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Chapter 2Teakah's Tale part 1

I was born in the city of Cairhine about thirty years ago. My father and mother were both middling nobles in some house or other, I can't quite remember. As a result, I was well educated as a noble should be.

When King Galdrian was killed, my father moved us to his country estates. It would've been more difficult, were I not an only child. It was still hard. We were hit by bandits no less than nine times! The last straw, at least the last one for my parints, was the Shaido. They rampaged everywhere, taking whoever or whatever they wanted. Those who resisted were killed. My father was one such.

I watched from the trees as about a dozen savages raided my home. They had captured my mother, and stripped her of her clothing, in the most demeaning way. My father did a very foolish thing; he fought. It was useless, of course. In the end, he was killed, and my mother taken.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to hit someone. Of course, I did neither. I stayed where I was for about a week, gathering berries and such like, and then set out. I didn't know where I was going, but I could no longer stay where I was.

When I finally arrived in the city, the relatives I was hoping to find were either dead, fled, or taken. I was alone, with no money. I was in desperate straits. I was lucky enough to find work in the Sun Palace as a maid. I didn't mind. It was interesting work. I met the Lord Dragon, and Served hem tea a time or two. I knew he was supposed to save the world, but I didn't really like hem. To my mind, he was arrogant and cold. He did do good things though, not just for Cairhine, but for the whole world. I might not have liked the man, but I can't help admiring hem after all of these years.

I met the Prince of Ravens to! Of course he wasn't the Prince you silly girl, just one of the Lord Dragon's generals. I served hem wine. I wonder if he remembers trying to pinch my bottom. I shall have to ask hem. I liked hem with his smiles and his flirting. I used to dream about marrying hem when I grew older.

I served until I began channeling at age fifteen: at which point, I was sent to the White Tower. I'll tell you that part of my tale another day. In the meantime, I'm going to sleep. We've got ai'dam and other things of wonder to make tomorrow.

Ruti lay awake a long time after Teakah had finished talking and went to sleep. The woman was hard as spiel, yet she jumped when the sul'dam said jump. It was amazing. She wanted to know more. Finally, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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