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Title: Eternity

Genre: Romance

Pairings: NejiTen; slight AsuKure, KakaAnko; mention of SasuSaku

Word count: 5,600

Summary: "If two people are meant to be, they will find their way back together."


Tenten hated her job. She hated being a waitress and watch pervy men take in the too tight black shirt and pants. She was the one that had rallied for pants and a shirt instead of the tiny skirt that waitresses were wearing when she first applied for the job, but she had imagined much looser garments. At least she had the half apron around her waist, the one that was usually filled with straws, pens, and her notepad. It helped slightly, but not much.

"Hello, welcome to the Konoha Leaf; I'm Tenten and I'll be your waitress tonight!" she smiled brightly as she placed four menus in front of the occupants at the table. She hated this part too; the always happy, always optimistic, always cheerful attitude that was required. It wasn't as if Tenten was an angry person, she just hated forcing herself to smile brightly and acting cheerful all the time. She was naturally pleasant, but if she had to force it, things turned ugly soon.

"Good evening, Tenten," a familiar voice spoke as Tenten took out her notepad and began to write things down, "I wasn't aware you worked here!"

Tenten's eyes flickered up and the hazel eyes widened before her lips broke out into the first genuine grin of the evening. "Kurenai-san! Hi!" Back when Tenten was still a student at Tokyo University, Kurenai had been her favorite teacher. She had been a history major and Kurenai taught the class on the history of weapons. It was her favorite class by far and it was the reason for why she decided she would settle for nothing less than a job as a museum curator. She loved history, especially the weapons, and she would love to work somewhere, surrounded by age old artifacts and people who truly appreciated them.

However, at twenty three and broke, finding a job as a museum curator was at the bottom of her list. At the top was paying her rent and feeding herself and, Tenten would remember sadly, finding a job as a curator was extremely difficult. Even by working her way up, it would take too long; right now, she didn't have that kind of time.

So, she settled for the fulltime position as a waitress at one of Konoha's most popular restaurants. She liked food, but that was about it. She walked around for nine hours a day, served dozens of people, dealt with crying children and whining adults, and spent far too much money on comfortable shoe inserts. However, sometimes she'd get a genuinely kind customer, like right now, and she would be extremely grateful for them.

"Nice to see you, Tenten. I hope your current job doesn't require any knowledge of organic chemistry."

"Kakashi-san," Tenten laughed, greeting her other former teacher, "Trust me, the only knowledge of science that I have to know is that hot things are bad. What would you guys like to drink?" she asked and clicked her pen and looked at the four, realizing the other two were her former teachers as well. Kurenai, her weapon history teacher. Kakashi, her organic chemistry teacher (she absolutely loathed that class). Asuma, her calculus teacher (who had assigned the class a ten page paper and Tenten still didn't understand how she came up with a ten page paper about math). And last but not least, Anko, her badass probability of gambling class teacher. Though not very good at math, Tenten managed to get an A in that class. Anko's teaching style was simple: send the kids to the casino weekly and let them get drunk and gamble. The kid's grades depended on how much they won and luckily for Tenten, she had a high alcohol tolerance and good memory for certain things, one of which was gambling. Tenten was surprised that the university continued to allow Anko to teach this way.


"Nonsense!" Tenten couldn't help but laugh as Asuma casually rested his arm around Kurenai's shoulders, earning him a bright red blush from the red eyed woman. "Red wine all around! Do you have Pinot noir?"

"A-Asuma! I don't drink!"

"Tonight you do, baby!"

"Disgusting, isn't it?" Kakashi muttered, flicking his eyes at his coworkers, "Flirting so outrageously… A-Anko! Get your foot away!"

"Right, Kakashi-san," Tenten laughed and pocketed her notepad, and walked away, grinning, "I'll be back soon with your drinks!"

Tenten weaved through the maze of tables and people as she slipped towards the beverages area. It usually wasn't this busy, but since it was a Friday night, well, she liked to keep herself positive by reminding herself she would get several tips. "Excuse me" she would mutter as she squeezed past other waiters and waitresses, arms heavy with trays and "sorry" as she bumped into some of them and for a terrifying moment, they thought they were going to spill fettuccini alfredo all over the guest.

"Tenten! New table for you, table forty one!"

