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Chapter 1 - On Her Way: Two weeks after Jazlyn Temaida left Hogwarts, she was called down to the Daily Prophet's offices for an interview with the editor, Matthew Darcy. She had sent in her application two days before she'd left school, and once her N.E.W.T.s came in (O's in Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Herbology, and Charms, E's in D.A.D.A., Transfiguration, and Potions, A in Astronomy), she'd sent the results on.

She got to the building and was directed to Mr. Darcy's office. He was a thin man with receding brown hair, who peered at her over a pair of reading glasses as she came in. "Temaida, is it?" he asked. She nodded, and he held out his hand. She shook it and then took a seat when he told her too.

"I've been looking at your grades. You could have any number of jobs. Why here?" he said without preamble. Jazlyn shrugged.

"I've always been good at gathering information, and at recording what I see. Being a journalist... it just seems to suit me."

"All right, that makes some sense," he said. "But you've never done any real journalistic work."

"No, sir, because Hogwarts doesn't have a student newspaper."

"Don't call me Sir. It's Mr. Darcy, or even just Darcy. You're not a student anymore, Temaida."

"All right, S- Mr. Darcy." If he was correcting her way of addressing him...

"Sayre! Get in here!" he yelled suddenly. Jazlyn jumped; she hadn't been expecting that. A tall, wiry man with thick, steel colored hair walked in.

"Yeah, Darcy?"

"This is Jazlyn Temaida, the newest recruit. I want you to train her." Sayre nodded and looked at Jazlyn.

"Welcome to bedlam, Jazlyn," he said with a smile. "Meet me at my desk once our esteemed editor kicks you out," he added before leaving.

"So I have the job then?" Jazlyn asked, just to be sure.

"'Course you do, Temaida," Mr. Darcy said. "Why do you think I called Sayre in here? Now off with you!" Jazlyn couldn't help the wide smile as she left, heading over to Sayre's desk.

"Mr. Sayre?"

"Call me Justin. Do you mind me calling you Jazlyn?"

"No, not at all."

"Good. So, you've decided on journalism. I'll tell you right now, if you plan on being like Rita over there, you can find a new trainer. I don't like her style." He scowled.

"That won't be a problem, Justin. My boyfriend once said I'd wind up the 'anti-Skeeter'." Justin chuckled.

"That you will, with me around. So, I've got to go cover a Wizengamot trial, and you're coming along. I want you to hang back when I do interviews, watch how I handle it. Take notes during the trial, I'll look 'em over after and tell you if you missed anything important." Jazlyn nodded and they were off.

After the trial and subsequent interviews - which included a short one with Dumbledore, who winked at Jazlyn - Justin looked over Jazlyn's notes. "Bloody Hell, woman, these are better than mine!"

"Well," Jazlyn said, "I did just leave school, I'm used to notetaking."

"Apparently. Now I'll have to put you in the byline, since I'm stealing your notes and chucking mine."

"Are you supposed to do that?"

"It's my choice, and Darcy and I are old friends anyway. He won't care." He gave Jazlyn an impish grin that made her think of Sirius and James. "Well, see you tomorrow. Darcy likes us in by nine, I bet he didn't mention that."

"No, and thanks for the tip. Bye, Justin." She Disapparated.

"So, what took so long?" Ted asked when she walked downstairs from her room.

"I got the job, and the editor wanted my training to start right off," Jazlyn said, unalbe to stifle a wide grin.

"Are you gonna be in the paper?" Nymph asked

"Yeah. How do you like that?" Jazlyn replied, tousling Nymph's neon green hair.

"It's cool."

"Congratulations," Andie said, smiling.

"Thanks. I'm going to make a firecall, OK?"

"Go ahead."

Jazlyn's call was to Remus. She'd have called Sirius first, but he and James were off on some Auror pre-training thing and were out of contact. He was happy for her, though nervous about his own upcoming interview.

"You'll do fine," she assured him. "And as for your lycanthropy, well, the goblins won't mind. In fact, I think they like the idea of hiring someone who most wizards would scorn. Considering their attitudes toward wizards."

"True," Remus agreed. "So, I guess when Sirius gets back, you'll go running over to the Potters'?"

"Probably." They chatted for a little longer before Remus had to go. Then Jazlyn wrote a letter to Lily, sending it with Ciaran, the household owl. Then she went back to her room, flopping onto her bed and grinning happily at the ceiling. Finally, she was on her way.

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