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"The history of the Ishtar Family has always been known to reach to the times of the great Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom. They are said to be the last remnants of the First Egyptian Royal Family, but how they have descended from whichever Pharaoh has been buried deep within the memory of their palace in Messina… Until PharaohAtem crossed the western gate and freed the family of their binding duty…"

It was a night like all other desert nights, cold and silent, but Isis' sudden interest in exploring the forbidden crevices of their sunken palace made all the difference. She discovered a passage way from the altar where the two millennium items were once placed. Deeper and deeper she went into the passage, unknowingly loosing herself along the way. The light at its end engrossed her mind, practically hypnotizing her until she reached it.

There in the middle of it all was a golden altar, like that of the throne room of Atlantis. In the middle was a statue of Sepheria, her former beast, flying up into the heavens where Nut was reaching out to her. Surrounding Sepheria was a well where embers were to give light to the altar. With the touch of Isis' hand, the fires lit, and revealed a whole wall of hieroglyphs and pictures, reminiscent of the millennium tablets. She knew immediately whom it was who sculpted these tablets; it was of course the High Priest Set how left all the traces of their former lives for their reincarnations to follow.

The thought of Set somehow brought a smile to her face, a smile which disappeared as soon as it had appeared, once Isis returned to her senses. An image of the now Seto Kaiba appeared in her head, and then of Blue eyes white dragon, which she now saw carved behind the image of Set. She came closer to read and analyze the symbols more closely and saw that it was no longer the image of a High Priest she was looking at, but of a Pharaoh. The wall portrayed a time about six years after the death of Atem.

Everyone deduced that, being the only survivor, Set became the new Pharaoh and took care of everything in preparation of Atem return; making it no longer surprising that the Ishtars possessed his Millennium Item.

Isis read on, and giggled every now and then as she found out about how Egypt recovered from the ashes. Then she noticed that she kept on coming across a name- the Priestess of Messina. She seemed to have a much too big a role in the first six years of Set's reign for a woman. Though Isis knew that once she had been a priestess as well and had powers of her own, she could not believe the influence of this woman on the Egyptian court.

"The king of the Hittites was angered when he discovered that the woman whom the Pharaoh sent to him was no gift, but an envoy. He felt it an insult, and was simply out raged. But she kept her pride, and remained poised; then she spoke to him in full authority. The King at once knew that she was no mere woman and agreed to open negotiations. After closing the alliance through the proposition of marriage between the kingdoms, the Priestess returned to the palace and spoke to the Pharaoh convincing him to leave and fetch his new queen." Read Isis, then she felt a peculiar sensation and began to see images, more like memories, in her head.

"No I will not marry her," the man to whom Isis was talking to protested. "I cannot have a woman whom I do not love beside me."

"You need not make her your wife, Pharaoh," Isis replied (though Isis Ishtar felt like being in someone else's body), but he was further outraged by the way she addressed him.

"Pharaoh? Since when was I Pharaoh to you?" he shouted at her in rage. She could feel the intensity of his anger, and became thankful that their chambers were far a hundred meters away from the nearest human being.

"You are Pharaoh, Set, and we both have duties. She need not be your wife, she only needs to be your queen." She reasoned with a calm but firm voice.

He remained silent as he fell back to his chair to try and calm down. He was thinking hard and deep. Then he replied:

"Very well then, but you shall promise me that nothing will change between us when she arrives."

"I promise," she replied with a surrendering smile. She came closer to him, and sat on his lap, and beckoned him to open his eyes for him to see the sincerity in her face. "I will be here, and be your love, until time takes me away"

The vision ended with Isis breathless. She was panting hard and was struggling for air. After a while of rest, she continued to read. She wanted to know who the priestess was, for she was unable to see her face. After seeing an imprint of the new Queen Nephtys' name, the wall turned black and unreadable.

Exhausted from the sudden surge of information, Isis sat down and laid her back against the black wall and fell asleep in the golden room.