"Give me a second!" Tenten hollered back as she grabbed a tray and four wine glasses before slipping into the wine storage area. Personally Tenten didn't drink, and so she didn't understand how people could differentiate between wines. To her, the only difference was the labels. However, finding the Pinot noir, she carefully took it out and placed it on top of her tray, one hand holding it steady as she weaved her way back to the table.

"Here you go!" she said brightly and carefully placed the wine glasses down in front of them. She then carefully placed the bottle of wine on the table and left a wine opener; courtesy said that she should have opened the bottle but she knew better. Asuma loved opening wine bottles for some odd reason that she never understood. "I'll be back in a few minutes to take your orders, okay?"

And with that, she disappeared, pausing by the front to grab two menus (she had glanced at table forty one and saw two people sitting there) before going through the obstacle course she worked at called a restaurant again. Tenten found it ironic that she lost weight by working in a place where people tended to gain weight, but she didn't mind. Better to lose weight than gain it, she supposed.

"Good evening and welcome to…" Tenten started off with her normal, fake cheery self, first looking at the female and giving her the menu. However, once she looked at the person sitting across from her, she instantly froze, her hand and menu in midair. "…Hi, Neji."

Neji seemed equally surprised to see her as he looked up. After a few minutes he seemed to snap out of his shock and nodded quietly. "Hello, Tenten."

Tenten couldn't believe her eyes. Hyuuga Neji, the one who graduated Tokyo University's medical school with the highest honors, and also her ex-boyfriend, was sitting here in front of him. She really didn't expect him here. For one, she heard that he was somewhere in America at John Hopkins Hospital for his residency. And the last time she checked, this was Tokyo, Japan.

Also, seeing Neji in his crisp, white dress shirt and black dress pants with the jacket thrown almost carelessly to his side in the booth was out of place at the restaurant. Although not a diner, Konoha Leaf definitely was not the five star restaurant he should be in. The carpets were a deep red and the booths along the sides were all elevated on a dark, mahogany wood. The pillars and seats were made of the same wood, with red plush for comfort. Tables had a beige tablecloth over them and the dining room was dim, lit only by the fake candles mounted on the wall and real ones on each table, with one fluorescent light in the ceiling that was mostly obscured. It was more of a romantic, casual restaurant; Tenten expected Neji to dine at some snobby place where the waiters looked at you with contempt if you used the wrong fork.

"Oh uh…" Tenten cleared her throat and glanced at the female sitting across from him. She was very, very pretty, with her silvery Hyuuga eyes like Neji that had a tint of lavender in them and long, navy hair that cascaded down her shoulders and onto her pale skin and lilac dress. She smiled shyly and nodded her head when she made eye contact with Tenten before looking away. Tenten blinked again, feeling something in her chest rip. Is… is this his fiancée? "Welcome… to Konoha Leaf," she managed a weak smile at the two, "What would you like to uh… drink?"

"Water for both of us," Neji answered quietly; she noticed he had never taken her eyes off of him. She turned around to leave but was stopped by something. Turning around, she realized it was Neji's hand on her wrist and she instantly flushed darkly.

"Neji… Hyuuga-san," she decided to go with a more detached way of addressing him, wondering if the brief look of shock and pain was in her imagination, "Is there something you need?"

"Nothing… just," Neji let go of her wrist and kept his gaze on her, "…Good to see you."

"…Yeah," Tenten smiled softly, "Good to see you again too."

As Tenten made her way away from the table, Hinata looked at Neji, her eyes wide. "N-Neji-niisan! Isn't that Tenten-san, your ex-girlfriend?"

Neji sighed and ran a hand through his dark brown hair, giving the impression that he was not expecting this. However, he was. He had specifically picked this restaurant just to meet her; he had unfinished business and he wanted it taken care of. "Yes, Hinata-sama. It is."

Hinata's eyes were still wide. "D-don't you still love her?"

"…Yes, Hinata-sama. I do."

"I think she thinks I'm your fiancée!"

Neji couldn't help but smirk slightly, seeing Hinata get so riled up. When he and Tenten had broken up, she had burst into his room with a tray of ramen and hot tea, flushing and telling him that she was sorry for his loss, she would be there to listen to him, all the usual. Though cousins, they shared a kind of brother and sister relationship. Neji would always be there to protect Hinata in school from perverts or bullies and as a result, Hinata respected and looked up to Neji immensely. They were close but from the way Hinata acted, no one could really tell.

