Dwayne.

"Sure," he replied, "What time do you wanna go?"

"Around noon okay?" Sam wondered.

"Perfect," Dwayne said before turning to Kenny and the two boys started talking again. Charlie looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost ten o'clock.

"Hey guys!" he yelled over the noise again, "It's getting late. We should start heading back to the dorms." Surprisingly, everyone agreed with him. The only problem was, there were thirteen people, and only three vehicles.

"Who's ridin' with who?" Dwayne asked as they all walked out of the cafe.

"More like 'who is Goldberg going to ride with'?" Luis rephraised.

"Me, Charlie, Sam, and Adam can ride with Portman," Julie announced, "And the rest of you can fight amongst yourselves."

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