Vicky woke up the next day feeling content for the first time in months. She looked over at Henry while he slept. She would never admit it to him, but he truly looked young while he was sleeping. When he was awake, he looked young, but his eyes and attitude made him appear older and worldly. But while he slept, he lost that and almost looked like a teen. With a sigh, Vicky got up and started her day with a shower. Henry's bathroom was always well stoked and spa like. Henry always said that it was because of his since of smell, but Vicky knew it was because of his upbringing. After her relaxing, and somewhat long, shower, Vicky slipped out of the apartment and headed towards the brownstone where the children were at. They had a half day at school, so they should already free for her to visit them. Plus, she kind of missed them. They were in the basement practicing when Vicky slipped inside.

"Vicky, you're here!" Alice seemed to be a little more hyper than usual and looked to Jazmine and Tom to explain.

"Someone at school had some pixie sticks and gave Alice some. We were hoping that practicing would calm her down a little bit, but that hasn't worked yet." Tom was watching her bounce around Vicky in her excitement.

"Alice, have you thought about not taking the sugar?"

"Now why would I do that? It was so good and it looked so pretty. Plus the guy is really popular and it was nice of him to offer. And it made some of the other girls jealous that he was talking to me." Tom looked a little perturbed about this while Jazmine giggled at Alice's behavior.

"You know, I really don't want to hear my sister's thoughts on how a guy is cute."

"Then don't listen to my thoughts."

"You know what I mean Alice, although that would help too."

"Jazmine, can you tell my brother to back off?"

"Now why would I do that? Watching you two is so entertaining." Both siblings snorted at that before going back to bickering with each other. Vicky and Jazmine both laughed and enjoyed the show before distracting the two before things got out of hand. By the time Vicky left the children, the sun was starting to set. She decided to see how Corrin and Mike were doing at the moment. She might even visit Henry again to see if she could stay the night again.

Katorina was heading over to Jacob's place again to see him. She couldn't tell which demon fathered him, but it was defiantly someone that was stronger than her own. But despite that, he still seemed like a nice boy. The only thing that worried her was how clingy he was. It seemed that his mother really didn't pay that much attention to him. She only made sure that he was alive and had enough money to order pizza or eat at one of the fast food places. They only had a little food in the fridge that didn't look like a science experiment in the making.

Now she understood why Vicky wanted her to stay with him. He would need the guidance though that time and when his father finally took enough notice of him, Jacob would probably jump at the chance. Katorina knew what it was like when her father first showed up. He seemed so attentive and caring towards her. She almost gave into him if she hadn't remembered what her mother went through. That was what gave her the strength to go through that baptism and survive it. Katorina knew that Jacob's father would use the same tricks to get to Jacob. And with being cast aside by him mother, Jacob would probably follow his father into the darkness with a smile on his face, and he wouldn't even know how false that caring was until it was too late.

Katorina was brought out of her revere when she came onto Jacob's place. Something felt off and she hurried to him. When she got there, she was shocked to see what awaited her. There was a man on the floor dead. That wasn't what disturbed her. What disturbed her was the claw marks that were all over his body, and it looked like there was teeth marks around his neck. There was a woman in the corner of the room with a black eye and hand marks around her neck, like someone was trying to choke her. Jacob was in the middle of the two. He was sitting on the floor, with claws extending from his hands and he was covered in blood. His face was elongated to resemble a canine with huge fangs extending from his mouth. He seemed to be in a state of shock and it took him a moment to notice that she was even in front of him. He looked up at her with blood shot eyes. When he spoke, his voice seemed deeper and rougher.

"He was trying to choke her. He wouldn't let her go. I got so angry, and then …" Jacob looked so scared, as did his mother. She saw how scared and disgusted by what she saw. Katorina would have to deal with the ungrateful woman later. Jacob was more important at the moment. "I don't know what happened. Look at me. I'm a monster."

"Jacob, look at me. You are not a monster. You were just protecting your mother. Many have done that in the past and will continue to do that."

"Yeah, but how many of the turn into a freak like me. Look at him! It looks like he was mauled by a bear. No wonder people always stayed away from me. Why she could never stay longer enough with me. She probable only came home to see if I was dead and was disappointed when I wasn't. You know that she only left the money for me to pay the bills. The only reason I'm able to eat is because she never knew how much everything cost. She just gave me enough to cover everything." Katorina went over to him so that he would focus on her and not on his mother. The only reason that he didn't turn evil with this kill is because he did it out of love, but if he continued on this train of thought, he would be likely to kill his mother in cold blood. That wouldn't be the best thing at the moment and she would be forced to kill him. She really didn't want to do that. She really got attacked to Jacob in the short time that she's known him. She would do it if he was a threat, but it wouldn't be as easy as the other times she had to do it. She knew Jacob, and really didn't want to hurt him.

