Things were going good. It had been about four months since the hospital visit, and Reba and Kevin, along with Brock and BJ, were officially divorced. Reba and Brock were now married, and Kevin had come in and taken all of his things under Brock's supervision.

Brock had moved into Reba's house and BJ took the old house. The whole family is still good friends with her, and as usual she was at Reba's house for her morning visit. Reba was trying to get the kid's breakfast ready and not smell the food at the same time. She had morning sickness pretty bad these days.

"Here, let me help," BJ insisted. She got up and took the pan with eggs in it from Reba.

"Thanks," she said as she walked over to set the table.

"No problem! So, how is Henry?" she asked. It was Brock's weekend with him, and even though she had seen him last night, she still asked.

"He is perfectly fine, upstairs with Brock and Jake. I think they are lying in our bed right now watching TV," she said laughing to herself. He had done this every Saturday morning as long as she could remember.

"Hmm," she put the breakfast on plates and began doing the dishes, "Feeling any better?"

"Ugh!" Reba complained. She then walked out of the kitchen and walked up the stairs, and went to tell Brock that breakfast was ready. She realized it didn't smell like food upstairs, and she laid down on the bed next to them, "Ok, food and BJ are downstairs."

Brock laughed and said, "Ok, common, food!" Jake and Henry went downstairs fast and Brock turned to Reba, "You going to eat anything?"

She felt sick at the thought of eating, and then ran for the bathroom. Brock laughed, "I'm sorry honey!"

"It's fine, go eat, then shower so the smell of food wont travel with you," she said slowly getting up and walking back to the bed, "and if you use that after shave I'll-," Brock cut her off by laughing, he had forgotten how moody she got when she was pregnant.

"Okay, I promise," he kissed her forehead and then left her to sleep. Reba dozed off and before she knew it, it was 2:00 p.m. She sat up and listened to what sounded like yelling, coming from downstairs. She got up and walked half way down the stairs, then stopped.

"Where is she?!" an angry-sounding man demanded.

"She's not here. You need to leave," she heard Brock say. Reba was confused, Where is who?

"I know she is here Brock! Now tell me!" the man was still dying to know where this girl was.

"Kevin, go home!" Brock was starting to raise his voice.

Kevin! Reba thought. Oh my god! Are the kids out of the house? What is he doing here? Is it me that he wants to see? We've been officially divorced for almost two months, what could he want?! Reba calmed herself down and decided she needed to go downstairs. As soon as she walked down the stairs she saw Brock standing by the front door, holding it open. Then she heard, "REBA!" She turned in the direction of the sound, and she saw a drunken Kevin stumble out of the kitchen, obviously looking for her.

"What are you doing here?" she was shocked to see him. She thought that after the divorce was final she would never have to see him again, and especially in this condition.

"Reba, I miss you! Please, you have to come with me," he begged her.

"Go home Kevin," she stared at him, and casually glanced in the direction of the kitchen and around the living room to see if any of her family was watching. She didn't see anyone else.

"Please, common, whatever this was about, we can work it out! I love you, Reba!" he continued to beg, walking towards her.

"Kevin. Go. Home," She spoke slowly.

"Please, I can forgive you. I can let you back in, please, one more chance. That's all I'm asking for!" he wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer.

"Kevin, I'm married, I'm pregnant, and I have my family here. I'm not just going to leave with you," Reba gave him a disgusted look, "Go home."

Kevin was hurt. Brock grabbed his arm and pulled him outside the house, "Good-bye Kevin! And stay away!" he said before he closed the door. Reba ran over to Brock and grabbed his arm. They both waited until they could hear his car start up, and then back out of the drive-way. Reba was relieved he was gone and she was so happy Brock was there with her.

Reba turned to hug Brock, who she now noticed had showered and was not wearing any after shave, as she had requested, "Sorry…"

"It's fine!" he pulled her back a little so that she could see him smiling at her. He leaned forward and kissed her. He started to pull her close when Reba made a high-pitched squeaking noise then pushed him away. Brock gave her a confused look because she looked at him with such excitement.

"The baby! I felt it move!!" she grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach. After a minute he felt it move too and he leaned forward and kissed her again. They both laughed and it was then that Reba knew that this was it. This is what she had been searching for forever. This wasn't the feeling that she had when she was with Kevin—or anyone else for that matter. This was the real thing. Brock was her other half. She was truly in love. She knew that whatever came their way, no matter how big, they would get through it—together.

.::The End::.