Summary: Sakura said she'd take Naruto to the Konoha Festival! But there's one catch, he's gotta cross dress!

Before story review of what's happened: Naruto has been friends with Sakura Haruno since forever. After quite some time, he finally revealed to her that he was bi, suprising her and all his other friends. But, Sakura decided to take her friends fate into her own hands... Naruto had never been to the Konoha Festival, but this year, she said he was coming with her, her treat--but the catch was that he had to cross dress to get in! And he couldn't go against it, due to the brute force from four girls, including Sakura herself.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, if I did, I'd be trying hard to make it into a Yoai one over time for my own amusement.


"Sakura-chaaaan! You can't be serious!" A blonde boy cried, gripping a pink haired girl, now identified as Sakura's, shoulders and looking as if he may start bawling at how he had no choice in the matter. "I am serious Naruto! And you know very well why I'm doing it, too!" Sakura stomped her foot at Naruto, attempting to end the conversation, but got no such comfort. "This is cruel and unusual punishment! I'm never telling you any of my secrets ever again!" Naruto pouted and turned his head away from his friend. Sakura huffed and said pointedly, "Oh, shut it, Naruto! This is my way of helping!" She had a gleam in her eyes that just spoke 'And I'm gonna make sure it works!' Naruto puffed out his cheeks cutely, "Ya? Well, your 'way of helping' sucks!", "Just shut up and try this on!" She tossed a bag of clothes at him and shooed him into the bathroom to try it on.

(After trying the outft on and show casing it to Sakura, who took pictures unbeknownst to him)

Naruto held out the girls school uniform handed to him, looking at it as if it were some smelly dead animal. "Come on, put it back on! It doesn't even look that bad on you! Even Temari would say so! TEMARI!" Sakura shoved the uniform back at the blonde, he looked as if he would take off at a mad dash and leave the country at any second. "But..! It's YOUR uniform! What're YOU gonna wear! It's directly after school!" Sakura could tell this was Naruto's last stand that he had. "...Well duh, my spare one! And you will be putting this on in the bathrooms before we head out!" Naruto stuffed the uniform into a bag and shoved it into his school locker regretfully.

"Please don't make me do this! I'll, I'll... I'll buy you your lunch for a week!" Sakura put a finger up to her chin. "Hmm... Tempting, but no." Another girl who'd been listening in on the conversation and watched his showcase walked up. "I-I think y-you looked good i-in it too, Naruto..." Naruto's eyes widened as he looked at the girl. "Hinata! You traitor!" He whined and gave her his puppy dog eyes, her weakening a fraction. "Sakura... M-maybe you shouldn't..." Sakura looked slightly haughty. "No! All the rest of the girls in the group agree he should do it!" Kiba then walked up and put his arm around Hinata, who blushed madly. "Agree he should do what?" Sakura looked to him. "You'll find out at the festival!" Kiba just shrugged and lead Hinata off, to where, I'm sure only a select few knew, Naruto not being one of them, but as soon as they left, Temari and Tenten appeared.

"Heya, guys!" Tenten said loudly. "The plan still in the works Sakura?" Sakura huffed. "I've been having a bit of trouble with him and his thoughts, but yes, it's still in affect." Temari smiled happily at Naruto. "Please do this for us Naruto! We're trying to do this for you in our own way, just deal with it for us, ok?" Naruto sighed, Temari barely ever pleaed like this, so it must be important to her... "Fine..." Naruto grumbled, barely audible. The four girls squealed and hugged him tightly, then Ino walked up. "Why're you guys hugging in the hallway?" Tenten smiled and swooned. "Naru-chan just agreed completely to the plan, even though he's doubting himself!" Ino started to squeal as well and joined the group. Naruto sighed, watching as people would walk by and look over oddly at the team of girls hugging a lone guy; aka him. He knew he was gonna have a long day tomorrow...

Tenten then looked down at Naruto (Ya, she's taller then him!) "Naruto! I'm the one who claims to do your make-up!" Naruto's eyes went as wide as saucers. "Are you kidding me..? No one said anything about make-up!" Temari sighed lightly. "Don't worry, it'll be really light. You won't even be able to notice it.." Naruto wheeled around to look at Tenten , who nodded back in confirmation, another sigh escaped Naruto.


