Hypnotized To Murder

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Ed stood over the woman's body, panting slightly to try and catch his breath. Suddenly, a pain shot out to his side. Realization slapped him across the face as he pulled his Automail to his side and then collapsed to the soil beneath him.

Winry was immediately running to his aid.

She knelt down next to him and pulled him up in her arms. She placed a hand, gently on his chest and looked at him worriedly. "Ed? Ed, are you OK?" she asked fearfully.

Ed opened his eyes and looked up at her. He smiled warmly and managed to give her the thumbs up. He suddenly realized how pretty she looked under the scattered light of the Sunset colors.

Winry returned with a smile of her own.

Ed held his injury tightly and a pained expression came onto his features.

"Ed!?" Winry asked, obviously worried for her friend's safety.

"It's just a stab wound, Win…It just hurts, that's all" Ed tried to say comfortingly.

Winry only worried, seeing his blood soaked and wounded side. "We have to get you home, Ed; we have to cover up that injury" she explained.

Ed nodded, carefully, in agreement.

Winry carefully lay him down once more and stood up. Then, she reached her hand out to him. Ed looked up and gave her his flesh hand, as his Automail was still a hand-blade. Once on his feet, he changed it back to normal.

Winry offered her assistance but Ed shook his head.

"I'm fine" he informed and started to walk.

Winry gave him an annoyed look but followed him.

As they were walking, Ed would flinch occasionally or lean on a nearby tree for support.

"Fuck" the Alchemist muttered as he was leaning on his newest tree.

Winry walked up to him and gave him a sarcastic smile.

"What?" Ed practically demanded sternly.

"Oh, nothing" Winry replied playfully and continued to walk with her arms crossed.

"You think I can't walk on my own, right?" Ed muttered heatedly.

Winry turned around and smiled again. "You said it; not me" she said humorously.

Ed muttered a few curses under his breath. "Winry…will you…help me walk?" he asked as he looked away irately.

The mechanic walked up to him and smiled. "Of course I'll help you, Ed" she replied cheerfully.

Ed forced himself to stand upright.

Winry quickly grabbed his left arm and pulled it around her neck.

Ed, confused by quick the action, just allowed her to grab his arm and put her right arm around his waist. He blushed, slightly, at the close contact.

The Rockbell looked over at him and smiled kindly.

"C'mon" she said. "Let's go home" she told him. The two began walking, careful as to not hurt Ed any further.

It became unnaturally quiet.

"Um" Winry said quietly.

Ed looked over at her curiously. "What is it?" he asked.

"It's just…I was curious about something, I guess" the mechanic explained, nervously trying to make conversation.

"Oh, well, go ahead; ask away" Ed insisted kindly.

Winry looked over at him and smiled softly. "About…what you told Dante back there; when you told her that you had a technique that she had overlooked…what were you talking about?" the girl asked, obviously intrigued.

Ed looked over at her and smiled confidently. "Promise you won't tell?" he asked playfully.

Winry rolled her eyes and nodded once to him.

"In that case" he began. "It's quite simple" he told her.

"Expect the unexpected"


When they reached the two-story house, night had just engulfed Resembol. Winry had patched up Ed's injury and said Alchemist had fixed up the house from any incidents from their earlier scrap. He was now sitting on the living room sofa, contemplating. He had taken off his jacket when they had arrived so that Winry could bandage him.

He had also put on a new shirt so that, when Al returned, he wouldn't suspect anything.

He, absentmindedly, placed his Automail over his stomach, continuing his mental thoughts.

Winry watched him from the kitchen and then leaned back on a wall. "OK" she said to herself. I have to apologize again…he deserves that much. I need to make sure he's still not angry at me she though anxiously. Her face grew worried and she looked back to the blonde. Her features then melted to a sad frown.

Who am I kidding? She asked herself sorrowfully. He rejected my apology this morning, why should he accept it now? She thought. He has every right not to accept it she continued. He'd make any girl happy…I wouldn't be surprised if he's already had a lot of girlfriends.

She buried her face into her hands and sobbed quietly. She slid down to the kitchen floor and continued to sob lightly.

Ed, as he was in the living room, suddenly felt his stomach growl. "Hmm?" he hummed curiously as he looked down to his belly. It growled a little again. I'm hungry he decided. The Alchemist stood to his feet and began walking to the kitchen.