He had stared at her and told her to set the tray down on the bureau and sit down and close the door. She had obliged immediately and he had confessed to her that he was still in love with Tenten and how breaking up with her was the stupidest mistake he had ever made. She had listened intently as he unconsciously began to ramble on about how much she meant to him and how he couldn't believe he was such an idiot. Ever since then, Hinata had made several poor attempts to get the two back together.

However, sweet and shy girls aren't the best at playing matchmaker.

"I'm sure she does, Hinata-sama."

"What should we…" Hinata's rising voice fell into silence when Neji put a finger up to his lip as he saw Tenten approaching. He smirked and instantly Hinata calmed down, knowing that the smirk signified that he had a plan and she relaxed into a smile.

"Don't worry," he said lowly just before she reached their table, "It'll be fine."


Tenten was suspicious.

The brunette narrowed her eyes as she leaned against a wall and crossed her arms, tapping her fingers against her slender forearm as she watched Neji and Sasuke sit at a booth. After last night's extremely awkward dinner, she had thanked the deities that nothing happened and she assumed she would never see him again. However, here he was, having lunch at the Konoha Leaf the very next day after the embarrassing encounter.

This had to be just as awkward for Neji as it was for her. They had broken up after a seriously relationship and have avoided each other ever since. So why was he still coming here?

"Tenten, look. It wasn't my idea. It was my uncle's. I promise you, he knows of our relationship," Neji called through Tenten's locked door to her dorm, "He simply wishes to have things his way. I didn't know anything about it, I swear!"

After a disastrous, what should have been simple, dinner, Tenten had stormed out of Hyuuga manor and taken the first train back to Tokyo University. The two had been dating for about a year now, and were seniors at the university at their respective graduate schools. Neji had finally caved in and taken Tenten to dinner with his family; Tenten was positive she could wow them with her charm. However, Neji didn't account for the fact that Hiashi would bring out the three possible fiancées he had chosen for Neji. As the eldest Hyuuga male, and the fact that Hanabi and Hinata were not well suited to run a company, Hiashi had assumed that Neji would take over the company. As such, he proposed having him marry the daughter of another large company to ensure good relations. He assumed Neji's relationship with Tenten was a "fling" and disregarded it.

"Yeah, well, they were really pretty," came a muffled voice through the door, "So you might as well go marry one of them!"

"I don't want any of them," Neji spoke after a brief pause, lowering his voice, "…The only one I want is you."

The door was pulled open all of a sudden, and Neji felt the air being sucked in, almost taking him along with it. A frazzled and slightly disheveled Tenten appeared, glaring heavily at him. "Neji, we come from two completely different worlds. Maybe Hiashi's right; it's stupid for you to throw everything away for me. Come on, you're going to tell me that you never thought about what it would be like to run Hyuuga Corporations? You would be set and you know you would make your father proud. Am I really worth all that you could lose?"

"You are."

Tenten gripped the doorknob tightly and bit her lip, looking away. They had this argument several times and they usually left it at this, but she always had a question lurking on the tip of her tongue, always wanting to be asked but never finding the courage to do so.

"So why don't you fight for me?"

The words slipped out before she had a chance to think about what she was saying. As soon as they were spoken, she flushed guiltily and looked down again, avoiding eye contact with him. Suddenly, she felt so self conscious; the question she just asked made her feel like he saw her as selfish, only thinking about her and not him.

"…What do you mean?" Neji asked quietly and leaned against the doorframe, frowning as he studied her face. "I care…"

"I know you care about me," suddenly, Tenten couldn't control any of her thoughts anymore, "I know you love me and that you want to be with me. But you've known about Hiashi's plans to have you marry someone ever since we started grad school. So why is it that every time he mentions it you just mutter something and leave it at that? I've never seen or heard you tell him that no, it isn't what you want. I want to be with you and I trust you completely, but… I don't know if you want me to be with you as much as I want to be with you."

"Tenten," Neji paused for a moment, "I care for you deeply, but to throw away my relationship with Hiashi-sama… do you really believe our relationship is at that level?"

It was like Neji just dropped a bomb in between them. He instantly felt remorse wash over him when he saw the expression on the girl's face and he immediately reprimanded himself for being so stupid and thoughtless. It wasn't that he considered this relationship a fling, it was that he never realized how important she was to him until now. Of course he meant his words when he told her he loved her and cared for her, but up until this point, he had never decided if his family was more important to him or if she was. As soon as he said that, he realized that he would choose her over his stupid family any day.


