Prompt: Ice Water

Given by: Candistar26

Setting: Destiny Islands, Post-KHII

Pairings: None

"Hello Kairi," Greeted Sora's mother when she opened the door to find the auburn-haired girl on the front step. "Come in, dear. I'm afraid Sora still isn't up. I've hollered for him five times already."

The teen chuckled as she entered the house. "That lazy bum… We're going to be late for school…and it's only his first week back!"

"I know…and I'm running late too," agreed the kind woman. Then she turned to the stairs and called, "Sora! Kairi's here!"

Both paused for a moment to listen, but could hear no signs of movement from upstairs.

"Why don't you go ahead, Mrs. Hiruma," offered Kairi with a smile. "I can handle Sora."

"Are you sure?" asked Mrs. Hiruma, earning a casual nod from the girl. "Oh, thank you dear. I really don't want to trouble you, but I cannot be late to work again."

"It's fine. It's not the first time I've had to prod him along," assured Kairi as she waved goodbye to the exiting woman. "Have a nice day!"

"You too, Kairi," replied Mrs. Hiruma on her way down the front walk.

Kairi closed the door and shouted up the stairs as she set the timer on her watch. "Sora! You have five minutes!"

As an indistinguishable noise sounded from somewhere above her, the blue-eyed girl walked into the kitchen and moved a bottle of water from the fridge into the freezer. She always preferred her water to be freezing cold, to where most people could not even drink it without choking.

Then she sat at the kitchen table and flipped through one of Mrs. Hiruma's catalogues while she waited.

After the alarm on her watch went off, she put the catalogues back where she found it and got the water bottle out of the freezer. There was a thin layer of ice around the edges. With a well aimed flick to the side of the bottle, the ice shattered and spread throughout the cool water.

The girl sighed and took a sip as she listened for any sign of life from her friend upstairs. She may as well have been the only person in the house.

With another sigh, she headed up the stairs.

"Sora, you better be up!" she called just as she reached the door to his bedroom.

She crept open the door and peered inside to find the spiky-haired boy spread out on his bed, snoring slightly.

"Sora Hiruma!" she said crossly as she approached the sleeping boy.

He snorted once, and then turned over.

Kairi rolled her eyes wondering how the boy had survived all that time against the Heartless when he could sleep through a hurricane.

"Sora…" she called in a sing-song voice. "It's time to get up…"

Still no signs of consciousness from the boy.

She decided to try a new tactic, "I brought your favourite pop-tarts…"

No sound issued from the slumbering boy; however, a familiar voice called from downstairs.

"Hello? Is anyone home?"

"Up here, Riku!" answered Kairi.

She heard nothing else until the door creaked open to reveal the silver-haired boy, who had clearly been awake for some time and was ready or school. "Sleeping Beauty still not up yet?"

"No," replied Kairi in annoyance, "And if he doesn't get up soon, we're all going to be late!"

Teal eyes quickly scanned the scene before him before he responded, "Is that your water?"

The auburn-hair girl looked at the bottle in her hand, then back at the aqua-eyed teen. A wicked grin having crept upon her face in the time it took her to do so. "Good one…"

Without further ado, she held the bottle of ice water over her sleeping friend and turned it upside down.

Sora was never late for school again.

Author's note: This is going to be a series of oneshots, that are each based off single word prompts, which are given to me. The stories will vary in theme, pairings, and main characters. If anyone wants to send a prompt to me, go ahead. I take three per person. Thay can be any three you like, including mutliple words to describe an item or idea, such as this one (ice water) or an acronym, such as ASAP. Thanks!