Hypnotized To Murder

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By the way, Ed and Winry are 16; Al is 15.


It was an average day in Resembol; the Sun was shining brightly, it was nice and warm but with a comfortable breeze, and the Elric brothers were outside the Rockbell home. The two had obviously just finished sparring, due to the fact that they were panting hard while sitting out on the grass.

Al, who had his body fully restored, was enthusiastic about sparring with his brother for the first time after getting his body, as was Ed after getting his leg back.

Now, Al had always won in these little sparring tournaments when he was in a suit of armor…

Today, he lost.

Ed sat in front of him, smiling and panting whereas Al was somewhat frowning while wheezing for breath as well. The younger Elric didn't even know how it happened; all he remembered was standing in front of Ed one second and the next, Ed was nowhere to be seen and he was, face first, in the ground. After that little Houdini of a trick, Al pulled himself up and looked to see his elder brother, smiling triumphantly behind him while trying to catch his lost breath.

"I knew I'd beat you someday" were Ed's exact words before he fell before his younger sibling to sit down and rest.

Suddenly, Winry Rockbell, the Elric's childhood friend and Ed's mechanic for Automail, stepped out of the light-yellow, two-story house. She was carrying an empty box; certainly to pick up a few supplies from outside, the Elric's figured.

The Rockbell teen glanced over at her two friends and couldn't help but smile and shake her head humorously. As the brothers suspected, she picked up a few supplies, from the side of the house, and put them in her empty box. She then walked over to the Elric brothers and looked down at them.

"Who won?" she asked, expecting to hear a response from Al that sounded like 'me' or a muffled, cursing tone from Ed that would sound like 'Alphonse'.

For a moment, neither responded but then, as if competing with Al to answer first, Ed perked up and answered cheerfully, "Me!" He said it with a bright, wide smile as he pointed to himself with his thumb to his chest.

Winry's eyes widened slightly. "How did a bean like you win against Al?" she teased which, inevitably, caused a vain to pop in Ed's cranium.

He stood up fiercely and shook a metal fist at the blonde in front of him. "WHO THE HELL YOU CALLIN' A SHORTY WHO'S SMALLER THAN AN ANT!?!!??!?" he demanded with his usual hatred towards anyone insulting his height.

Winry looked at him blankly but smiled nonetheless; she was so used to him acting this way. "Why, Ed, no one said that. You know, it's not nice to put words in people's mouths" she said bluntly but humorously at once.

Ed practically growled at her for a moment before pulling away and huffing out a breath, glaring at her with a popped vein still in his head.

The blonde mechanic then looked down to Al. "Al, someone just called from town, asking for you" she pointed out curiously.

Al perked up and looked to Winry with an expression of curiosity on his face. "Who?" he asked, clearly intrigued.

"It was a girl from the town's market shop; she said her name was…Caroline, I think it was" Winry replied suggestively.

Al blushed a bright, crimson red, causing Ed to chuckle. "Oh…Caroline, yeah, I talked to her yesterday…I kinda promised I would help her and her father out at the market shop…" the younger Elric clarified nervously.

"Well" Winry began. "You might wanna head over there; she said she's been waiting for you ever since they opened this morning" she pointed out.

Al managed a small 'Um, OK' before quickly retreating inside the Rockbell home to go to his room and change.

The moment Ed saw that Al disappeared inside the house, he started cracking up.

Winry looked at him in wide-eyed amazement. "What's so funny!?" she demanded as she placed her box of supplies on the ground and her hand on her hips, glaring at the older Elric in front of her.

"Ha-ha, did you see Al's face?! He looked like a tomato!" Ed said, still laughing.

"I think it's cute" Winry said happily as she looked in the direction to where Alphonse left off too.

"Yeah, ha, whatever; so she might be his first girlfriend, big whoop" Ed told her as he began to walk off towards the house.

Winry, being the defensive big-sister type to Alphonse, couldn't believe what she was hearing! So, she defended him…and it went a little something like this:

"Well, at least he can get a girlfriend!" she said furiously, as it was the first thing that came to her mind.

Ed stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes widened and he looked straight ahead, very sternly. His eyebrows shook and he lowered his head slightly. Saying nothing, he continued walking and, when he reached the entrance to the Rockbell home, he opened the door but slammed it behind him as he entered.

Winry widened her eyes curiously; did that…hurt him? She lowered her head shamefully but sighed, trying to brush the sad thought away. She picked up her box and proceeded on walking inside the house.


Al had left a few minutes ago already. It was silent when he left; Ed said neither snide remark nor wished him luck. The only time someone spoke was when Winry smiled kindly at Al and wished him luck, giving him an encouraging wink. Al only replied with a happy smile before leaving.

Once Winry was sure Al was gone, she the turned to the other Elric. She walked up in front of him as he was lying down on the sofa in the living room. He had his hands behind his head and his eyes closed. Once he felt her presence in front of him, he opened one eye to confirm who she was and then opened the other but continued to lie down.

"What do you want?" he asked scornfully.

Winry put her hands together in front of her and looked away. "Ed…I'm sorry…I didn't mean what I said earlier…I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, I really am…" she apologized sadly.

Ed's eyes softened slightly but he turned stern once more. He stood up off the sofa, gave Winry a nasty glance, and walked off upstairs, without a word.

Winry watched him stomp off to the second floor and then slumped her shoulders sadly; obviously the Alchemist didn't accept her apology. She raised a fist up to her heart. She lowered her head and melted down onto the sofa Ed was just lying on.

She buried her face in her hands, thinking of what to do. She heard steps suddenly and looked behind her to see Ed coming down the staircase, fully dressed in his usual blank tank top, pants and combat boots, holding his jacket with his Automail arm. Once he reached the bottom, he pulled on his jacket and Winry stood up and followed him to the door.

"Where are you going?' the blonde mechanic asked as she reached her arm out to reach his shoulder.

The moment his shoulder and her hand connected, Ed fiercely shrugged away his shoulder so that she wouldn't touch him. "I'm going out" he replied plainly yet scornfully. "I'll see you later" he told her and walked out the door, slamming it behind him.

Winry's eyes softened unhappily as her arms drooped to her sides. She lowered her head slightly and walked back to the sofa and lied down. She crossed her arms over her stomach and slightly closed her eyes, eventually, falling into a light slumber.


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