"No, it's okay, Neji," Tenten interrupted him and brought a hand up to her face to wipe away the sudden tears, "I'm sorry. I guess… I got too attached too quickly and of course you won't want that. So I think it's best if we just… you know… break up. Because…"

"You say it so casually."

"…What?" Tenten looked up and for once felt scared by his cold, emotionless gaze. She had never once felt threatened by Neji and even now, deep down, she knew that he would never harm her. But his gaze was deathly cold and she felt as if he had already killed her.

"You say it so casually," he continued, a new hard edge to his voice, "As if our relationship wasn't anything serious. As if breaking up is just another decision that you made on a whim, one that wouldn't have any serious consequences. You just implied that you took our relationship incredibly seriously, yet now you make it sound as if it was a joke."

This was how their fights often were. They didn't scream at each other or raise their voices; it was a battle of patience and low voices. However, once in a while, Tenten couldn't help but snap at him and raise her voice.

"You moron!" Neji was startled by her outburst and took a step back in surprise. "What do you mean, I say it so casually? It's tearing me apart but I'm trying to stay calm to not make a scene and handle this maturely! Obviously you didn't hold our relationship at the same level I did and I might not be a relationship expert like Ino but I know that that's a sign this isn't going to work! I loved and still love you, Hyuuga Neji, but I don't want to continue dating you if you think of this as a joke! I'll do anything to happy, but unless you would do that for me, I'm not going to remain in a fake relationship."

"Fake relationship?" Now it was Tenten's turn to look up in shock at his raised voice, "Fake relationship? You thought this was fake? I have never said what I've said to you to anyone else. I have never disagreed with Hiashi-sama on anything besides anything concerning you. I have never felt this way about someone except you. And you accuse me of faking my feelings? Well, if that's your opinion, then perhaps yes, it would be best for us to break up."

The two glared at each other in a stony silence, apologies both at the tip of their tongues, yet their pride refused to crack even the slightest bit because they each felt that though they were at fault, the other was as well. After a few moments, Neji made a kind of 'tch' sound and stormed off. In response, Tenten slammed the door shut and threw herself onto her bed, already regretting the last ten minutes.

Why am I so stupid…?

Why am I so stupid…? Tenten was surprised to hear the same thought echo in her head now. About two years had passed and, as far as Tenten was concerned, Neji hadn't dated anyone else either. However, last night…

Of course he has a fiancée. He's Neji. He could just raise a finger and girls would instantly flock to him, she thought bitterly and clutched the serving tray tighter to her chest. It still pained her to talk to him, because she still had unresolved feelings for him. She couldn't help it; he was her first, serious, non-puppy love, and she would never forget him, no matter how hard she tried. Some things just never left her, and Neji was one of those things.

"Oi. Table. Go," Tenten felt herself pushed forward by probably a senior waitress and she grumbled something incoherent as she walked towards the table. She put on the bright smile when she reached them. You can do this. You've been pretending for the last two years, you can do this for another hour.

"Good afternoon, and welcome to Konoha Leaf. What would you like to drink?" Tenten recited her script, smiling at the two. "Good to see you again, Neji. And good to see you, Sasuke."

"Water," Sasuke nodded back in acknowledgement then glanced at Neji, smirking slightly. "Hyuuga? Tell the nice girl what you would like to drink."

"Shut up, Uchiha," Neji growled then looked at Tenten, his eyes softening. "Water as well. And," he added as she turned around and began to walk off, "What time do you get off today?"

Tenten turned around, blinking in surprise. "It's Saturday so… we close after lunch service and reopen for dinner. So… I'm off around two."

"Okay," Tenten cursed the butterflies in her stomach at his smile, "I'll meet you outside at two."

Sasuke watched as Tenten walked off then turned back to Neji and smirked. Neji glanced back and scowled. "What?"

"Watching you nervous is fun."

"You sadist."

"Yeah," Sasuke nodded and leaned back against the booth and crossed his arms, looking smug and satisfied. "That's what Sakura says too."


Tenten hadn't been this nervous since her last final, when she was bordering on a C and D in differential calculus and it was the deciding factor if she would graduate. Luckily, she managed to pull her grade up to a solid C and graduated easily. However, she knew it wouldn't be so clear cut this time.

