New ficcie, some Pony and Steve bonding time because Steve was so mean to Pony in the book. He was pretty much an ass in the book. He knows better. Why was he so mean anyway? Maybe his anger hides something.


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P.S. Dedicated to Ivy45663 because she reads all my Outsiders stuff. I mentioned doing this fic about this time last year, so she's earned it, lol.

"Hey Pony, can I talk to you?" Steve asked. Pony looked up from his book, ignoring the tv. He always had his head in a book, and always had the tv on, just to hear somethin'. It seemed weird but then again, with no one else in the house, he'd want some noise too.

"Why would you wanna talk to me?" Pony asked.

Steve rolled his eyes, feeling heat rise to his face. He didn't like hearing that tone or question, even though he knew it was well earned. He was mean to Pony by Pony's standard. And he had his reasons. That kid was too damn sensitive anyway. But Steve knew it was just how Pony was. Sometimes he liked it. Sometimes he needed it to make him understand things, especially things he couldn't ask Soda about.

"Because Evie isn't here and I need a girl's opinion."

"Ha ha. What do you want?" He was getting up and Steve stopped him.

"Wait a sec, wait a sec, I'm sorry. I really do need to talk to you." Steve plopped down next to him.

"What is it?" Pony asked.

"Well, you know how Soda really liked Sandie, right?"

"He loved her." Pony said.

"Yeah, but it wasn't right, because she left him, and she was probably pregnant, and you and I both know it wasn't Soda's."

"Why are we talking about this?" Pony asked.

"Because, I need to talk to someone about it, and it can't be Soda. And you are pretty sensitive like him." Steve said.

"Fine." Pony said. He crossed his legs and folded his hands, the picture of uncomfortable.

"Even though he loved her, it wouldn't be right to stay with her, right?"

"Well, he loved her. Whatever he decided to do would've been all right as long as he really cared about her. But it don't matter none anyway, because she ran out on him and broke his heart. And it's real mean of you to talk about it behind his back Steve. Soda deserves better from his best friend."

Pony left and Steve hit his forehead. He was no word smith, but he knew that'd gone horribly wrong.

"Pony!" Steve got up and followed him to his room. He reached for the door.

"Get lost Steve." Pony said. Steve cracked the door and winced as a solid thunk shut it again. That would be shoe number one. He knew to wait for the second one.

"Pony, come on." Shoe number two hit higher and Steve decided it was time to plunge in and hope Darry hadn't bought him any new shoes recently.

"I don't want to talk about it." He said. He crossed his arms as he sat on his bed.

"Hey, I know it's a funny thing to talk about, but I was just trying to make conversation." Steve said. "Can I sit down and talk about what I really wanted to talk about?"

"No." Pony said.

"Pony, what is your problem?" Steve said, feeling heat flush to his face as he got mad. He couldn't deal with this kid, no matter how hard he tried.

"My problem is you. You're just hanging around, waiting for Soda or Two Bit. You don't like me but you won't ever leave me alone because you know that's what I'd like. And would it kill you to try being nice?"

"I, listen kid, I don't mean to be mean to you. And I don't mean to upset you by talking about Soda all the time either. I really did want to talk to you though." Steve met Pony's eyes and Pony looked at him through his lashes.

"'Bout what?"