Once he entered, he immediately took notice of the fact that Winry was sobbing on the floor. His eyes widened and he instantly knelt down in front of her. "Winry, what's wrong? What happened?" he asked urgently.

The teen girl didn't look up at him. "You wouldn't care" she said dejectedly.

Ed's eyes widened curiously. "Winry, why would you say that? Of course I care" he told her, trying to sound comforting.

Winry finally looked up at him and glared. "You happened, Ed" she replied finally and stood up.

Ed's eyes widened at her response and he stood up after her. "Me!? What the hell did I do now!?" Ed demanded angrily

Winry turned around fiercely and faced him crossly. "You've had a girlfriend before, haven't you!?" the Rockbell mechanic demanded, pointing an accusing finger at the blonde.

"HUH!?" Ed asked as his face contorted into confusion.

"That's why you were so upset this morning! And it's also why you didn't accept my apology; because you've had a girlfriend before!" Winry stated, looking Ed dead in the eyes.

The Alchemist looked at the girl, worried. "Winry…" he trailed off and looked away.

Winry's eyes widened, fearing the worst. "Y-you have a girlfriend, don't you?" she asked, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes.

Ed's eyes widened and he looked to her. "Winry"—"I should've known!" Winry didn't even give the Alchemist time to reply as she turned around and her shoulder's drooped, defeated.

"After all, why shouldn't you have one? You'd make any girl proud to call you their boyfriend; you're so sweet and generous…" Winry told her friend, and crush, forlornly. "Why should I get that? After what I said this morning, I wouldn't be surprised if you never wanted to speak to me again" she stated.

Ed's eyes widened at what Winry was telling him; did she mean all of that? Did she feel so bad about that morning?

"Winry…I don't have a girlfriend" Ed informed the mechanic quietly.

The Rockbell turned around and faced him. "And…what about…?"—"None" Ed understood and answered.

"No girlfriends? So that means…" Before Winry could continue, Ed walked up to her and smiled, blushing.

"What are you smiling about?" Winry asked nervously.

Ed's smile faded quickly and his blush deepened. "Winry, it's just, uh…there's been…something I've been…kinda meaning to tell you…" he faltered uneasily. He looked down, not wanting to meet Winry's sapphire eyes. He stepped closer to her; their bodies were now mere inches away from each other.

Gently, he took Winry's hand in his flesh one.

Winry's eyes widened at his kind action.

Please don't reject me…please! Ed was practically mentally begging in his mind. He tilted his head up, if only slightly, and his eyes met Winry's lips. He swallowed a rather large lump that had formed in his throat and collected his thoughts rationally. He tilted his head further up, brought his face closer to Winry's, and ever so softly placed his lips on hers.

Winry's heart beat fast against her rib cage the moment their lips connected. Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist, Child Prodigy and her childhood friend and crush, was kissing her!

Her eyes fell, half-lidded; the mechanic felt she was in a dream. Her eyes finally closed completely and she kissed the Prodigy back, allowing him to explore her and, she herself, taking the opportunity to deepen their kiss and explore him as well.

Ed was slightly surprised when Winry returned his kiss but continued to make out with her.

The Rockbell mechanic carefully pulled her hand away from his and placed both her hands on his chest, gradually and lovingly sliding them around his neck.

Ed responded to this by wrapping his arms around her waist and intensifying the kiss further.

After a little while longer, they finally, unwillingly, parted as they realized they needed oxygen. Panting slightly for breath, they looked into each other's eyes; Blue into Gold and Gold into Blue.

For a few moments, even as they had their arms wrapped around each other, it stayed vaguely silent between them.

Ed was the first to smile carefully at Winry.

The mechanic warmed up to it and, in turn, smiled back. She then came closer to him and hugged the Alchemist tightly, burying her face into the crook of his neck.

Ed's eyes widened at the action and he looked down to his mechanic. "You OK, Win?" he asked, some concern in his voice.

The girl managed to squeeze him a little tighter. "I'm fine…just happy, I guess" she replied contently.

The blonde Alchemist smiled and rubbed his flesh hand, soothingly and lovingly, on the girls back.

"Why only your flesh hand?" Winry asked suddenly.