What does Neji want? She asked herself as she pushed through the doors and squinted at the bright sun. She looked around for signs of the long haired Hyuuga. She almost rolled her eyes and walked back in, deciding that Neji didn't show up when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around, smiling. He'd never stand me up.


"Hi, Neji!" she smiled brightly and straightened up; the pose she had perfected for this job. The bright smile and perfect posture got her through almost every situation imaginable; it calmed angry customers and instilled confidence that they would get their food soon. No one ever questioned it. Until now, anyway.

"That's fake."

"…Huh?" Tenten's smile slid off her face and she looked at him with a questioning gaze. The way he was looking at her sent every nerve in her body haywire; she wanted to hide away yet run five miles at the same time. "What do you mean?"

"Your smile," he answered simply, "Is fake. You're forcing it. It's not your genuine smile. I know because I've learned the differences between your genuine and fake smiles and the consequences."

Tenten blinked and tilted her head, laughing. He still knows me so well. Neji smiled in response at the sound of her laughter. It had always been one of his favorite sounds, and he would always find himself doing stupid things just to hear it. "And that is the genuine smile of yours that I fell in love with."

Tenten decided to ignore the sudden skip in her heartbeat at that. She cleared her throat and sat down on the bench next to the potted tree that her boss insisted brought a natural feeling to the restaurant and patted the empty space next to her, indicating for Neji to sit down as well. "So, do you like the food here that much to come back again?" she asked as he sat down, trying to make small talk. She wasn't sure why he wanted to meet her but as long as he was here, she decided that she would make the best of it because she would probably never see him again.

"The food is delicious," Neji answered easily and leaned forward, resting his elbow on his knees and folding his hands. Tenten noted the way his long hair cascaded down his shoulders against the navy blue dress shirt he wore today. The black tie was loosened and the collar was unbuttoned, a look that he always wore when he was taking a break from a professional setting. She would remember looking up to see him march into his or her room and loosen the tie, throwing his jacket to the side and scowling, as if dressing formally killed him.

"Does your fiancée like it here too?" Tenten couldn't help but add a bit of venom into the word 'fiancee' into the already blunt question. Neji looked at her in surprise and she flushed, wishing she had kept her mouth shut or at least ask it in a more polite manner. "I mean… you're twenty three now and she was really pretty… so you know…"

"Hinata-sama is not my fiancée," he smiled in amusement at the fact that his prediction was right and how flustered and self conscious she was getting. Maybe he shouldn't have admonished Sasuke on being a sadist; he enjoyed watching her squirm right now, "She is my cousin. We simply wanted to have a dinner out together."

"…Oh." Tenten felt incredibly silly right now and her cheeks flamed bright red. Damnit, now I sound like the clingy ex-girlfriend! Damn, damn, damn! Why did I have to ask him that?

"Are you perhaps… jealous?" he asked lightly and moved closer to her. The scent of her vanilla scented perfume wafted to his nose and he relished the smell; it had been so long since he was this close to her. Now that he had her within a finger's reach, he had no idea how he managed the last two years without her.

"M-me? Jealous?" he remembered her denial face and tone; he always found it adorable, "N-never! No! You're crazy, Hyuuga!"

"I miss that."


"I miss you calling me that and pretending to be threatening."

The brunette blinked and stared at him. A familiar prickly feeling washed over her and her face began to heat up; he always managed to do this with her. Even when she saw his picture in the newspaper, she would stop and stare and smile stupidly. He had this effect on her that she never felt from anyone else, an effect that was probably lethal in high doses but she didn't care. She cast her gaze down, smiling sadly. "Stop that."

"Stop what?"

"…Making me feel this way."

"What way?" Neji was the master of short replies today.

Her eyes flicked up to him momentarily, then back down. She clenched her fists, resting them on her knees as the wind blew by and her bangs brushed across her face. "Making me fall in love with you all over again."

It was silent for a moment before she felt Neji's hand brush a few strands of her light brown hair away. She turned to look at him and immediately she felt his lips on hers gently and chastely. By the time she really registered what was happening he had pulled back and smirked. "If two people are meant to be together, they will find their way back." (1)

Neji wasn't sure what he was expecting when he indirectly told her he was still in love with her. He didn't expect her to come running back into his arms like nothing had happened, but he also wasn't expecting a slap to the face and a magical boyfriend coming out of nowhere. However, the worst reaction would have been silence. He couldn't deal with not knowing what she felt; he would have rather heard her say "it's too late" than to have her just stare at him like right now.