"Jacob, listen to me. It isn't your fault that you are like this. Just because you have something evil inside of you doesn't mean that you are evil. You did this to protect a woman who has done nothing but give you birth. Now, you need to calm down, and let me help you."

"Help me?"

"Yes. We have to make sure that this can't be traced back to you. I will help you with that, but at this moment, you need to calm down so you can return to normal. Do you understand? You are safe and your mother is safe. Now take a deep breath and let it all go." Jacob did what he was told and did it again until he calmed down enough that his demon blood receded and he turned back to normal. His hands lost the claws, his face and nose shortened to normal, and his eyes lost the red, bloodlust hue and turned back to dark amber.

"Good, Jacob. Now you go and take a shower and change into some new clothes. I will take care of the rest. Do you understand?" Jacob nodded his head. "Good, now go." Jacob still seemed to be in a daze that he didn't notice that his mother was still in the corner or that she flinched when he passed her to go and take a shower. Katorina called her shadows up and surrounded the body that was on the floor. The body sank into the ground to be disposed of later. When that was done, she looked around the apartment. There was a lot of blood from the attack. Even with her age, Katorina was still surprised at times by the amount of blood a human could hold. With a sigh, she focused and started muttering a chant under her breath. The blood started being absorbed into the floor, walls and furniture. It would go to the ground underneath the building. When she was done, there wasn't a speck of blood to be seen. Even if luminal was sprayed, it wouldn't react. Katorina was brought out of her inspection by Jacob's mother.

"Pity, this all could have been prevented if you were an actual mother to him instead of a whore. I was coming here so he didn't have to worry about food for a while, but now I have to clean up a mess you created because you think strangers are more important than you son."

"I never wanted him."

"That's a lie. Demons can't procreate without a willing participant. What happened? You realized that the man you slept with wasn't human. Or was it that his promises weren't what you expected to be? I wonder what it was that made you treat him this way. But the most twisted thing about this is that even though you mostly left him to die, he still loves you enough that he would kill for you. You're very lucky that he just didn't sit back and watch until you actually died. Do you wish to die?" She shook her head no. Then you are not going to repeat anything that you saw here today, and you are going to allow him to come and live with me. You are going to come up with a reason that will make you seem like a caring mother and not make him feel like a monster. Then you are going to get your act together for I doubt your son will be here next time one of your 'boyfriends' decide to get a little rough with you."

"And what if I don't do what you say?" Katorina looked at this woman. She was still huddled in the corner and still scared beyond her wits, but she still wanted to come off like she wanted some control. Katorina still couldn't see what caused Jacob to change so rapidly over her, except for the fact that she was his mother. She remembered that her mother wasn't always the best person, but she still took care of her daughter and tried to protect her. It angered Katorina that this woman could invoke such loyalty from such a loving boy who just wanted some attention. Katorina sighed at the woman.

"I won't kill you if that is what you mean. But do not be mistaken. The only reason that I won't kill you is because of Jacob. It just means that I will have to be a little more creative, which won't be that hard. It helps that the body will never be discovered or that the blood was been so removed that not even a spick remains. Everyone will believe that you've gone crazy. And since I'm going to be taking Jacob with me anyway, people will wonder what happened to him. I will just have to arrange it so that it seems that you hurt, or killed him. You'll be sent to jail labeled a child murder, at least."

"What do you mean 'at least'?"

"I mean that when the police investigate, they will discover that you left him for weeks at a time. That's abandonment and neglect. Can you see where I'm going with this? Everyone will think that you did it. So if you don't want to be locked away in a tiny cell with no privacy or anything truly in your name, then I suggest that you do as I saw. Now get up and straighten yourself out a bit. My patience with you is dwindling." She slowly got up from the floor and went to her room to do as she was told. Katorina smiled at this. It seemed that she wasn't completely suicidal despite previous actions. She came out a minute before Jacob did. He seemed to be a little more alert, but still in a haze. Luckily this made it easier to get Jacob to come with her willingly. He believed his mother's poorly constructed lie and was even able to pack his bag of his meager belongings and some cash that he had left over from before. She set him up in a room and got him to eat something before he went to sleep. It seemed that todays activities wouldn't register with him fully until later. Katorina only hoped that she would be able to help him. She would have to talk to Vicky, once she figured out how to explain everything.