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The girl slumped at the table, yanking at the silver collar around her neck. She glowered sullenly out of the window. The room was a mess. She'd only done it to exercise her feelings, but it hadn't helped at all. She was still helpless, still a prisoner. She kicked the table again, wincing as she stubbed her toe.

The older woman sat on her bed watching; her face a mixture of sympathy and amusement. Like the girl, she to wore a silver collar, but unlike the girl's, was not connected to the silver bracelet hanging on a peg.

"Are you quite finished?" the older woman asked. "They'll be here soon, and I'm not being switched just because you're a foolish child having a temper-tantrum."

"Well, aren't you the perfect little lapdog," the girl said scowling through fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Child I've been a damane for a long time now, but I fought as much or more than you do," the woman replied, getting up and putting her arms around the girl.

"If you like, I'll tell you my story."

The girl nodded, and together, they cleaned up the mess. They sat talking for awhile, until two sul'dam entered the room. The first was tall with cold green eyes and close-cropped red hair, the other short and stocky with twinkling brown eyes and chestnut curls. These were not the two's main sul'dam, but they had worked with there charges often.

The two damane sat down at the table and set to work. They were making ai'dam. The sul'dam sat, each wearing one of the bracelets, on the beds, watching. The sun slipped down the horizon. Soon it would be dark, time to go out into the gardens. The girl closed her eyes for a moment, embracing Saidar, then opening them, followed the weaving of the other woman.

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