Ed looked down at her, slightly confused by her question. "Well…" he began, not entirely sure of what to say.

Winry pulled away, keeping her hands on the teen's chest as she stared into his golden orbs. "Why are so afraid of it?" she asked curiously and sadly at once.

"What are you talking about?" Ed asked curiously.

"Automail; why are you so afraid of it?" Winry explained.

Ed brought his metallic arm up to his face. "I'm not afraid of it" he told her.

"People are" he frowned as he said it, obviously leaving a bitter taste in his mouth.

"I'm not" Winry stated, grabbing Ed's Automail hand in both of hers.

Ed smiled playfully. "Win, you're an Automail mechanic; of course you're not afraid of it" he explained, smiling still.

Winry looked away for a moment before speaking up once more. "I was" she told him.

Ed's eyes widened intriguingly.

"Earlier today, when you were holding your Automail over me and were ready to kill me…I was afraid of the blade" she explained quietly.

Ed's eyes returned to normal and he drooped his head sadly. "You weren't afraid of the Automail" he said. "You were afraid of me" the Alchemist explained sadly.

Winry's gaze melted to the ground. She then had a small epiphany and looked back to her crush. "You told Dante that arm was a part of you" she told him "Why can't you accept it in front of me?" she asked him.

Ed shrugged, uncertain of an answer.

Winry decided to change his mind of whatever negative reply he was thinking of. She placed a hand on his cheek and forced him to look her in the eye. "I want you, Ed. And when I say that, I mean I want all of you, including Automail" she said happily, placing her lips gently on his for a brief kiss.

Ed smiled slightly. He finally understood; it did not matter to Winry what Ed's limbs were made of or even if they were real or not. All that mattered was that they cared for each other, something that could not be created nor obtained by putting metal plates and wires together.

Ed leaned in once more, turning a brief kiss into a full-on make out session, telling Winry he loved her. As did Winry, in return


Alphonse was now on his way back home, Caroline Ganry at his side. Her brown hair, soft and somewhat wavy, was being played with by the breezes that past by and her cobalt blue eyes sparkled with happiness.

"I'm glad you helped my father and me out today" Caroline said gratefully to her friend.

Al looked over at her and smiled. "Don't mention it!" he said happily, as he smiled brightly at the girl.

Caroline simply smiled kindly in return.

Soon, the bronze-haired teen and brunette market assistant soon made it to the patio of the two-story, light-yellow Rockbell home.

"Well" Al said. "Here's my stop" he stated, turning to his new friend.

"Will you come to help tomorrow, too?" Caroline asked; obviously wanting to hear a definite 'yes' form Al.

Al, being the kind one he always is, nodded and smiled, slightly blushing.

Caroline, happy about his answer, wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly.

Al's eyes widened but he quickly regained himself and looked down to his hugger. Putting his arms around her as well, he hugged her back; he loved hugs and, so, he wouldn't give up the opportunity for a free one.

They pulled away and Al smiled again. "I'll see you tomorrow then" he granted. He turned to the door of his home but suddenly felt Caroline grab his arm again.

He turned around, only to be met with the girl's lips on his own. It was brief kiss, only lasting about two to three seconds. When it ended, Caroline smiled, blushing a deep crimson.

"Bye Al" she said nervously and walked off to her home.

Al was slightly dumbstruck but he smiled and celebrated in his head. He turned towards his door once more, pulled out his keys and opened the door. As he entered, closing and locking the door behind him, he walked into the living room, in search of his brother and childhood friend.

Once in the living room, he was a little surprised to see both Ed and Winry, on the sofa with Winry sleeping soundly over a resting Edward. Both of Winry's arms were folded under her and her head was resting on Ed's chest.

Ed, having his left leg and arm hanging over the side of the sofa, had his Automail hand wrapped, protectively, around Winry's small waist.

The younger Elric held back an 'Aww' as he smiled and walked to a nearby closet. He opened the door to the closet and pulled out a light-blue blanket. Kindly doing the two teens a favor, he unraveled the blanket and carefully placed it over them.

"Good night guys" he whispered happily. The only response he received was Ed and Winry shifting a little from the sudden warmth of the wool blanket.

Al smiled humorously and then walked upstairs to change and go to sleep himself.


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