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Chapter Twenty-One: The Retreat

Brooke was on the second floor, she climbed of pieces of rubble making her way towards the bathroom. She walked into bathroom and looked into the hole in the center of the room then slowly jumped in. Brooke didn't realize how dirty the Chamber was, she looked around for Lavender and the children. She turned a corner and found Bellatrix standing in the center of the Chamber, Brooke slowly pulled her wand out from her back pocket.

"Well if it isn't the Heir of Slytherin?" Bellatrix said mockingly.

"How do you know?" Brooke circled Bellatrix.

"The dark mark is truly a wonderful thing," Bellatrix pulled out her hand and rolled up her sleeve. "You see Voldermort wanted me to warn him of your coming, he knew that you couldn't resist saving your friend."

"Where are they?" Brooke snapped.

"Around?" Bellatrix cackled just as she was about to touch her mark Brooke interrupted her.

"Why warn Voldermort when you can have me all to yourself?" Brooke crossed her arms. "I mean if you really as strong as you say you are you don't need Voldermort to help you."

Bellatrix pulled out her wand, "Crucio!" Brooke jumped out of the way of the casted spell. "Stupefy!" Brooke yelled, Bellatrix casted a shield around her, the spell bounced off the shield and back towards Brooke. Brooke flew into one of the Chamber walls, Bellatrix laughed, Brooke waved her hand sending Bellatrix flying into an opposite wall. Brooke got back up, "Get up!" she shouted. Bellatrix got back up and wiped her bloody nose, she shot another spell at Brooke, Brooke waved her hand, a brick from the wall blocked the spell from hitting her.

"It called Earth."

(Harry and Hermione)

Harry and Hermione were searching around the Heir's Common Room, Harry finally found the amulet that Luna gave him. He gave to Hermione who looked down in his hand, "Harry I can't take that it belongs to you."

"I know but I want you wear it." Harry wrapped it around her neck.

"We have to go now," Hermione said. "You have the swords?"

"Yes, lets go," Harry and Hermione ran out the room, Voldermort was waiting for them outside. Harry and Hermione slowly backed away. "Hermione on my cue shield yourself."

"I waited for this moment so long for this moment." Voldermort held out his wand.'

"I guess your going to have to wait a little while longer, Hermione now!" Hermione covered herself as they hall began to get windy, Harry held his hand up as a gust of wind began to blow Voldermort away. "That should give us some time, run!"

Harry and Hermione ran around the corner, they came across Dean and Seamus.

"Turn the other way." Harry order them.

"Why?" Seamus asked. They heard a loud explosion, the turned their heads and found Voldermort walking towards them, they continued running again. Hermione looked back, Voldermort was no longer there, she stopped running. "Hermione what are you doing?"

"He's not there anymore," Hermione said as they all turned to look behind her, Voldermort apparated behind Seamus. "SEAMUS LOOK OUT!" Dean turned around to see a green stream of light heading towards him, two seconds later he collapsed to the floor. Hermione tried to run to Seamus but Harry pulled her back and continued running with Dean.

(Draco and Ginny)

Ginny cautiously came down the stair of the Great Hall she looked around for her brother and Luna but all she found was rubble, Ginny crossed her arms and turned to Draco. She began to pinch herself nervously, "I hope they are okay." Draco turned to Ginny after seeing nothing in sight, he hugged Ginny. "I'm sure they are okay Ginny, maybe you can use your telepathy to track them down?"

Ginny nodded her head to worried to speak, she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. "Ron are you there? I need you to speak to me if you can hear me just tell me where you are."

Draco looked at her anxiously, "Anything."

Ginny shook her head, "Ginny?" she heard.

It was Luna, "Luna where are the two of you?"

"We are trapped, we tried to escape the from the fourth floor but there seems to be this large block of ice blocking the exit." Luna explained.

"Hold on me and Draco are on our way!" Ginny turned to Draco. "We have to go, they're stuck on the fourth floor."

Draco and Ginny ran up the stairs and onto the moving staircase, Ginny notice three death eaters heading their way. Ginny pulled out her wand and yelled, "Stupefy!" she knocked out the death eaters in the middle but couldn't stop the other two. The one on the left sent a curse flying towards Draco, Ginny casted a shield around Draco reflecting the curse off of him and back towards the death eater. Ginny lit the rest of the staircase on fire than continued to run up the stairs, she saw the large block of ice that Hermione had put up in defense from the death eater. She could see two people on the other side, she place her hand on the ice and it began to melt into water.