'Is it possible to get in an accident before tomorrow?' He thought sadly as he walked to his appartment from school miserably, he then stopped. 'I hafta go shopping first..' With that thought in mind, he turned on heel and headed off to his left, towards the shopping district. He walked into the first store called 'Konoha Superstore' (I know, creative right?) He walked down the third aisle to the right and three-forths the way down was his main food source... Ramen. He stuffed some into a cart happily, his mood already lifting due to his obsessive love of the deliciously noodled food. He then started walking down another aisle full of baking supplies.

"I think I'll bake a cake while I'm at it! The day after tomorrow is the first year reunion of Sakura-chan and Bushy brows' first date!" He started placing things into the cart as he thought of them, he always made his cakes from scratch. "Man, how sad is that? I need a new hobby to participate in when I'm bored.." (And yes, he can afford to do this every now and then, he's got a good job at a bakery, but we'll get more into that later!) He was about to grab the leading ingreedient, sugar, when a pale hand reached out and swept up the last bag right before his hand even touched it.

"Hey!" Naruto shouted, looking up into a pair of onix eyes that seemed to shoot straight threw him. He blushed a little, but he was angry! That was just fricking rude to swipe it when the guy knew he was going to grab it! "What the heck? Why'd you do that when I was about to grab it!" The boy, who Naruto also noticed had as black of hair as he did eyes, kept a blank face. "Because I needed sugar, Dobe." He then turned around and began walking out of the aisle, but he stopped, after Naruto replied back that is. "But I had it first, you teme!" The semi-gothic seeming boy looked at him, appalled, as if it had been the first time he'd been insulted, (Which isn't too far from the truth, is it?) but it was quickly replaced with a blank stare again, pissing Naruto off even more.

Naruto, deciding he really wanted to get away from this bastard, grabbed the next best sugar quickly, and walked out of the aisle through the other side. He then headed off toward the refridgerated products, still being in need of butter, milk, and eggs. After obtaining them, he walked to the cash register, paid for his goods, and walked out the door, not once realising he was being watched up until he was out the door. On his way home, (He walks by the way) his thoughts returned to the previous subject. 'Why do I gotta do this again..?' It was then that he got a reply, 'Because you have three girls who're willing to kill you to get you to do it?' 'Oh, hey Kuubi. How come you're only just now getting into this conversation?' '...Because I was asleep..?' Naruto yawned, "Well.. That would make sense.." Naruto said out loud, and unbeknownst to him, one of his friends had seen him and walked up cooly alongside him.

"What would make sense, Naruto..?" At this, the blonde jumped, then, after seeing it was only Gaara, calmed down. "Geez! You scared the day lights outta me!" Gaara looked at him without any additional emotion. "You haven't answered my question.." Naruto huffed at Gaara's 'wet rag' personna. "I take it you've heard about my predicament with the girls by now right..?" Gaara nodded. "Well, Kuubi thinks I should go through with it since it's either that, or my early death." Gaara watched his friend for a moment before speaking. "I think you should go through with it too... It might be a good experience for you, and the girls'll protect you from any leches."

Naruto gaped at his friend, it's not often that he'd say such a long and complete sentence like that. He sighed, but smiled non-the-less. "I can protect myself Gaara, geez. And I'll do it, but only on one condition!" He looked at Gaara, "You gotta come too and act like you're my older brother or something!" Gaara's eyes widened for a brief second then returned to their origional state. "No." He turned to leave, but Naruto grabbed his sleeve. "Pleeeeeeaaasse, Gaara! Don't leave me with them!! I'll tell you what, you only have to stay for a quarter of the festival, alright?! Just don't leave me with them!" Naruto gave Gaara his best puppy eyes, and unknown to him, it was working at the redhead's mind quite well. Gaara sighed, knowing the blonde wouldn't give up. "...Fine..." Naruto whooped and jumped on Gaara happily, earning an aggitated "Get off.." from the redhead. "Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyooou!" Naruto pumped his arm a couple times at his victory, then asked Gaara what he was up to. "...I was comming to visit you... I had nothing better to do..." Naruto looked oddly at him but pushed it off as something to discuss later, for now, they must party!... Ok, they won't party, just go around town to random places and talk, it was way better then going home, and with Tsunade baa-chan giving Konoha High School a two week break for Spring staring the day after tomorrow, who wouldn't be out on the town?

...The Next Morning...

