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You know the drill.

Steve yawned as Darry got ready to leave. Sodapop was already out with someone and when Steve asked he got a real stupid grin on his face; Steve assumed it was a girl. He didn't know what Darry was up to though.

"Hey, you two behave yourselves while I'm gone. No wrestling, breaking stuff or making trouble. And if Soda comes home, you tell him to take it easy with whatever girl he's been seeing. Almost every night." He shook his head.

"And all the weekend nights is a much better way to date, eh Superman?" Steve prodded. Darry glared.

"I could make your dating life a lot harder, Stevey."

"You go enjoy yourself Superman." Steve said.

"Don't enjoy yourself too hard." Darry said.

Steve waited the customary half hour before sneaking to Pony's room and peaking in. He'd fallen asleep on a book again. He tiptoed in and watched as Pony slept with his arm thrown over his eyes as he laid on a book. He smiled. And jumped.

"Wha-" Pony opened his eyes and blinked at Steve as he settled against Pony's frame.

"Hello Sleeping Beauty." Steve said. He kissed Pony's neck and chuckled.

"Hello Steve." Pony murmured, flushing.

"Darry's going out again." Steve murmured.

"You owe me five bucks." Pony said, smiling as he turned his head towards Steve as Steve pressed his hips against Pony's buttocks. Steve kissed him.

"Double or nothing that he doesn't come home tonight." Steve said.

"I'd be dumber than you to take that bet." Pony said.

"I'm glad we agree. You know what that means?" Steve grinned.


"Darry's bed is free."

Pony followed Steve only because he couldn't believe it.

"Come on Steve, you aren't serious."

Steve's smile said otherwise as he pulled Pony down on top of him. He kissed Pony and wrapped his arms around the boy, pulling him close as he settled on the bed. He ran his fingers through Pony's hair as he pressed Pony's hips down against his. Pony murmured into their kiss and Steve jerked his shirt loose from his pants and let his hand stroke his ivory skin. When he slipped his tongue into the kiss, Pony's resistance faded.

Pony wasn't wearing shoes and slipped off his socks while Steve kicked his boots to opposite ends of the room, leaving his socks on. He wrestled with Pony's belt and soon the button and zipper parted, and Steve smiled at the small triumph. Pony pulled his shirt off, ignoring the few buttons that'd been mislaid by Steve's aggressive onslaught. The thin white tee shirt under the flannel followed and Steve tackled him, pinning him to the bed. He kissed Pony's throat, neck and stroked his erection through his underwear. He let his tongue unfold against Pony's flushed chest and it lingered over his nipple, his finger flicking the other as Pony's hips arched up.

Pony struggled with Steve's DX shirt, trying to pull it from his pants and get it off. He was more careful about buttons since he knew Darry would have to fix um, and he could guess why they'd need fixing. After another moment of his struggle, Steve chuckled and tore it off himself, revealing his bronzy, smooth chest. Pony gripped his shoulders, pulling him in for a kiss as he felt Steve pulling on the waistband of his pants, forcing them down around his thighs. The cold metal of his belt buckle brushed his erection and he exhaled.

Steve slipped away from Pony to pull on his pants and slid them off his muscled legs, smiling as they took his underwear with them. Pony blinked up at him and he blinked back. God, Pony was gorgeous. His muscles were drawn taut with tension, a glimmer of sweat covered his face and had soaked a few strands of his hair, and his hipbones were exposed as his erection flagged from the cold.

"What are you staring at?" Pony asked. Steve smiled as he blushed and made a move to curl and hide.

"You, gorgeous." Steve said, winking as he slipped his jeans off. He heard Pony snort. "What?"

"Aren't those my underwear?" Pony asked. Steve glanced at them.

"I was wondering why they were a little tight."

Steve shrugged his shoulders and tossed the offending article of clothing away. Pony kept laughing as Steve dropped to the bed again, straddling him and nuzzling his warm flesh. He looked to Pony's eyes and Pony met his gaze for a moment before looking away. Steve pressed a kiss to cheek and Pony shut his eyes. Steve ran his fingers up Pony's throat and to his cheek, his thumb tracing the arch of his eyebrow. Pony trembled and Steve smiled, brushing a finger across his lips. He kissed his closed eyes and sighed.

"Gorgeous." He murmured into Pony's ear, a moment later planting a chaste kiss to his earlobe.

Steve eased Pony on top of him and smiled up at him as his eyes opened in shock. Steve ran his hands along Pony's side, feeling the dips and ridges of his ribs as his hands traveled. He gripped Pony's hipbones and loved the feeling of being able to move and guide him, through everything, every step. And that was why Ponyboy Curtis was going to fuck Steve Randle.

"Steve-" Pony blinked down at him with confusion etched into his brow and Steve smiled.