"Ron?!" Ginny smiled.

"Guess again?"

"Dad?" Draco crossed his arms. "Snape!"


Brooke ran across the room as Bellatrix began to cast spells at her, Bellatrix cackled as she caught Brooke into a corner. Brooke waved her hand and sent Bellatrix flying into a wall, Brooke trapped Bellatrix in a pile of rubble. She continued on looking for her friends, Brooke clutched on her bloody arm shown by the tear in her sleeve. She heard a footstep coming towards and clenched onto her wand tightly, she turned around fiercely and felt someone hug her. "You're okay!" It was Lavender, she had a couple of bruises on her face but the students were fine, Brooke smiled at her.

"You did it!"

"Like I promised." Lavender grinned.

"Let's get out of here!" Brooke led them to the door, she blew it up and led them inside. She heard some footsteps coming down the hall and grabbed Lavender, they cautiously entered the hallway and looked both ways. They saw three figures coming their way, Brooke and Lavender held out their wands. "Stop right there!"

"It's us!" they heard a familiar voice.


"And Parvati and Padma!" Parvati yelled out.

Lavender ran up and hugged the three of them, they were still alive but a little bruised up. Brooke sighed with relief and began to ask them questions, "Did you see the others?"

"No," Neville explained. "But I heard you-know-who is after Harry and Hermione."

"Oh no!" Brooke felt her heart sink, it felt like the world around her was about to collapse and she was the only one who could stop it from happening. "Stay here!" Brooke led them inside the room and rebuilt the entrance with bricks, to hide that there was ever one there. She ran to her friends hoping that they were still okay.

(Harry and Hermione)

Harry, Hermione and Dean hid behind the corner on the fifth floor hoping that no one will see them, they heard some footsteps coming towards and began to run again. Hermione stopped running and tried to regain her breath, Harry came behind her and looked around. "No one here so I think we can rest for a while." Harry pulled out two minimize swords from his a pocket and turned to Hermione and handed her one. "We're going to at least go down fighting."

"We can't kill them Harry," Hermione said. "They're still people."

"Who want to kill us!" Harry said.

"He's right," Dean spoke. "You have too it's the only way!"


Harry began to hear voices, "Do you here that?"

"No." Hermione and Dean looked around.

Harry pulled the two of them back as a huge snake rushing towards them, Harry grabbed the two and began to run. Harry looked back and saw the snake not that far from them, Hermione began to throw cast spell at it but it kept reflecting off of it. The basilisk threw it body around them, Hermione screamed as Harry tried to figure a way out. He used his swords and cut a piece of it's scale off, the basilisk roar out in pain, the four felt the ground beneath them begin to crumble. They fell down, just as they were about to hit the floor they found themselves floating. Hermione sighed in relief and turned around to see Brooke standing there, Hermione hugged Brooke.

"What happened to you arm?" Hermione asked motherly.

"Bellatrix," Brooke replied. "Never mind that, we have to get to the others."

(Draco and Ginny)

Lucius sent Draco flying into the wall, Draco slowly got back up and held out his wand. "Expelliarmus!" Draco wands flew out of his hands, he turned to Ginny who was trying to duel Snape but was losing terribly. Lucius shot Draco to the ground, Draco couldn't get up this time he felt to weak. "How could my son, my own flesh and blood betray me! You are no longer a son of mines but a horrible traitor, sticking besides these blood traitors. That all does not matter now because in a few seconds you'll be dead."

"Your going to kill me?" Draco asked.

"I would never turn killing a traitor!"

"Go ahead Lucius," Draco said. "Because you were never a father to me, you would let Voldermort torture me and you would let those death eaters do horrible things to me! Do you know how much I wanted to die! I didn't feel great at all they took advantage of me and you didn't even care, I have someone to live for now and it's that girl right there. If you kill me you can trust that she'll be right there to take you down!"

"You ignorant child!" Lucius said fiercely. "I told you do not spread those lies anymore! AVADA KED---"

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" Brooke yelled.

Hermione helped Draco up as Harry handed him his wand, Ginny walked towards them after surrounding Snape in a tornado of fire. Lucius and Snape disapparted, they heard some muffle screams coming from around the corner. They ran towards it and found Ron and Luna tied up. Ginny untied them, Luna smile as she saw Hermione wearing the amulet. Brooke grabbed all of them in a side-along appartion, they appeared in the room that held three portkeys. A mirror, a cup and a brush, Harry turned to all of them.

"No turning back now." he said as they all grabbed on to the portkeys.

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