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Chapter 2: I'm Romeo. Who are you?

Casey stormed into the house closely followed by Derek, who looked very dazed. He misjudged an extra step on the stairs and hit his knee on the step.

"Ah!" he breathed, Casey took this as yet another opportunity to yell at him and get out her anger.

"What? You've just realized that you're a complete ass hole and have decided to tell Ms. Johnson that you won't be playing Romeo?" Derek stared at her, if she could, she'd be steaming from the ears. He smirked through the pain in his knee,

"Chill out, Juliet! I won't be telling Ms. Johnson anything because I won't be backing out of this. I need an extra curricular activity other than hockey to go on my college transcript." Thinking that was a sufficient answer, he lightly limped over to his chair and flopped down on it, grabbing the remote and turning it to hockey. Casey stomped over to the couch and grabbed one of the green script and threw it at him.

"If you are going to so this, Derek, you'd better not make me look like an idiot. You're going to have to practice!" She said as she flipped through her own script and started to highlight her lines.

"I don't have to make you look like an idiot, Casey. You do that fine all on your own." Casey got up from the couch and went to push Derek out of his chair, but Derek grabbed her wrists before she could touch him, "Now is that a nice way to treat your Romeo?" He smiled up at her and she tried to yank her wrists out of his hands but he was tightening his grip and it only caused him to be lifted forward in his chair, a little closer to Casey. He looked into her eyes and hit her lightly on the head with his script, "hey, till death do us part, right?" Derek then released Casey and got up and went to his room.

Casey was momentarily frozen but then ran up the stairs after him, "Der-ek! We have to practice, I will not be responsible for butchering William Shakespeare's work." She knocked on his door for a few seconds. He finally opened the door and stood in the doorway.

"I'm sorry, Derek just stepped out. I'm Romeo." He smiled and Casey saw his script open in his hands. He was actually getting into character! Casey couldn't believe that he was actually taking this with at least a little seriousness. Casey raised her eyebrow, "uh, I'm Juliet, I guess." Derek smiled and stepped out of the way, "I was waiting for you Juliet, come in." Casey stepped into his room and found that he had tidied it up, well a bit, at least for Derek's standard it was cleaner than Casey had seen it in a while. Casey sat down and crossed her legs on Derek's bed, Derek sitting down across from her on the bed. They sat in silence while reading over the script. Casey was absorbed in it and Derek was just skimming it, until he found the last act and Romeo and Juliet's deaths.

"Wow," he muttered, "I guess we really do kill each other. I guess there are parallels in here." He flipped back through the book and stopped on Romeo and Juliet kissing, his smile faded. Casey leaned forward to see what part he was looking at and grimaced. They looked at each other and frowned. Casey shrugged, "Maybe we can ask for a re-write."

Derek laughed and nodded, this was going to be interesting at the least.