A/N: Life With Derek is not mine! I am simply borrowing the characters for entertainment purposes.

Making the Playbill

Chapter 1: Auditions

Casey sat in her English class and stared avidly at the clock, watching the second hand come closer to 4 o'clock, and the end of school. The bell rung and Casey jammed her books into her bag and full out ran down the hallway towards the school theatre.

Casey sped past Derek and he yelled after her, "You run any faster, you could fly!" Casey just glared back at him and stuck out her tongue at him.

Casey slowed as she slumped into one of the theatre chairs and waited for Ms. Johnson, the school drama teacher to start auditions. Ms. Johnson raised her hand to her hair which was tied back into a sloppy bun with chopsticks. Her eyes widened as she realized that Casey was right behind her and jumped a bit, "Ms. Macdonald, you're a little early."

"Punctuality is my specialty" Casey smiled at the teacher as she rifled through her bag for her script while other students started to fill the chairs.

A few minutes later Ms. Johnson had started the auditions, Casey watched and clapped as her peers finished their selection from the script Ms. Johnson had provided each of them with. Casey dumped out her bag and found that her script wasn't there, she started to panic just as Ms. Johnson called her up to perform her selection.

She climbed the stairs onto the stage and looked out to where she thought Ms. Johnson was sitting, it was hard to tell, she couldn't see anyone in the audience. Just before she was about to tell Ms. Johnson that she had misplaced her script, she heard someone walk onstage from off in the wings, it was Derek.

Her eyes bulged and tried to shake her head to tell Derek to go away or don't talk but he just frowned at her, "What? You're not happy to see me?"

Casey clenched her teeth and her words were strained as she said them as quietly and forcefully as she could, "Derek, get out of here, now!"

Derek frowned and leaned closer to her, "I though you'd be happy I brought you back your little book here."

Casey's temper boiled over and she forgot she was supposed to be auditioning at the moment but Derek had spoiled it, just like he's spoiled her whole life. "Happy? HAPPY?!?! I am never happy when you're around. You've made my life a living hell!" She stepped forward and poked him in the chest hard to emphasis her words, Derek moved forward into her finger a bit and yelled back, "Yeah well, same here!" Casey was fighting back tears and tried to leave the stage but Derek side-stepped her. She tried again on the other side and was blocked by Derek again. "Get out of my way. Just let me go." She whispered.

Derek cocked his head, "No. You stay, I'll go. I get so bored with our little 'fights'" He air quoted and smirked leaving Casey to hang her head in her hands, but before Derek could fully leave the stage he heard a voice from the empty audience. "Mr. Venturi, is it?" Ms. Johnson had walked onto the stage to speak to them. She handed Derek and Casey a copy of the script on green paper, "Congratulations. You and Ms. Macdonald have won the lead roles in our little play here."

Derek held onto the wall to stop himself from falling down. Casey took her face out of her hands and her mouth dropped open in horror. Derek looked from Casey's horrified face to Ms. Johnson's smiling one. He took a few gulps of breath and asked her, "What play would that be, exactly?"

"Romeo and Juliet, of course."

Derek understood the look of horror on Casey's face now, and he had his own now.

"Oh no." He uttered as he lost his grip on the wall and fell to the floor of the theatre.