Tenten blinked stupidly and stared at him, her entire body frozen. She felt strangely at peace as his words rang over and over again in her head. "If two people are meant to be, they will find their way together." Does that mean… does he still… what?

"Neji," she stopped and bit her lip, "…We broke up. Because of… our differing views on our relationship. If it didn't work the first time then…"

"The first time," Neji had always been a master at masking his emotions, calmly taking her hand while his heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest, "I was stupid. I didn't realize what I had until I lost it. Hiashi-sama has introduced me to several young women as possible fiancées, but I have rejected every single one of them and made it clear to him that there is only one woman that I could ever be with. I'm sorry for not realizing it earlier and for not fighting harder for you."

"…But… the company… you always…"

"Is mine," he smiled and leaned in, resting his forehead against hers, chuckling at her shocked expression, "I made it clear to him that I wanted to be with you, yet I wanted to fulfill my duties to the family. After graduating, instead of going onto residency, I decided to not become a doctor. I knew that unless I gave Hiashi-sama something in return, he would never allow me even the chance to be with you. Thus, I told him I would be willing to take over the business. But I emphasized that he had to give me the option of you."

"Option…?" Tenten was still in a daze. She had never even dared to dream that she would meet Neji again and that he would still be in love with her. She tended to dream but she always knew her limits; to have done something like this she must have been a saint in her past life. She really wished she knew who she was in the past; that person deserved a huge bouquet of flowers.

"Because," for the first time that day, she heard Neji falter, "I wasn't sure if you would still feel the same way. So… do you?"

And it was finally Tenten's turn to watch Neji be nervous and fidget. She couldn't help but let a smile spread across her blushing cheeks as she laughed and put her hands on either side of his face. "I never stopped. But… we broke up for a reason, right?"

"Right. So we could get back together." (2)

Neji smirked as Tenten laughed again and leaned in to kiss him. At the last second, Neji pulled back cruelly and watched her eyes flutter open and look at him questioningly. "What's wrong?"

"We're not going to have a perfect relationship," he stated flatly, "We're going to have fights. We're going to have differing views. I'm not as perfect as you think I am. We're going to disagree. We're going to stomp out on each other."

Tenten raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Is this some kind of a disclaimer? Trust me, if I'm going to begin a relationship with you, I know what to expect. No relationship is perfect, and we've broken up before. But if we're willing to try again, doesn't that mean that it'll work? As you said, if two people are meant to be together, they will find their way back. If after two years we haven't dated anyone else and pompous Hyuuga Neji has come to track me down and stubborn little me has just gracefully fallen into your arms—"

"Nothing you do is graceful."

"—then I think this is a good indication that we're meant to be," she glared at him lightly for his interruption, but relaxed quickly. She laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his shirt. "I missed you. So much. I never even dared to dream of something like this happening…"

She heard him laugh and breathed in his scent, missing the proximity and warmth that she had grown accustomed to. "…Neji?"

"Hm?" he answered lazily as he played with the loose strands of hair, feeling more content than he had in a while. He knew he had missed her for the last two years, but now he was wondering how he had survived without her; how could he go a day without seeing her smile or feeling her warmth against him?

"…This is too perfect," she muttered, her face still buried in his shirt, "I'm not used to things working out like this. What happened to you? What happened to the cynical pessimist?"

"Nothing. I'm just making sure that our start is perfect, because I doubt it ever will be again."

"Our start?" she pulled back and instantly, Neji leaned in and kissed her. When he pulled back she pouted. "Not fair, when I tried to do that you pulled away!"

He chuckled and smiled at her. Everything was so peaceful now; as people walked past, the two didn't notice them glancing at them or the dogs barking at them. Tenten was so sure that never again would she meet a person who would have this effect on her. There were very few people that could get Tenten to tune out the rest of the world, but Neji was definitely one of them.

Neji's eyes softened and his hand reached out towards hers and their fingers intertwined.

"The start of eternity."

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(1) As said by Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I hope no one sues me. I'm broke.

(2) As said by Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World. Please don't sue me.