"I want you to fuck me on your brother's bed." Steve said. Pony flushed and Steve felt his erection rub against his thigh, pre cum marking him as Pony shifted.

"You're crazy."

"In a very good way." Steve said, slipping his finger to his thigh, gathering the pre cum and licking it. Pony's eyes went wide.

"How do I-"

"Do what I did, although I'm sure Superman has lube somewhere around here." Steve said. Pony slipped off him and rummaged in his dresser for a moment before returning with a tube of it. He hopped back onto the bed next to Steve and Steve pulled him on top of his body again, rubbing his hipbones and smiling.

"But it hurt a lot when you did it, and I'm not as good as you-"

"Don't worry about it."


Pony stared at Steve for a moment and frowned.

"Will you take your socks off?" Pony asked.

"What?" Steve asked, blinking at Pony as he held the lube and stood, hand on his hip.

"It's weird." Pony said. He fidgeted.

"Is it really an issue?" Steve asked, chuckling.

"A little one."

"Fine." Steve slipped his socks off while rolling his eyes. "Now, as you were saying.

Pony fumbled with the cap on the lube as he slid down to the bed. When it opened, it spat cold oil on them both, drawing a gasp from Steve and a mumbled apology from Pony. Steve rubbed his hipbones and nodded as he spread it on his fingers. And his palms. And it dripped to his wrists and he cleared his throat. Steve chuckled.

"It's all right."

Steve slipped his hips closer to Pony, angling them upward so Pony had access as he wrapped his legs around Pony's waist. Pony flushed at such vulnerability, or maybe seeing Steve's nether regions. He touched Steve's thigh and watched his face. Steve rolled his neck back and sighed, feeling the chilled lube as Pony ran his fingers down his thigh. His touches were feather light and grew lighter as he neared Steve's erection. He touched it with one finger. One finger. Steve moaned and moaned again when he drew that one finger down past his balls and stroked his perineum.

Pony watched Steve writhe and started when he moaned. He'd never seen Steve this excited before but then again, he wasn't always looking at Steve's face. Now he needed to so he knew that Steve liked what he was doing. And it certainly looked like he did. Pony slid his finger lower and it slipped into the space between Steve's buttocks and he groaned.

"Ponyboy, you're good at foreplay, but you are killing me."

"Do you want me to stop?" Pony asked, frowning.

"No, not exactly. Just make a b line for the part where you're inside me." Steve muttered. He looked to Pony and smiled. "Please."

"Since you asked so nice." Pony grinned.

Steve guided Pony's finger to his opening to ensure he really was going to do what he'd asked. It'd be embarrassing to cum before Pony was even in him, and even getting off before Pony was a little embarrassing. Steve was the older, more experienced one, so he shouldn't be near as close as he felt, but damn, Pony was something else. Steve urged him to put a slicked finger in his hole and Pony did so, slowly.

It was a minor intrusion and Steve watched Pony's face to keep his mind off the discomfort. Pony was very pink and sweating, but his face told of the tense pressure surrounding his finger, and Steve was sure his imagination could well tell him what it might be like. But his imagination had no idea what was in store.

"Another finger." Steve said, rocking his hips against the one he'd grown used to.

Pony slipped another finger in and Steve groaned at the stretch. Pony wriggled his fingers and Steve fisted the sheets. Pony didn't know if it was a good or bad thing, so he tried it again. Steve moaned his name and spoke.

"One more."

Pony slipped a third finger in and started to spread them. Steve's back left the mattress as he made a strange, growling noise. Pony assumed that was a good thing and leaned forward, planting an open mouthed kiss on the head of his erection. Steve moaned and forced his back down to the mattress, panting.

"I'm ready." Steve panted.

Pony blinked at him and moved to line his erection to the entrance his fingers had vacated. Steve stopped him, grabbed the lube, popped open the cap and squeezed some onto his penis. Pony gasped for the coldness and frowned. Steve smiled and brought his hand to Pony's penis, rubbing the lube in slowly as Pony began to pant.

"And now, you're ready." Steve murmured. He pulled a pillow under his head and smiled at Pony.

Pony nudged closer and Steve's thighs spread a little wider. He gasped as the wet head of Pony's erection rubbed against his opening. Steve never thought he'd be doing this, ever.

Pony had asked once or twice how Steve knew all this stuff. Steve always dodged the question because he didn't like thinking about how he knew this stuff. Or why he didn't live with his folks anymore. Or why his mother had finally left his father.

And since he didn't like thinking about it, he wasn't about to think about it while Pony was taking him for the first time.



"You really ready? Looked like you had your heads in the clouds for minute there." Pony said.

"Yeah, I'm more than ready." Steve said.

He was ready to move on, forget the pain from the past, and embrace the pleasure of what he had right this minute.