Naruto woke up at seven-thirty the next morning completely worn out. No, he and Gaara hadn't boozed it up or any of that stuff, they'd just stayed up till One o'clock before going home. The story is that they'd gone around for a while, but later ended up going to where the festival was being set up to check it out and got recruted for helping... Until one... But it was fun anyways! A girl named Laylawnee told them if they needed help with anything to come with her, even during the festival, she said she'd give them a free round on the shooting game she worked at; of course, this made Gaara happy, since that was his favorite game at these types of things... (Go figure T.T') But anyways, that's why Naruto's tired. Oh, and on his way to school he ran into the school's cement wall next to the door, in case you wanted to know.

Naruto lumbered his way to the classroom, just barely making it in the door before the bell rang. As he sat, Chouji, one of his male counterparts, shoved a chip into his mouth and asked, "Why're you all gloomy today? You're usually really hyper and annoying." Naruto rubbed his eyes and yawned loudly while talking. "I wentta bed late..." Chouji nodded and went back to looking to the front of the room, after about ten minutes, Naruto was asleep. The teacher, Kureni, was about to wake him, when the class refused to let him, saying the class would be quieter with him asleep anyways, making Kiba growl, since he was the one who talked with him.

Later, after the 'energising nap' as Naruto now called it. The blonde was awake and full of life, going through another two classes and making it to lunch until he was worn out again. After eating his ramen at his usual light speed, he wound up laying next to Shikamaru in the grass and falling asleep again, arising questions from his friends until Gaara answered. "Lack of sleep." After that, he was fine and dandy for the rest of the day. Well, until he remembered what the day was that is.

...After School...

"Narutooo! Come on! We gotta get you ready!" Sakura yelled from across the hallway, running at lthe speed of her own voice. Ino ran up on her left and they both grabbed his already limp arms and dragged him down the hallway, stopping only to get the demented 'bag' out of his locker and nearly be-head him on the way. After more sprinting, they tossed him into the boys bathroom and instructed him on how to put on the mess of clothes that is the girls uniform. When he came out their was much tidying on the girls part, then he was once again dragged, but this time, into the girls bathroom, were Tenten was waiting, with every type of girls make-up, hair product, and bling available.

After much flattening of hair, being held down for make-up, and obtaining of what seemed like a pound of small plastic bracelets; Naruto was done. It was then that they allowed him to look in the mirror. All his hair now seemed flattened into layers that went to his jawline around his head with not an upward spike to be found. For make-up, he wore a clear lipgloss that was more like a chapstick and a small ammount of orange eyeshadow that you'd probably never notice, as well as mascara and eyeliner, which were black of course. All in all, he didn't look bad. And with the way his features already made him look girly, much to his distaste, he was already short enough and looked the part physically, due to his stupid figure being lean instead of muscley. He just looked like a flat chested girl the way he was right now.

"Naruto! You look perfect! We're gonna have to beat the boys offa you!" Tenten said, she then smirked at the others happily. "Won't we girls?" Sakura then sighed and said, "You're almost too cute to give away!" At that, Naruto jumped, as would any guy in this situation I'm sure. Ino then snapped a few more pictures to put on her wall, along with the ones that Sakura had shot as well that is. "I'm sure even Kiba's gonna flip! Now let's go, we're gonna be late for our dates if you don't hurry!"

Naruto grabbed up his stuff, stuffed it into his bag, and followed the girls out the bathroom door grumpily, when nearing the exit, Sakura told him to stop and wait, and walked out the front door herself, saying loudly enough for Naruto to hear, "Guys! And may I present to you.. Naruto!" He was then dragged out by Tenten and Ino, out into their group of friends who'd been waiting for them, all knowing what was going on. Well, except Kiba that is. "Naruto! May I say you're flames glow brighter then ever in that glorious outfit given to you by my darling Sakura!!" Sakura then gushed back "Oh, Thankyou Lee!" Temari smiled happily and Nodded when Naruto looked her way and Chouji was rather wide-eyed, Shikamaru gave his lazey reply of "Troublesome girls.." and Kiba.. Well, let's just say his mouth was beyond the limits of low.

