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As Time Goes By

Written By: Me!

It was a Thursday evening at the Bunker Home. Edith was in the kitchen preparing dinner, Stephy was upstairs in her room doing homework, and Archie was still at the bar but would be home soon. As if on cue Archie walked through the door.

"Hey Edith I'm home!" he called out to the kitchen as he hung up his coat and hat.

"Ooohhh hello Archie!" Edith greeted as she ran into the room arms wide open. "How was your day?" she asked after giving him a quick peck on the lips and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Like any other day Edith, lousy." Archie stated, staying in the embrace, "And just one person on the subway started it all!" he declared now breaking the embrace.

"Oh? What happened?"

"I'll tell youse what happened." Archie started as he walked over to his chair and took a seat as Edith followed him and did the same. "After I finally got though a pack a spics which musta been a whole family considering how them people feels about the birth patrol." He began telling his story, "I head towards the last seat on the subway, it was right in front of me Edith…"

"Oh you got a seat on the subway, that's nice. How did that ruin your day?" Edith interrupted.

"Would you let me finish, heh?" Archie a bit upset before continuing, "So I'm racing to it, I get there and just when I'm about to sit down some big broad swoops into it!"

"Oh my." was all Edith could say

"And while I'm standing there still shocked over what happened, she looks at me then lifted up her nose and says to me, 'Ladies First.'"

"Did you let her sit there?"

"I had Edith."

"Oh Well dat's nice."

"You know what the worst part of it all was?"

"That you didn't get a seat?" Edith guessed and Archie frowned but then thought it over quickly and it disappeared

"Ok the second worst thing.

Edith thought for a minute, "That you had to ride the subway?"

Archie's face dropped and then he changed his question once more, "Ok third thing?"

Edith thought once more and then came up with an answer, "Oh you forgot your lunch pail on the subway!" she tried and Archie's frown reappeared,

"What are you talking about I didn't forget it, it's over…" he began to defend himself, turning to the coat rack stifling himself when he saw that his wife was right, he dropped his head onto his chair, "Why the hell didn't I jump on them tracks when I had the chance." He said mostly to himself but also to Edith, she shook her head disapprovingly "Oh Archie." She said in the same tone.

"Now come on tell me, what was the worst part of ridding on the subway." She said as if the worst thing was the best thing.

Archie gave a sigh of frustration before replying, "You know the broad that stole my seat?"


"She wasn't no broad." He simply said and then she began to think.

"Oh," she said coming up with an answer, "She was a woman?" she tried

Her husband looked over her sleepishly, "Yeah a woman with out the 'w' 'h' 'o'."

Edith frowned as she thought then finally it clicked. "Oooohhhh!" she simply said

"How 'bout a beer, huh Edith?" Archie half asked half commanded.

"Right away Archie." She said as she took off to the kitchen.

As soon as she was gone Archie picked up the remote that lay on the small table, and began flipping through the channels, blowing a raspberry at each channel which obviously meant he disliked what was on. " Well guess there's nothing but pinkco Cronkite." Arrchie told himself as he placed the remote on the table. Just then a loud noise, sounding like something falling, was heard.

"What was that Edith?!" he asked from his seat but got no answer. "Edith, what the hell was dat?" he asked still getting no response. No upset he got up from his seat and made his way to the kitchen, "Edith I've been…" he started to say as he pushed the swinging door, that lead to the kitchen, to reveal a sight he was not ready for.

There on the other side of the door lay Edith, lying on her right side out cold. The refrigerator door remained open and a can of Archie's beer lay next to Edith's empty.

After taking a few seconds to let it sink in, to realize this was reality, Archie rushed to Edith side, kneeling down beside her, "Edith? Edith wake up…please." he begged his voice shaking, "Come on Edith, say something." Nothing "Edith come on now, say something anything. Come on tell me dat story 'bout your Aunt Clara who thinks she's from the westerns." Archie tried once more but still there was silence.

Quickly he got to his feet, realizing what he had to do, he ran over to the phone. Just as he picked up the phone Stephanie began coming down the stairs.

"Uncle Archie what was that noise?" she asked curiously

"Nothing…uh go back up to your room." He said trying to remain calm but was having trouble doing so.

"Go upstairs!" he said loudly and that's when Stephanie knew it was serious, and as much as she wanted to find out what was wrong she knew it was better to follow her uncles' orders, so she left up stairs just as Archie began talking to the operator.

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