He wasn't exactly embracing the first intrusion of Pony's erection though. He groaned and felt his muscles tense against the pain caused by a very familiar stretch. But it was so much nicer, and Pony was being gentle and slow, even though it was probably driving him nuts. Steve knew that much. Steve reached up and gripped his arms, panting as Pony's hair hung over his face in a mask of concentration. He ran his hand up and down Pony's arm, unsure of how to caress him in this position. Pony lowered his face and kissed Steve. He tasted lightly of chocolate and salt.

Pony continued to inch in, unable to quite read Steve's face. He did know that every inch made it tighter and it was driving him nuts. He didn't want to let Steve down, especially since Pony didn't even ask for this because well, he was Steve Randle. And he didn't seem like the type to enjoy this, but damn, it seemed like he was.

Steve lifted his legs up and rested his thighs against Pony's chest, urging him in more. Pony struggled to control himself and hoped Steve would be ready for him to move soon. Soon, as in, now. Steve started pushing back against Pony's erection and impaling himself. Pony assumed that meant it was time to move.

"Ready?" Pony gasped.

"Fuck yeah."

Pony shifted his hips forward, driving his erection into Steve as he put his palms down to the mattress, pushing Steve's legs forward, closer to his chest. Steve gripped Pony's shoulders and smiled. Pony thrust in and Steve bit his lip to contain the scream. God, it was never this good.

"Harder." Steve said, feeling a few gentle thrusts and not feeling the satisfaction he wanted from them.

"How hard?"

"As hard you can." Steve murmured.

"You never go that hard."

"That's because you're a pussy." Steve said.

"Steve-" Pony frowned and stopped moving, which made Steve tense.

"I mean, I'm gentle with you because I looooove you." He kissed Pony's cheek. "But I want it hard."

"All right, I'll try."

"And I'm sure you'll succeed."

Pony thrust in harder and Steve arched, gripping his shoulders hard as his breathing increased. He kissed Pony's neck as he leaned forward, Pony slipping his arms around Steve as his legs slipped down around his waist again. He wrapped his legs tight around Pony's waist, putting pressure on the small of his back to guide his strokes deeper. Pony delved in and went much deeper than his previous, shallow, gentle strokes and Steve cried out, shuddering.

"You okay-"

"Do that again." Steve said, panting.

"Did I hurt you-"

"No, just keep doing that." Steve muttered.

Pony nodded and focused on Steve again, undulating his hips for a moment and making him growl before slamming into him, which made him howl. He loved seeing sensations run across Steve's face, especially since he was responsible for them. Steve leaned close to his chest and rested his face in the nook between his shoulder and neck, his hand trialing to Pony's thrusting hips. He rubbed the spot just above where his buttocks curved and moaned, his fingers curling so his nails drew across Pony's skin.

Pony felt Steve getting tighter, as if he was tensing, but Steve wasn't particularly controlling that reflex. He smiled. He wasn't gonna last long, but Steve was going to lose it first or his name wasn't Ponyboy. He reached down to Steve's erection as it leaked pre cum and ran his thumb over the head, drawing a guttural groan from Steve. He licked his thumb, blinking at the light, salty taste as he smiled. Steve kissed his throat to avoid whimpering. Did he even know how insane that was?

Steve guessed he did know, because he reached down again and ran his closed fingers over Steve's erection. He thrust in just about the same time but grimaced because he felt that it was just a little over. Steve smiled as he began to try to time his thrusts and strokes, without Steve saying a way. Then he felt his muscles tense and he realized he was a lot closer to coming than he thought. Pony grinned at him, and Steve understood.

Pony grunted as Steve clamped down on him, his buttocks tense as Pony thrust into him. Steve smiled back and kissed him. Pony seized the kiss and his tongue lapped at Steve's, transferring the taste of his own cum to him. He didn't think he'd like it, but Pony had learned kissing from the best. Steve broke apart for a moment, only to murmur in Pony's ear.


Steve was pushing against Pony's hand, writhing to his touch as Pony pounded his entrance. This couldn't last much longer because Steve was about to explode in a screaming, blind orgasm. Pony's hips were aching, his lust driving him to ignore it because he felt like he was a part of Steve, a living, flaming part of Steve Randle that was only a part of him because he wanted it to be so.

Pony's last hard stroke made Steve grunt, shuddering against Pony's chest as he came. His passage clamped down mercilessly on Pony and Pony gave him a few more hard thrusts before he came deep inside Steve with a groan.

Neither one moved because their entire world was their bodies, connected, breathless, sweat and cum soaked in bliss. Pony ran his hand down the white liquid on his stomach and he licked it, smiling at his hazy eyed lover.

"I love you. And you aren't my problem, Steve Randle." Pony said with a demure smile. Very demure for someone with semen on their stomach, Steve noted.

"Yeah, getting these sheets washed before Darry gets home is." Pony narrowed his eyes at Steve and Steve pressed a kiss to his forehead. "And I love you too."

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