"Naruto!!! YOU LOOK LIKE A BLOODY GIRL!!!" Tenten then knocked Kiba upside the head, "Of course he does!!! That's what we were trying to do!!!" Naruto then looked over to Gaara, who was standing there in analization. "Well.. Wha do you think..?" Naruto asked, blushing under the intense gaze. Gaara then returned his own eyes to Naruto's. "You're fine." Naruto visibly relaxed, mostly since Gaara never lied, so he knew he must truely look fine for Gaara to say it. It was then that Tenten asked, "Hey Gaara, I thought you weren't comin'?" Temari then said, "Naruto asked him to come along as an older brother, that's Gaara's cover-up for coming." Ino then looked at Gaara from over by Chouji, her boyfriend, and smirked, saying. "Over-protective older brother? Got it!"

Kankuro then walked up out of nowhere and went to stand by Tenten before replying, "But he's only staying for half of it, not the whole thing." Naruto then pointed his finger in the air. "That's probably because this girl we were helping yesterday, Laylawnee, said she'd give us a few free rounds of shooting for free since we assissted her!" He then looked over at Kankuro and Tenten in confusion. "Kankuro, are you Tenten's chapperone or something?" Tenten and Kankuro laughed. Tenten thtn replied, "Naruto, we've been going out for three months!" Naruto's face fell into shock as he replied. "I was never told of this!!! How long has everyone else known?" Ino then steped forward, "Actually, only Temari knew about it until today, we were told at lunch while you were asleep." After much discussion, and heated battling of words, everything was sorted out and well again, plus they'd made it to the festival!

...At the Festival...

As soon as they'd entered the gates Naruto seemed to cling to Gaara like a scared child, not that Gaara hated it or anything, but he needed the blonde to just hold his hand or something instead of looking like the redhead was a lifeline of some kind. So, much to Gaara's distaste, he pulled Naruto away from his arm, telling him not to do it again or be slaughtered, and grabbed his hand instead, walking him over to the shooting games location just to hopefully loosen Naruto up a bit. It wasn't long until they saw Laylawnee, who ran up and said, "Oh, it's you guys! Hi!" She then looked at Naruto, knowing full well he's a guy, and causing him to blush under her gaze.

"I take it your female friends made you do this?" He nodded his head and looked down at the ground. "Oh, don't worry! No one will recognize you outside of here they did such a good job! They only way they'd be able to tell was by looking at the scar marks on your cheeks!" Naruto blushed a deeper crimson as he heard Kuubi laugh in the pit of his mind and watched Laylawnee hand Gaara one of the guns and he started shooting expertly, scaring the young kids and impressing the younger generations, which mostly consisted of girls. Gaara, upon seeing this and not liking the attention, grabbed Naruto's wrist, giving him a pleading look. Naruto caught it and suddenly burst out loudly in a girly way, "Oh Nii-san, what a great shot!!! Hey, when's your girlfriend getting here?" All the girls looked downcast and sleeked off, this made Naruto laugh and pick up a gun himself.

Gaara watched as Naruto attempted to shoot the weapon with his mediocre knowledge, thus failing to even hit the target at all. At this, Gaara got up next to Naruto, helping him hold it in place, as well as teach him to shoot it, and finally, after about half an hour, Naruto got the hang of it and was able to persue the center of the target on his own, leaving Gaara to his expert shooting once more, and earning a few prizes in which he ended up giving away when they were finally done, seeing no point in lugging them around. Heck, Naruto even got one himself. But, sadly, Naruto wanted to move onto bigger and better things. In other words; The fishing with a paper net thing... Oh, what an idiotic game that was.

After the third time, Gaara caught a few guys staring at Naruto's ass, thus earning a glare from Gaara and a will to live which made them leave rather quickly. At that, Gaara smirked, deeming each of them unworthy and went back to watching Naruto play the 'fun and exciting' game. After another five minutes of this, Naruto was dagged off by Tenten, as Kankuro told Gaara that Temari wanted to see him about something and told him they'd be the gaurdians of Naruto until he came back. Thus earning his leave.

Tenten smirked, part two of the plan had worked! Temari was in on it too..! After they found out Gaara was coming, they knew he'd truely be playing the 'over-protective brother' role with Naruto and wouldn't let any guys come within an eight yard radius of him. Thus causing a problem in their 'getting Naruto out to flirt' plan. So they decided Temari would be looking for him and keep him busy for another hour while Tenten and Kankuro went along with Naruto as his supposed gaurdians. It'd be easy enough, they just hoped they could get Naruto to talk to more people around him. After a few more games, they decided to go and get their dinner, which of course, derived of sugary snacks like cotton candy and other things, like a tongue changing lollipop that Naruto wanted and a chocolate ninja kunei that Tenten wanted, they'd almost given up hope on the oblivious blonde.

After what seemed like an incredibly long silence but was truely only about five minutes, Naruto suddenly jumped up saying, "I just thought of another game I wanna play!" And running off into the distance. It wasn't really true, he just felt like going off on his own for awhile, noticing a rather large water tower in the far corner, he ran for it, earning many looks from the people around him, seeing as he was traveling at what seemed to be demon speed with nothing in particular behind him.

When he got to the tower, he got up it with ease and sat down on the circular platform surrounding the tower, not caring who else could possibly be up there... Until he heard a somewhat familiar voice. "...Who else is up here..?" Naruto couldn't place it, but he replied, "Someone trying to get away from crazy best friends... You?" The voice waited a minute or so longer. " A guy trying to keep away from the 'oh so adoring' fangirls..." Naruto laughed, "Heh, glad I'm not you! I can run fast, but my friends say I suck a finding hiding places!" The voice remained silent, so Naruto continued. "You're probably going to laugh at me when I tell you, but since I don't know you, I don't really care. I'm dressed like a girl right now due to my crazy friends, the female ones if you didn't figure it out for yourself, and they're trying to hook me up with someone!" The voice came back. "... You're gay?.." Naruto laughed and replied, "Bi... Geez, why'm I even telling you this..?" The voice replied, "Because neither of us know each other, so there's more secrecy to it?" Naruto sighed and said, "Well since we're sharing, what's up with you and the fangirls?" It was the voices turn to sigh, "Ever since I was little, fangirls have flocked to me due to my prestiegious backround and so forth, I find it very annoying, as does my older brother."

Naruto was curious, but decided against pushing the topic further. "Can I get a name?" He asked hopefully, before hastily adding, "A first name, I mean. I'm not going and blowing anyones cover!" The voice semi-chuckled, "It's Sasuke." Naruto smiled. "Nice to meet ya Sasuke, I'm Naruto!" As soon as he said his own name, it was called at the bottom of the water tower. He looked below and saw a raging Gaara, seemingly pissed off to know that the blonde had ran off, but all the same relieved to know he knew how Naruto thought and could find him with a little ease. Naruto chuckled and looked off to where the voice was. "Told you I can't hide that well! My friend under cover as my 'older brother' is down there, he looks kinda pissed off, so I'm outta here! Later!" He waved, despite the fact the mystery guy probably couldn't see him and started down the stairs, stoping only to whisper loud enough for the voice to hear, "Oh, and I won't tell anyone you're up here! Bye!" Naruto then let go halfway down the bars and grabbed his skirt planning on landing on his feet but instead getting caught by Gaara.

"Ok, why'd you jump from halfway down the stairs, and who were you talking to?" He sounded kinda mad, best not to get him angry, plus there was a street light just below the latter, so if the mistery guy wanted to, he could be watching the whole thing right now. "I jumped halfway because you know I could land that if I weren't in this outfit and I was talking to Kuubi if you must know!", Gaara studied him for a minute, before glaring up at the blackened tower and passing it off as a true story, saying. "Oh, and you need to find a better place to hide next time. Shukaku says you're getting too predictable." Naruto sighed. "Ya? And here Kuubi said I'd picked a better one this time since it was almost too obvious to seem obvious!" Naruto laughed before replying quietly. "It sucks being a demon container sometimes, doesn't it?", "Only sometimes." Little did the two know, the one known as 'Sasuke' was watching and listening the entire time, even catching the last hushed part of it.

"Naruto! Are you ready to head home! I'm crashing at your place tonight!" Sakura said, smiling brightly. It was then that Tenten, Temari, and Ino added in their 'Me too!'s and Hinata said she couldn't due to her strict parents, so Naruto told her to come stay over anytime she felt like it, earning a smile from her. They then headed their own ways, with Kiba escorting Hinata of course, and went home. At Naruto's house of course, all the girls were pulling all the junk they'd put on him off, including washing his hair a certain way to get all the mouse and gell out, which took time as you might already know, and finally after much hardship, got it back to it's spikey crazy self. After everyone got changed they then stuffed in some crazy sci-fi movie, ate tons of popcorn, and went to bed early in the morning. I mean, why not sleep in when you got a two week break starting tomorrow?

...End of Ch.1...

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